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I'd been looking hard at the new Chevy/GMC 2500hd
when recently I saw what I thought was one parked in a lot with a 20 foot coastal boat behind it. After looking closer, it was a 1500HD. 3 weeks later, I've got one. Things that attracted me were the practical styling (inside and out), drive line, (the 6.0L,4 spd trans, and 3:73 reared provide plenty power for this size truck and are the only engine/trans. option), drive ability (steering feels good, acceleration is plenty, ride is smooth, though every once and a while, the HD suspension reminds you it's still a truck). This truck has exceeded my expectations. The interior has plenty of room for my family. My wife enjoys driving it and my 15 year old son can't wait to drive it to school, (yeah, right). Gas mileage is encouraging. First tank fulls were at 15 MPG on the highway, Now after 1500 miles, we're up to 17. Creature comforts are plenty, leather surfaces, on star, great A/C, CD player make us forget we're driving a truck. Because of ID Suspension, this truck really needs step bars. Small peaves are the small sun visors and lack of a cassette player.


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    What made you choose the 1500HD over the 2500HD? Did you get a better deal or was it b/c of standard features, etc.?

    Just curious......enjoy your truck

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    I guess the main reason was how I am going to use the truck. I'll tow my boat w/it for sure, but that's about it, (maybe a camper trailer in the future). The 2500HD has many driveline options w/ the 6.0 as the standard option, but I like the power to weight ratio a little better w/ the 1500HD/6.0. Also I like the styling in the front of the 1500HD (the 2500HD has an raised nose that really doesn't appeal to me all that much).
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    How did you get an LT without the cassette player?

    I put the Westin CPS on my 2500HD and am very happy - especially with Westin's customer service - they sent me a new bar for free since it came with small factory dent.

    How does your truck ride? Mine is a little stiff on rough roads, but overall I love it.

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    The ride is firm, going down the highway is smooth and forgiving, however if you go over a road that's rough, that HD suspension is stout.

    As for the cassette, my package is the SLT, the truck came w/a 40/20/40 seat, but from what I can tell, you don't get a cassette w/o the bucket seat/console package.

    -Am very hip about the Westin product, haven't heard from them yet on whether the 2500HD Crew application will fit the 1500HD.
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    I'm currently trying to decide between a 1500HD 4x4 or a F250SD Crew Cab. I originally was looking at the GMC 2500HD but realized that you can't get the 6 liter engine with 3.73 gears in it. You can only get the 4.10s in this configuration. That led me to the 1500HD as it is available with the 6.0/3.73 combo. The F250 is available with the 5.4 engine and 3.73 gears. I'd like to know if anyone has driven these two trucks near the same time. I've driven both but the time between the two test drives was a long period. I tow a 21 foot Tail-Gator trailer that contains a 750 lb four wheeler and two motorcycles. I'm guessing that the F250 will handle the trailer better from a suspension/ride standpoint, but I'm not sure about the power. The 6.0 has more h.p., but I believe it makes its power at a much higher rpm than the 5.4 engine.

    Any thoughts would be appreciated.
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    I am thinking of putting a shell on my new truck.
    Snug Top is first on my list, but does anyone
    have any other suggestions? I want a cab hi model
    that doesn't look dorky and won't fall apart.
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    Tom they all look dorky! Just kidding. I had a Snugtop hard cover on my '99 (I know, not a shell). Always thought they were one of best fitting and best looking. But also one of the most expensive.
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    1500HD, are they just like the 2500's?
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    the hoods is like the 1500.
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    I called Snug Top about a shell, none available
    yet. I called one of the larger dealers in LA and was told they know of none by other mnfgs.
    either. Anybody make one yet???
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