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Taurus electrical problems

bradboy3bradboy3 Member Posts: 5
edited March 2014 in Ford
I have an 89 3.0 v6 Taurus. Occasionally the turn signals and air conditioner,defrosters, and fan motor will quit working at the same time. It never lasts for very long but gets pretty annoying, not to mention dangerous. Also, I don't know if this is related but the car always has a hot smell , kind of like burning rubber, after driving it. Has anybody experienced problems like these?


  • 0patience0patience Member Posts: 1,712
    And unless you have the wiring schematics and electrical knowledge, you might want to seriously thing about having a shop look at it.
  • slim12slim12 Member Posts: 6
    I have a 97 Taurus with 60,000 miles. ust replaced front brakes and now car noises. Every time I brake once the car stops a low tone comes from the rear of the car. Every time a Iturn a corner I hear a thuimp which sounds like it is coming from the drivers side of the car. My wife who is a musical, says the low sound is a tone in D minor, whatever that means.

    It's not a typical car noise. Anyone know about this??
  • cubamancubaman Member Posts: 1
    I had a similar problem with my turn signals and defroster not working sometimes and then working other times. Then one time I thought I smelt some thing like burning but it did not continue. Later when my signals did not work, I replaced the fuse and everything worked for a while but later they stopped working. One night my headlights came on by themselves about 2 hours after I had parked my car. I decided to take the headlight/parking light switch out and found that the connection-plug behind it had been partly melted. I replaced the connection-plug and the switch. This was about 3 months ago and everything has been fine since. It takes sometime to do yourself, but you do not have to be a rock-scientist to do it, just set aside a couple of hours to do.
    Another thing that I found was the wire that goes down to the brake-pedal came out of the protective covering and shorted out against the frame causing the fuse to blow and not allowing me to put the transmission into gear.
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