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Tacoma Towing

burthusen1burthusen1 Member Posts: 5
edited April 2014 in Toyota
Looking for feedback on the performance of towing with a Tacoma. I have a 2000 Tacoma, Ex. Cab, v-6, 5spd, 4x4 with rear lock and am thinking about using it to tow an 18ft Lund. I'd say the aprx. weight of the boat, trailer, and equipment will be pushing 2000-2300lbs. Can the Tacoma do it? Any input appreciated.


  • tundradudetundradude Member Posts: 588
    You will not have any difficulty with that weight. I would just make sure you got a drop-down hitch to pull the trailer as level as possible.

    Even though I have a Tundra and a bigger rear-end (4.10), its the same engine.

    I pulled a 3200 pound trailer earlier in life and it was a breeze. My present 5000 pound trailer is more of a pull.

    So 2300 pounds should be a breeze.

    Gas mileage with the old trailer was 13 and 11 with the new one.

    I also have a 5-speed, too.
  • burthusen1burthusen1 Member Posts: 5
    Hey thanks for the input. I ordered a class 3 hitch from Texas Toyota Wholesale that I found on the web for $218, compared to my local dealer which was $300. I should be able install it myself and save about $100-$150 dollars. Again, thanks for the input, now I just have to buy the boat and I'm set!
  • smgillessmgilles Member Posts: 252
    You can buy them on e-bay for $75! The wiring kit is an additional $25. Tell them to keep the hitch and order one off ebay auctions. Go to and type in Toyota Tacoma in the search box and it will bring everything up for you. There are just as good as the Toyota one, they just don't come with the Toyota emblem!
  • burthusen1burthusen1 Member Posts: 5
    No kidding? I'll check it out. I placed the order through Texas Toyota a few days back and haven't received a confirmation order, so I'm not sure if it even went through. Have you towed with your 2001 Tacoma? Curious as to how it rides under a trailer load? I had my 2000 bed loaded with a whole lot of dirt and I think it actually road better. Thanks for the input. Edmunds Town Hall is great!
  • typecasttypecast Member Posts: 2
    I have a 95 Tacoma 4X4 V6, 5 speed and I've towed a 3500 pound trailer from Missouri through the Rockies and back a couple of times and it did great.

    The 3.4 V6 engine is built to rev, and if you short shift you will be missing out on taking advantage of all the torque this engine puts out. I keep mine in 3rd gear on the mountain passes and can easily keep up with 70mph traffic.

    Be careful when braking if you don't have trailer brakes (definitely one thing I would not want to be w/o towing my trailer).

  • burthusen1burthusen1 Member Posts: 5
    Thanks for all of your input. I'm confident now that I'll have no problems towing. Installed the trailer hitch and wiring harness last night, wasn't too bad, took me a couple of hours. Now I just have to buy a boat and go fishing!

    Thanks again to everyone who responded!
  • dcarpenterdcarpenter Member Posts: 26
    Hey guys,

    Thanks for the info on towing, but are you referring to travel trailers, pop-up trailers, or what, when you have referred to the weights. There is a big difference in the way things tow depending upon what it is.

    I am interested in towing a small travel trailer, probably not exceeding 2500 lbs. I had a '95 Toyota 4X4 Xcab 4cyl. (22R engine) and it wouldn't do it. It was a great engine, but simply didn't have enough power. Travel trailers push a lot of air in the front, and on the sides when there is a cross wind.

    Does anyone tow a travel trailer with the new 4cyl. engine? I am pretty sure the 6cyl. would handle it fine, but any input would be greatly appreciated. The truck will be a 4X4 extended cab with camper shell.

    Thanks again for your help.
  • mikeinhoustonmikeinhouston Member Posts: 19
    Whats the web address for Texas Toyota Wholesale that you mentioned? I haven't had any luck finding it. Thanks
  • burthusen1burthusen1 Member Posts: 5
    The address is I tell you what though, I'm kind of upset. They priced the hitch at $218 and charged me $291. I e-mailed them and called them, no return call or e-mail. I used AMEX and am disputing the over charge. Otherwise, the hitch is genuine Toyota and went on great.
  • smgillessmgilles Member Posts: 252
    Hitches for a Toyota Tacoma are $75 and are classIII and you can buy the wiring harness for $25 more. It is the exact samething as the Toyota hitch, just doesn't come with the Toyota emblem. It has a lifetime warranty and bolts up exactly with no drilling. Just go to and type in Toyota Tacoma in the search and it will bring it up. You will have it in 5 days and will save $100-$250 depending on the dealership! I speak from experience, it was a guy at a Toyota dealership who told me. I have it on my pick-up and you can't tell the difference.
  • hennehenne Member Posts: 407
    4500lb boat that is much more aerodynamic than a travel trailer and i could only get to 30 mph on the interstate going up hill then it would gain speen going down and get to about 70 then drop down in the 30's again going up and thats on a regular interstate. so i opted not to buy one and got a v8 dakota 4 door instead and it pulls those same hills and doesnt loose speed or even downshift.

    toyota is a great dependable truck and if it will pull your needs get it, but i needed a v8.

    good luck.

  • ebbgreatdaneebbgreatdane Member Posts: 278
    Thanks for the feedback...

    Always wondered about ording parts from that site.

    smgilles -
    For that price I'll get two. One to use and one for spare. ;-)
  • chas29chas29 Member Posts: 3
    I am trying to decide between 4 cylinder (2.7 liter) and a v6 Prerunner. I drive about 37,000 miles per year about 2,000 of that is over a rutted dirt road to work. I think the prerunner will give me the clearance I need, current vehicle has 7.5 inch clearance and it gets stuck when the sugar sand gets dry in the summer. Now I just need to figure out whether 2.7 liter can handle the towing. I frequently tow a 5'x 8' delivery trailer (loaded weight usually around 1500 lbs sometimes 2000) and have a load of about 900 lbs in the bed at the same time. Most of the time deliveries are in the coastal plains so no hills. Occassionally I have to take deliveries to Atlanta and need to go up some hills (not mountains just hills). Dealer says no problem get the 2.7 liter, but then goes on to add... and when it downshifts just be sure to take it out of overdrive blah blah blah and little warning lights just starting blinking. I would like to hear from a driver rather than a dealer any clues? Same message under tacoma ownership #98, so ignore that one if you answer this one. thanks.
  • tundradudetundradude Member Posts: 588
    Get the 2.7

    I have had both engines, the 2.7 in the T-100 and presently the 3.4 in the Tundra.

    The 2.7 will net better mileage and still tow with ease (that weight) and cost you less money.

    If you plan on towing more in life, I would consider the 3.4.

    Just have to be careful of the GCWR figure but with those weights mentioned above, you are find.

    Any time you tow (over 2000 for the Tacoma) you need to take out of overdrive or use 4th gear on a manual.
  • chas29chas29 Member Posts: 3
    Thank you tundradude. Now if I can just find a used Prerunner with 2.7. Have located new one but,...
  • sebring95sebring95 Member Posts: 3,241
    You may need to beef up the rear suspension. I pulled 3000# with my 2.7L and it handled it fine. The problem might be the combo of 900# in the bed plus the tongue weight of the trailer. I think it's gonna squat too much with the stock springs. Most of the smaller trucks squat easy to begin with.
  • ebbgreatdaneebbgreatdane Member Posts: 278
    An easy way to beef up the suspension is to get the TRD package. You'll enjoy the same 5000 towing capacity (not that I'd recommend it for the 2.7L 4 cylinder) that the 3.4L has. The spring rates are higher and the shocks are stiffer.

    As far as towing the amounts you are talking about with the 150hp'll have no problems. Happy Trailering.

  • salamander3salamander3 Member Posts: 8
    I can't find this information anywhere and I don't know another tacoma owner personally, so anyone's help would greatly be appreciated.
    Basically, I don't have a tachometer, and I'm looking for engine RPM at these given speeds:

    20 MPH
    45 MPH
    60 MPH
    70 MPH
    80 MPH

    If anyone would be willing to take note of their tachs when they're driving around and get back to me on these, I would be greatly appreciative. Thanks.
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