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Please take a moment to introduce yourself and share some details about your Yukon!

My name is KarenS and I am the host of the Edmunds.com Owner's Clubs. Please let me know what discussions you would like to see in your Club folder. I will create them ASAP. You may want to take a look through the other clubs to get ideas for discussions.

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  • dollygripdollygrip Member Posts: 1
    Hi There! My name is Tony and my wife and I recently purchased a 2001 Yukon XL 5.3L 4WD with the 3.73 gearing. We now have over 4500 miles. We will be towing a 19 foot travel trailer over the New Years holiday for the first time and would like to know if there is any concerns or problems that we should be aware of that the group could possibly help us with. We will be only traveling within a 100-150 mile range.
  • joeweibeljoeweibel Member Posts: 2
    Hope you are all enjoying you new 2002 Yukons as much as my wife and I. We purchased two brand new 2002 Yukons the same day and we love everything about them. I would like to know if anyone in this group is having any problems with the Yukon and will share my concerns if any develop.

  • orwoodyorwoody Member Posts: 269
    Good day,
    I'm a very happy owner of a 2001 Yukon Denali purchased in July 2001. We put over 25k miles on the rig an love it for traveling. Quieter than my wife's Volvo and we see 20mpg consistently cruising 65-75mph. Few issues, none worth noting. Best luck I've had with a new rig ever, and we've purchased 10 new vehicle over the last 20 years. We don't do much towing, but have found the Tow/Haul mode very useful when we do. I've had no concerns or problems towing utility trailers or my father in law's car trailer.
  • jaroarkjaroark Member Posts: 1
    Hi... I recently purchased a 2002 Denali and overall have found it to be a pretty good truck. I have owned 3 different BMW X5's since 2000 and although I loved those vehicles they just did not have the cargo space that I needed. The Denali, with the new 6.0 liter V8 has very respectable performance even when compared to the 4.4 X5 and the overall fit and finish is not bad for a GMC either. Overall the truck does what I need it to do which is haul my wife, my dog, myself and all of our gear and supplies to the lake and back on the weekends plus the usual trips to the local hardware store. One of the few downsides is that my dog, who loves to hang his head out the window at any speed has to stretch his neck due the rear windows only going halfway down. Not good for him and he complains about it a lot.....oh well, he'll just have to get over it. BTW - anyone out there done any performance upgrades like intake, exhaust or computer chips that they could recommend????
  • yukonmommayukonmomma Member Posts: 3
    We have a 2000 Yukon SLT. My husband and I love it. I was just wondering if anyone else has had any problems with the front bumper. Someone must have slammed a shopping cart into it at the market or something. As a result, the plastic coating on the bumber cracked. Does anyone know what we can do to seal it up or something?

    Other than that, we love the Yukon. It is the best riding, most comfortable, vehicle I have ever driven.
  • albivalbiv Member Posts: 35

    I own a 2002 Yukon SLT with 6k mile and no problems. Very happy overall with the truck, respectable gas mileage (15 city/19 hwy). After owning a couple of Ford SUV's I can honestly say that the overall fit and finish of the Yukon is superior. I am interested in some information regarding suspension upgrades (I don't have to autoride option)
  • orwoodyorwoody Member Posts: 269
    I'm a "still" happy owner of a 2001 Yukon Denali. Over 28k miles and holding up well. I say still because after a year or two and some problems the new vehicle euphoria dies and sometimes a bit of dissatisfaction starts to creep in.
    Regarding yukonmomma question on the bumper...cracking paint from an impact on a plastic bumper is not unusual - the plastic bumper is somewhat flexible but the paint isn't nearly as flexible. I had a 3M product installed on the front end my Yukon just after I purchased it. It is like a plastic film, practically invisible that resists nicks, dents, chips. It does a good job. I have had a few rocks and even one small encounter with a short post on the front bumper. The 3M film shows a few small scrapes but the paint is not damaged.
  • wellcraft28wellcraft28 Member Posts: 5
    Hi...I purchased my Denali back in December 02 and it intermittently stalls when I put it in Park. The dealer could not find anything wrong. Any ideas? By the way, it has a dealer installed remote start...could this be the culprit?

  • orwoodyorwoody Member Posts: 269
    I posted a message on the other forum where I saw your message. It might be a bad contact or false signal generated when the shift lever is moved.
  • blamphearblamphear Member Posts: 1
    Curious if anyone out there is or has had a problem with the compass/temp indicator on the mirror. I purchased the vehicle used six months ago with 24K miles. I've now got 30K and am happy, except for the indicator mentioned. I have to recalibrate it weekly, and now it refuses to accept new programming in the calibration mode. Any ideas, besides taking it in for warranty? Thanks.
  • orwoodyorwoody Member Posts: 269
    Mine acted up during a trip when we only had a few thousand miles on it...I tried resetting using the buttons per the owners manual. It didn't work. So I tried their suggestion to drive around in circles until it recalibrated. After about 4/5 full circles it blinked and recal'd itself. Only once since then(I've got over 30k on mine) it blinked that it needed recal...I drove in a circle and it was okay again...
    If that doesn't work you may need to take it in. I believe that it uses the Onstar GPS system to reset itself.
  • denali856denali856 Member Posts: 118
    ...Bought an '02 Denali in 2002 March. 22k miles since then, and still loving it. Only regret is that I only get it on weekends!
  • yukongoldyukongold Member Posts: 20
    Very happy owner of a 2001 with 73,000!!!~ Road trips are a pleasure -I travel with 1,2, or 3 kids with tons of luggage. Do lots of around town as well. This is the 1st SUV I've had.

    Never had 4WD but glad that I got it even though live in Florida. It is great in sand and rain. I'm a soccer mom and travel in all kinds of weather and all kinds of road conditions.

  • waltboowaltboo Member Posts: 2
  • deihldeihl Member Posts: 1
    I just purchased a new 2003 yukon. right after we signed the papers, we went out to put our things in it, I noticed the roof rack was pulled out of the truck. I was so upset. It has been in the shop now for 5 days. I only drove it one week. I also noticed the molding on the pass. side door is coming off. I have wanted this yukon for years and finally spent the money to have this happen. They had to do body work to fix the roof rack. I hope I will not have any more problems when I get it back.
  • proudnjcopproudnjcop Member Posts: 7
    You shouldn't have even taken delivery once you noticed the roof rack. I would have made them find me another truck. After all, you are the one making the investment, you are paying for a new vehicle, that is what you should get, not something that already has bodywork done to get it right!I purchased a 2003 Denali last month and although I was quite excited, as it was my first new vehicle, I made sure I gave it a quick once over before I took delivery of it. Granted there are always small things you may not notice until you have the vehicle for a while but something that requires bodywork to be done on a new vehicle? I'd raise a big stink over it if I were you, see what they are willing to do for you. They may not give you another vehicle at this juncture but heck, you should get some type of compensation!You paid for a new vehicle and you got a damaged one.
  • dietoselfdietoself Member Posts: 5
    I am an idiot. I assumed (from reading a review) that the 2003 Denali had Telescopic Steering, prior to buying one. Wrong! What a mistake! Even when I lower the pedals to the floor and move the seat forward - I still don't get the desired steering wheel position I would have with any other vehicle with a $51,000 MSRP (which obviously would have telescopic steering).
  • azdenaliazdenali Member Posts: 4
    I'm a new owner of a 03 Garnett Red Denali, so far....so good. I've heard mixed reviews and concerns regarding GM's quality. I decided to take the plunge. I really enjoy it and of the few hundred miles I have driven it, there has been no problems. I purchased the truck and added some Mods:

    22" rims with Toyo Proxes
    K&N cold air intake
    Flowmaster cat back exhaust

    The power and speed of the truck surprised me the most. The thing is quick for nearly 3 tons. I plan on adding the following:

    Hotchkis sway bars
    Brembo brakes
    Hypertech Programmer

    Looking forward to blowing some doors off Lightning's and R/T's in a cabin that is way more comfortable than any pickup will ever be. You figure with this size engine, the power is truly untapped. I know 200 or more ponies are itching to be released.

  • lakeshore2lakeshore2 Member Posts: 1
    I was told fuel pump. They replaced it, problem gone. Service bulletin on it, warranty covered it. My gauge was also inaccurate. Showed in reserve with 12 gallons left. New pump fixed that too.
  • ballendadballendad Member Posts: 2
  • ballendadballendad Member Posts: 2
    I have a 99 mercedes suv and love the ride and bells and whistles. I drove the toyota and was impressed. I am going to drive Denali as I did drive the Cadilac and was not impressed. I am also wanting to drive the new dodge. why did all of you choose the denali?
  • slowdragonslowdragon Member Posts: 2

    We just purchased a 2004 Denali XL after 4 years with an ML430. We needed something bigger to tow a trailer and the Denali seemed a good mix of style and comfort for the price. The ML was a good car but hideously expensive to maintain after the warranty.

    Another plus is the kid-calming DVD player :-)

    Walnut Creek, CA
  • erinsquarederinsquared Member Posts: 178
    I suggest you drive as many different products as you can and you'll naturally gravitate towards the one that fits you best. Here is a discussion from another thread that I had comparing the Denali to the LX470:

    I also went through the exercise of deciding between purchasing a used '00-'01 LX470 or '01-'02 Denali. I wanted a luxury 4wd vehicle that would be used 95% on the road, but be a capable tow vehicle and be able to handle moderate off-road situations. Since I was buying used, I was not as concerned about dealership service experience where the Lexus would be much better. The LX470 has a perceivably higher build quality and is much more refined (smoother idle, superior materials and ergonomics). The LX470 third row seats are a joke except for the small kids vs. Denali third row seats which are slightly larger. Denali is larger in every interior dimension and the seats are some of the most comfortable in the business. The Denali has more "American-specific" features such as cup holders, plethora of power outlets, rear hatch etc...; these may seem silly but it makes a difference when living with the vehicle day to day. The Denali autoride yields far better ride characteristics (smooth ride, great cornering) and it has much better acceleration. This surprised me because the LX470 suspension appears so dynamic and sophisticated; drive both back-to-back and you will know what I mean. Denali returns 17-18 highway MPG on regular unleaded vs. a 14-16 MPG on premium for the LX470. Denali has a higher tow capacity and you see many more GM family tow vehicles than Toyota tow vehicles. I assume LX470 will be more reliable, but my guess is that long term ownership would be more expensive/aggravating since these rare vehicles are probably dealer-only servicable with expensive non-stocked parts. Denali is a low service vehicle with timing chain, 150k mile coolant, quick change headlight bulbs, 100k mile plugs etc...: LX470 has regular service intervals and a 90k timing belt service (big $$$). GMC parts are ubiquitous and knowledgeable mechanics plentiful, so my guess is that repair frequencies may be greater, but the overall price and experience better. AWD system on LX470 with low range is legendary and superior to Denali AWD. Denali high-torque 6.0L v-8 helps make up some of the disadvantage of a single gear transfer case which would only cause problems in off-road situations which noone except the filthy rich would dream of using either of these pricey vehicles.

    My '01 Denali has 50k miles and I have all service records which show a repair history of an alternator belt adjustment and a replaced 6-disc CD unit.

    In addition, I looked at the Ford Expedition but I don't like the styling, flimsy bumpers, and the older drivetrains were no match to the Vortec 6.0 and AWD. Have not followed it lately, but if they put the new F150 designed drivetrain in the Expedition, then it may be in the same class.

    If you do not need the towing capacity or ruggedness, you may be better suited by a Crossover type vehicle.
  • atenebrusoatenebruso Member Posts: 3
  • tbooth2tbooth2 Member Posts: 33
    Thanks for the info regarding your experiences with this brand and model of vehicle. Seems domestics still cannot get their &^!(# together! I have officially crossed it off my list due to the things I've seen here (I've been there, done that). Thanks for narrowing down my choices to Toyota and Honda.
  • bruce_almightybruce_almighty Member Posts: 2
    "Thanks for the info regarding your experiences with this brand and model of vehicle. Seems domestics still cannot get their &^!(# together! I have officially crossed it off my list due to the things I've seen here (I've been there, done that). Thanks for narrowing down my choices to Toyota and Honda"

    I purchased a Brand new 1996 Toyota 4-Runner. 10K miles, blown head gasket and 2 weeks in the shop. Everyone said it was a fluke until I saw others with the same problem waiting for parts. I purchased a 2003 Yukon, 12K miles and no problems to date. I bought my partner a 2004 Accord EX. After 56 miles it had a cracked valve cover gasket. It got oil all over the exhaust and lots of smoke. We got it out of the shop and didn't make it home. Had to make a u-turn because there was a lot more smoke. My Yukon is still the reining champ. Just my experience though.
  • bruce_almightybruce_almighty Member Posts: 2
    "Thanks for the info regarding your experiences with this brand and model of vehicle. Seems domestics still cannot get their &^!(# together! I have officially crossed it off my list due to the things I've seen here (I've been there, done that). Thanks for narrowing down my choices to Toyota and Honda"

    I purchased a Brand new 1996 Toyota 4-Runner. 10K miles, blown head gasket and 2 weeks in the shop. Everyone said it was a fluke until I saw others with the same problem waiting for parts. I purchased a 2003 Yukon, 12K miles and no problems to date. I bought my partner a 2004 Accord EX. After 56 miles it had a cracked valve cover gasket. It got oil all over the exhaust and lots of smoke. We got it out of the shop and didn't make it home. Had to make a u-turn because there was a lot more smoke. My Yukon is still the reining champ. Just my experience though.
  • erinsquarederinsquared Member Posts: 178
    The Tahoe/Yukon platform, whose design dates back to the model year 2000, still holds its own against products that are of a much later design. GM really had a homerun with this vehicle as is attested by sales numbers (Tahoe/Yukon/Denali/Escalade) which are strong in the full size suv segment. JD Powers ranked the Yukon as the most reliable full size SUV for 2003 and most of the complaints I see posted attest to this; complaints about exhaust noises, engine idle, suspension sounds do not constitute an unreliable vehicle. This is testament to how awesome new cars have become and how high our expectations have risen, since we now expect a great degree of "refinement" especially when spending over $50k for a vehicle. As for reliability and maintainability, these vehicles have deservedly generated a loyal following who love these vehicles and are repeat buyers. Parts are cheap and plentiful, knowledgable mechanics are easy to find, maintenance schedules are low (no timing belts, high fluid and plug service intervals). tbooth2 I'm sure you will enjoy your non-domestic vehicle, since you will never really know what you're missing.

    I have an '01 Denali with 56k miles and all service records. Only problems to date: adjusted belt, new CD player (was skipping), parking brake pad adjustment/replacement. I consistently get 17-18MPG on the interstate and the power/ride are the best in this segment compared to the competition (I have not driven the new Nissan's since these were not available).
  • tdohtdoh Member Posts: 298
    Just bought one last month and love it; I do have some questions which hopefully someone here can address:

    1) On both my '04 DXL and '03 YXL there is a black plastic insert (for lack of a better word/description) behind the inside door panel, apparently to help keep stuff behind the panel from getting wet. Anyways, part of this plastic insert is visible at the bottom of the door panel, as if it wasn't tucked completely hidden. Such is the case on both front doors on both of my vehicles (I didn't bother to check the rear doors); from an aesthetics standpoint, this is a bit tacky--do you find that your doors are the same way?

    2) How are some of you people getting 17-18 hwy mpg out of your Denalis, given the larger engine? I'm no leadfoot and yet my YXL won't see 18 hwy mpg on a full tank of gas unless I'm coasting downhill most of the way; and of course my DXL has yet to even average 14 mpg--could this be because my DXL still hasn't been completely broken in yet (it has 720 miles on the odometer)?

    3) How can you easily and noticeably test to see if the Autoride is working (besides looking for the message on the DIC indicating a possible Autoride problem)? I'm curious because for the life of me, I can't tell the difference in ride between my non-Autoride YXL and the Autoride-equiped DXL under normal driving conditions...from what I've read from those people who have it, it's almost the best thing in ride quality on full-sized GM SUVs since sliced bread.

  • 97yukon97yukon Member Posts: 1
    I am purchasing a 1997 Yukon and the switch that turns on the "brights" is malfunctioning. It does not activate the brights unless the switch is turned to the parking lights only position. Any thoughts? Thanks
  • walkerkmwalkerkm Member Posts: 1
    Puchased a Denali XL in July of 2003. it was the truck of my dreams after haveing two 4Runners and 1 2001 3/4ton Yukon XL. Over the past few month, as you all know, the gas prices have rocketed in MA. Now over $2.25 per gallon! I figured i would buy a more economical vehicle, and yes, made the biggest mistake of my life! I traded my 2003 Denali XL (white) loaded, with Navigation and Moonroof in for a 2004 Honda...yes i said Honda...Pilot. What the heck was i thinking?? Money savings i guess! It was all about the buck, not the Bling! anyway, the new pilot lasted for 11 hours...yes i said 11 hours, before i wanted my sweet Denali back! even my 3 year old daughter disagreed with the Pilot Purchase. she wanted her Denali back! I called the dealership in which i purchased and did the Denali trade. they told me too bad! it's too late! I have never cried so much in my life. I guess you don't know what you have until it's gone! how true. The Denali was the bomb! as my husband said...Now we blend with everyone else, we don't stand out above the rest! It is amazing that the look of a vehicle can take such a hold on you. the Denali's are sweet! Anyway, I ditched the Honda after owning it for 3 days, and purchased a 2004 Yukon with Denail options. It actually cost me more to buy this, than my Denali. Anyway, a word to the wise...1.-never trust a dealership and 2. if you love it and enjoy driving it, but it costs a little more $$$, it is well worth it! I like my new Yukon, but LOVED my Denali.
  • xgamexgame Member Posts: 1
    I recently purchased an '02 Yukon XL SLT with autoride and 40K miles. Impressed with the ride quality and power. So far, so good, after 2500 miles...I have the 5.3 liter engine. I did not receive the owner's manual; can you tell me what the oil capacity is? I'd like to change the oil in the next few days...thanks....
  • circutmanncircutmann Member Posts: 40
    The oil capacity on the 5.3L is 6 qt. and the AC filter is PF59. Enjoy your new Yukon. Dave
  • denalimandenaliman Member Posts: 16
    Anybody have any experience with 22 inch wheels on their Denali in the snow? My wife's BMW X5 has 19's and it was fine in light snow. I'm wondering how the Denali would do with 22's in light to medium snow?
  • cdsmittycdsmitty Member Posts: 2
    Just got a 2001 Yukon XL with 36k mi. The low coolant light came on about 2 weeks after I got it home. I took it in twice. 1st time, no external leak found and new radiator cap, no help. 2nd time, compression test, nothing wrong. I am still burning through coolant. Has anybody else experienced this?


    Also, the vehicle looks to have some rust or corrosion issues. Since it didn't have the owners manual, what is the warranty on corrosion, is there one?


  • vaporvapor Member Posts: 1
    I have a 2003 Yukon (bought new) that has developed a "clunk" somewhere in the drive line. It happens when I stop and then start moving again. It doesn't always happen - maybe a third of the time. Dealer says it's "normal" but I don't buy that. Anybody else had this experience?
  • ryan94ryan94 Member Posts: 6
    I recently changed the oil and filter on my new 2005 Yukon XL. I changed it with 5,509 miles on the odometer even though the message center stated I had 18% oil life left. I am not comfortable running that long between oil changes. The old oil was PITCH BLACK. IS THIS NORMAL? When I change the oil on my other vehicles every 5k miles (each have over 100k miles on them), the oil is almost as clear as when I put it in. Does it have to do something with it being the 1st oil change?

    Gas Mileage: I had seen some numbers posted so I thought I would share. My 2wd Yukon XL SLT (5.3) has averaged 19.6 mpg on the highway. I have made 2 seperate trips from Houston to central Missouri and back (about 1,000 miles one way). Had a pretty strong head wind one time and got 19.4 mpg. Each trip we were loaded up with kids, a dog and stuff (thank goodness for the DVD player). Get about 16 mpg in the city. More than I was expecting.
  • yukon2005yukon2005 Member Posts: 8
    I have a 2005 Yukon SLT-Auto Ride. I have 3500 on mine and I always change my oil every 3K on all my Honda but according the computer, I am 40 percent. But from reading your post, I might change my oil at 5K and see what happen. I am only getting 16MPG according to computer average. But I have 20" rims and I replaced the filter with K&N. :)
  • naumdoggnaumdogg Member Posts: 1
    Hello everyone, I just came over from the cadillac forums. Today I traded my 2000 escalade in for a 2001 Denali, and I am excited to be here.
  • slapholioslapholio Member Posts: 1
    I just purchased a 2005 Yukon XL SLT, what a sweet ride! Anyway I have always changed the oil in my new vehicles as soon as I get them. I use Mobile 1 and the factory filter. I have always had good luck with synthetic oil, transmission fluid and differential fluid. I change my oil every 3,000 miles, re-gaurdless of what the manual recommends. Off the subject, I am on my third Toyota truck, a 2004 Tacoma and have owned Volvos for the wife. Upon getting my Yukon home, I went through every inch that I could see, in and out, and I am highly impressed with the build quality, and the paint is flawless! I would put on par with Toyota and Volvo. For my first domestic auto I couldn't be happier! On the new engine, am averaging 17 mpg combined city and highway (premiuim fuel.)
  • tdohtdoh Member Posts: 298
    First off--congrats on your recent purchase; it is indeed a nice full-size SUV. I would like to ask, however--why are you using premium (I assume when you say "premium" you're referring to 91+ octane gas) in it? I understand it's your choice and your money, but unless either there is something wrong with the engine management (in which case you should have the dealer take a looksee), you did some engine/ignition-related performance mods, or the regular unleaded gas in your area sucks big time--it makes no sense to run premium fuel on the Yukon.
  • rupnok1rupnok1 Member Posts: 29
    hey, just picked up a '99 Yukon, 32K miles, all stock; has the tow package, 3.73 rear end, dual a/c, locking rear diff. was bought new by my wife's uncle who used it to tow a rowboat around (seems like overkill to me, tho).

    Have a couple questions for the seasoned owners... what experiences have people had w/aftermarket exhausts and intake/air filters? I'd like to improve the MPG, and make it sound a little louder. Also, I was wondering what brake upgrades people have tried, as the stock brakes seem kinda marginal.

    thanks for your thoughts...
  • dilbertzzzdilbertzzz Member Posts: 190
    Haven't used either accessories, but I understand that independent tests show neither makes any significant difference in gas mileage. You can best do that by maintaining a slow foot and a low max speed. Though that doesn't sound like your style if that rumbling V8 noise is something that interests you! ;)

    I'd say, go for the sound you want and pay the fuel price required to enjoy not only the sound but also the feel of all that power. Enjoy! :D
  • gmcsierramangmcsierraman Member Posts: 1
    Although the title might sound like i have a beef with gm,that is not the case.the ONLY reason i USED to own a yukon is that i got t boned by two little street racers.the yukon took the brunt of the impact and i walked away. even though they hit me at 80+........great suv...and i miss her. :cry::cry::( but ,however, i ended up with a gmc sierra,and the cabin is just as plush as everyone claims a yukon to be..... :)
  • my04yukonmy04yukon Member Posts: 1
    Me too! My truck started making these noises about 2-3 months after I purchased it. The first Yukon that I had also made this noise and when I took it to the shop, they also told me that it was normal, but its not normal, its inheratance. Its a part in your steering wheel (don't know the name) but its a flap its either loose or to stiff. They can repalce this for you. My new Yukon started making this noise to but they put a new part in it and it works. You should ask them to check the steering wheel.
  • arriearrie Member Posts: 312
    I have a '04 Tahoe and it has had that clunk from new. I do think it is normal as your the dealer says and I believe it is caused by the limited slip construction in the rear axle. I assume you have this same axle?

    Limited slip function uses a set of disks that are pressed together by the force from differential gears. When you put power in the axle the force from differential gears cause axial force on side gears that press side gears against the disks. As every other disk is locked on the differential housing and every other to wheel shaft it causes a torque between the housing and shaft. This helps to move the vehicle better when one of the rear wheels is on slippery surface.

    Because of the way this works it means that limited slip is ON at all times when you have any power to the rear wheels. This means that the disks wear against each other when ever you make a turn. Most wear occurs when you do a heavy acceleration during a sharp turn, like when turning from a stop light.

    Wear in disks means that side gears move away from differential gears and the backlash between differential and side gears gets bigger. This is why the clunk gets worse over time.

    I'm not sure if my explanation is 100% correct but I believe this is one of the reasons for the clunk and if I'm correct the clunk is nothing to worry about.

  • nifflerniffler Member Posts: 2
    Hey y'all
    Just pickup up a previously owned Yukon XL. It is loaded with more things than I know what to do with. It did not come with an owners manual, but was able to pick one up at Helm Inc. However, it also has a DVD player and I have no clue how to use it. Any suggestions on gettting a manual for it?
  • tdohtdoh Member Posts: 298
    You might consider registering at mygmlink.com (you'll need your VIN to complete registration); they have PDFs of the owner's manual for most of their late-model-year vehicles.
  • gapjs40gapjs40 Member Posts: 6
    Our 02 Yukon XL has started to stall at odd times: once while accelerating onto the interstate,started right back up and a couple of time while slowing down for a stop. The third time it was harder to start. Mechanic can't find a thing wrong - ran out half a tank of gas trying to replicate the stall. Ouch! I heard there might be a problem with the wires of the fuel pump overheating. Anyone got any help for me.

  • bthomas1bthomas1 Member Posts: 1
    Hi and thanks for the welcome. I have a 1996 GMC Yukon 4x4 4-Door. Bought it with 49,850 miles on it. It now has 119,000. Since purchase I have added a six inch Pro Comp suspension lift with 35" tires on 16x10 American Eagle rims, DynoMax dual in/out muffler with 2.25" pipe, K&N FIPK and Hypertech Tuner. Runs great, no problems until now. I have lost the headlights completely. I have checked the lighting fuses, DRL relay and continuity on all wiring I can get to. Replaced the dimmer, parking, headlight switch nothing. Replaced the DRL relay. Does anyone know of any other components to the headlamp system. Can't find wiring or component locator for my Yukon.
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