Advice on Adhesive Bumper Molding

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I looked at my local Pep Boys... couldn't find anything. I'm looking for something dimensional, about 2" high, maybe 1" thick, tapered like a chisel, in strips or rolls that will adhere to a painted/molded bumper. My daughter has a '95 VW, lives in the city, and because of parking, she's constantly getting the car scuffed on the painted soft bumpers. I've seen people driving around with what appears to be a long adhesive strip that can be applied by an owner by simply peeling off the backing and applying to a clean surface.

I know there's probably junk and better stuff that won't sag or fall off as they definitely make adhesives that are semi-permanent and can only be removed by using a solvent. Thats what I'm looking for... something that'll take a whack and not move around. If anyone knows of sources for this stuff... let me know.



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    you need to check with an auto paint shop or other collision repair business, they have stocked rubber roll or flat molding to replace the falloff parts from cars equipped with the rub strips. you will probably also need 3M trim adhesive, a good wax solvent that cuts through to the paint, and masking tape to hold it in place. lie about the trim level of your car, there is probably a replacement out there from the top line that won't look like you carved tread off a tire and stuck it on with nails for the purpose. if one shop won't sell to you, another probably would. somebody out there probably also has some web links so you don't have to hassle.
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    They have rubber 3M type adhesive bumper strips...I see them in their catalogue in every issue. Thier phone # for customer inquiries is
    Hope this is what you are looking for!
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    Thanks for the advice. I'll have to check with my bodyshop guy. The JC Whitney stuff, at least the contoured one, looks OK, but they are just corners. I want to get something in a roll that I can use to get the full bumper and a 6" wrap around too.

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    Whatever you decide to do....make sure that the bumper area is clean of all wax, Armorall or fact... you might want to "lightly sand or steelwool the area where the rubber strips will be it "will not" adhere unless it is perfectly "sterile".
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