Honda air conditioner problem

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I have a '91 Honda civic LX and the air cond. is not working. When turned on the condenser doesn't run, nor does the fan. I wonder if maybe there is a fuse somewhere that can be checked other than the fuses on the fuse block below the dash.
2 years ago I couldn't get any cold air out of it, and the Honda dealer replaced a bunch of parts for close to $500.00.


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    Do you mean the ventilation fan doesnt come on when you turn it on? If so, than a fuse could be blown, the fan switch may be bad, or the AC relay quit working. I do believe some of the major relays and fuses are kept under the hood. It should be easily visible and is usually near the air filter housing. Hope that helps a little.
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    I put my Nissan Sentra 90,000 miles. Recently the AC doesn't work any more. I went to check it, and they told me no refrigerant. then 37QTY refrigerant costed me more than 100 Dollars with labor fee.
    After that, I just used it once and found it couldn't cool again! Then I went to check it again, and they told me it needed to replace condenser and receiver-drier and some small stuff, then it costed me 380 dollars with labor. After I got the bill, I found they added 26 QTY refrigerant again.
    Then I used it twice and found it couldn't work again!! and then I sent my car to check again!! This time I really didn't know what the result would be because I haven't got my car back.
    Well, I'm really exhausted with this! and I have no any idea with a car. Could someone please tell me what happened? and did it need to add too much refrigerant every time? Does it worth 500 dollars and can't work at all?!
    Thanks a lot!
    Any sugesstion please email me at [email protected]
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