Tires on new Dodge 4x4

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I want to put bigger tires on the Dodge Quad-cab 4x4 I will purchase in the next couple of days. It comes with the wheels plus package that has Goodyear Wrangler RTS P245/75R16's. I would like to put 265's or 285's on it. What kind of problems might I run into? Has anyone else changed their tires right off the lot? Would this make a difference on my warranty?


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    Well i dont know to much about dodge but thought id chime in

    I have a silverado came with P265's. After 10K miles i switched to LT285's. Great switch best thing i have done to my truck so far.

    Problems you may encounter
    1. speddometer off (not reading correct mph)
    2. ABS may be a little off

    Id check with your dealer and see if they can do any computer upgrades which will correct everything. If not there are aftermarket programmers to do this

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    I can get a dodge quad-cab 4x4 with auto, tilt&cruise, anti-spin axle, 60/40/60 split bench cloth seats, wheels plus package for $21,136.

    Another dealer will sell me a dodge quad-cab 4x4 in a standard but it doesnt have tilt&cruise or the anti-spin axle for $20,202.

    Which would be better. I know the auto is a better deal, but the standard is almost a $1,000 less. I don't mind driving a standard and it seems to have more power and gets better gas mileage. But it doesnt have cruise and I drive a lot for work. Cruise really comes in handy. I'm not sure how much of an advantage the anti-spin axle does for you but the standard also doesnt have that.
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    Are we talking about a Ram or a Dakota? -I'm assuming dakota...
    auto vs. manual is really a personal peference. I like having auto in a truck, and manual in a car, but that's just me.
    As for the anti-spin axle, do you live in the snow belt or go off-roading much? If you do, I think the anti-spin would be an important feature to have. Given the 2 choices you listed, I'd go with the auto.
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    No, I am talking about a Dodge Ram 1500 Quad-Cab 4x4. And get this!!!! I wanted to wait til this weekend to buy it because I am comparing prices of different dealers, those are the two best for both a standard and automatic. The salesman from the dealership with the automatic just called and said to go to and I could get another $500 rebate from Dodge from their new e-incentive program that just started. So I'm gonna pay only $20,636 for an automatic. That is unfreakin believeable I think. I think it's even more unbelievable that a salesman calls and tells you how to save even more money. I'm sure that they would not have seen the money anyway because it's from Dodge, but still.
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    I want the 4x4 for my hunting lease. When it rains, it can get pretty hairy in places. I wouldn't drive a 2x4 around it when it's wet.
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    I'd definitely get the anti-spin. sorta like 4 wheel drive, it's one of those things where you'd rather have it and not need it, than need it and not have it.
    I just got a Ram 1500 4x4 QC last week. so far I love it.
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    Those are teriffic prices in my area South western NY(maybe just average in your area). I ordered my truck in feburary and got it in April. It cost $20,800 and was ordered as follows...
    Regular cab,shortbed,318,5 speed,4x4,ST package,cruise and tilt,3.92 limited slip,two tone paint Patriot blue over silver,deluxe cloth seats,N.Y./California emissions
    As you can see a very basic truck,just the way I like 'em.
    This truck comes with tiny 225/75/16 tires,and I will replace them with 265/75/16's. I did this on my last truck(96 Ram) and didn't have any problems, the speedometer was even still very close. The dealer explained that from the factory virtually every car sold in the U.S.'s speedometer will read faster that actual speed,they do this because they are allowed to be 5% off but only reading over the actual speed you travel,but they cannot read under at all punishable by law. Even if you go up to the 285's the dealer can adjust the speedometer some electronically to make up for it.
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