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Buick Rendezvous Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • got a loaded CXL for invoice + 400 and I talked to about 20 dealers by phone to get that.
  • Picked up my new RDV (awd CXL, 1SE, third row seat, sunroof, white/gray leather) this weekend. MSRP was $34, 612 . . . dealer discounted it $3,200 BEFORE rebate, GM card credit, Olds Loyalty credit, and $500 lease cash. 36 month/45k-mile lease is $382 + 9% PA state tax, about $417 / month.

    So far, so good . . .
  • fedlawmanfedlawman Posts: 3,118
    Everyone's getting such great deals!

    Welcome to RDV ownership!
  • rothlrothl Posts: 2
    It's been a two weeks and the $2002 rebate clock is ticking. Got a call last week that the dealer found a RDV and it was ready so I gathered up the family and trekked to the dealer. I was greeted by the salesman who shepherded us to the cleaned up vehicle. The kids climbed in the back and my wife plopped herself in the driver's seat. Someone she met at work told her that his wife loved the RDV, so she was in a lather. The salesman came around back to show me the 3rd row seat. UH OH. No seat. They got the wrong vehicle!(1SB instead of 1SC) Back to the drawing board.
    Showed up today and they found a RDV, but it had the moonroof and the premium sound system. The salesman said I could have it at invoice, $26111. After consulting with the female head of household, it looks like it's finally going to happen.
  • ppalonskyppalonsky Posts: 34
    Took delivery of our RDV two weeks ago. MSRP was:

    Base $27,452
    Option $7,105-1SE,3rdrow,sunroof,6CD,Captain Seat
    Dest $575
    Total $35,132

    Paid $32,000, before $2,002 rebate, which was Invoice + national add fee. The dealer agreed to take off the extra regional add fee charge. Overall I'm happy with the deal and we love the car.
  • nextmoonnextmoon Posts: 386
    Congrats! What color is it?
  • We ordered a CX yesterday with a G.M discount

    CX with 1SC package ( versatility) $29,570.00
    Sunroof 792.00
    trailer package 362.00
    freight 900.00
    Total $31,702.00

    without discount 36,500.00

    We ordered white, over the charcoal. Attention other Canadians, as usual we are being treated as second class customers. In Canada we can only get charcoal on the bottom of the vehicle, while the American customers have a variety of options to choose from. Also we are forced to purchase a 2500 dollar option group in order to get the third seat, while Americans can order it as a stand alone option for about 750 bucks. Are you listening GM, why do you treat Canadians as second class. The net allows us to compare notes now !
  • jk27jk27 Posts: 244
    New 2002 CXL with Luxury Package (1SE), 6 disc CD changer (UC6), 3rd row seat (AJ2), and sunroof (CF5): MSRP: $35,185. Dealer offered to sell for $32,548 (this is before $2002 cash back, which I know expired today but am hoping will be renewed). Any thoughts. Is this reasonable? Thanks in advance!
  • ppalonskyppalonsky Posts: 34
    I bought my RDV about 3 weeks ago. It stickered for $35,132 and I paid $32,002 before the rebate. I think you should be able to get a better deal than the one your dealer is offering. I found 2 dealers in my area who would sell me the RDV for invoice including the national advertisement fee (about $300) but subtracting off their local advertisement association fee which was on the printed invoice they showed me. Try the GM BuyPower feature on GM's web site to locate the car you want and get competative quotes from other nearby dealers.

  • ramblewoodramblewood Posts: 2
    We are looking at a CXL "demo" with approx. 6000 miles. It is listed as a new car as it has never been titled. It if fully-loaded (captain's seats in back, third row seating, etc) but no towing package. The dealer is asking $31, 959 (MSRP sticker price is $35,257) which seems a bit high considering the 6000 miles it already has. Any opinions?
  • ppalonskyppalonsky Posts: 34

    The car I bought for $32,002, before rebate, stickered at $35,132 and had 64 miles on it. Given the similar sticker price of the car you are looking at, I would think you could get a better deal on a demo with 6k miles.

  • mojo_jojomojo_jojo Posts: 17
    Our sticker was at $35,365.
    Before rebate we were at $33,400 including a gm roof top carrier.
    Less rebate of $2002, final price $31,398. We have the CXL, w/luxury group, captain chairs, third row, sunroof and trailer towing package and a dealer installed hitch.
    Tell them to go back and sharpen their pencils. They are way off. Also, are you getting the rebate too, or are they already using the rebate to get to that number?
  • netnerdnetnerd Posts: 118
    I agree that you should be able to get a better deal than their offering you. I got my RDV for $200 over invoice. It had 210 miles on it (from demos and from a transfer from another dealer).

    Shop around and just ask dealers for the best price they can give you on the exact package you want.
  • ramblewoodramblewood Posts: 2
    We took all of your advice and looked around after the original dealer would not budge on the price for 6K mile demo. We ended up with a new, non-demo fully loaded RDV CXL (minus 6 disc CD and towing package) for $200 under invoice with 229 miles (had been transferred from another dealer). In addtion, the color is pewter with the dark bronzemist metallic lower accent color which we had not seen anywhere during our rather exhaustive search for a RDV.
  • netnerdnetnerd Posts: 118
    Sounds like you got a great deal!
  • jk27jk27 Posts: 244
    First, ppalonsky, thanks for your prompt reply (post 40).

    The dealer had to search to find the color we wanted (Pewter Metallic, Graymist cladding, gray leather interior) and the sticker price changed a bit. New 2002 CXL with Luxury Package (1SE), 6 disc CD changer (UC6), 3rd row seat (AJ2), and sunroof (CF5): MSRP: $35,585. Dealer sold it for $32,850 which is $95 more than Edmunds "True Market Value" in our area. Total price after rebate: $30,850. Thanks again for the posts here, which definitely helped!
  • maggieotmaggieot Posts: 2
    This forum is incredibly helpful! I feel like I have test driven every SUV on the market and had not found anything I liked. I was ready to purchase a beater and drive it for a couple years in the hopes that something better would come out soon.
    On the advice of a loved one, I test drove a Rendezvous last night and fell in love! I am looking to buy a CX, FWD with the versatility package. I can do without the 6 disc in dash changer and the sun roof. I did the Edmunds TMV thing but am still confused (sorry - I'm young and this is my first new car purchase experience). Any help would be greatly appreciated.
    Thanks so much!!
  • jk27jk27 Posts: 244
    For comparison, I purchased a loaded CXL for almost $5K less than sticker price (after $2k rebate). I recommend you use Edmunds to price the car (and options) you want. Determine what the invoice price for the dealer is. That's your target price. If you can get it for invoice ... go for it. Usually, they will only sell above, but the closer to invoice, the better. Some people on this board set $200 over invoice as a goal. I found True Market Value to be extremely accurate in my area. Edmunds TMV for my vehicle was $95 less than what I ended up paying for it (before rebate). I was pretty impressed with how accurate TMV was. Perhaps some others who purchased CX's with versatility package can comment.

    Oh, and don't dismiss the 6 CD changer immediately. You get an upgraded speaker package with that package and it is, without a doubt, the best stereo system I've ever owned -- or even heard in any vehicle! Not having to shuffle/change CD's is very nice (and safer). Good luck!
  • kathy912kathy912 Posts: 8
    25,490 before rebate for CX with versatility package and I got them to throw in the roof rails. THis vehicle has 1,000 miles on it so I was able to get it under invoice. I almost bought the same vehicle with mudflaps and pinstriping for $900 more so I am happy.
  • chauhanchauhan Posts: 1
    Wondering if anybody has any idea what the base CX price is with GM employee discount. Does the dealer has to mention for sure that it is a GM employee price. I am asking because i am being quoted 29500 without 1SC package and it is very different than what "enniskillen" posted above.
  • fedlawmanfedlawman Posts: 3,118
    If GM employee plans are the same as in the U.S., there you have two options:

    GMO is when you order the vehicle from the factory and GMS is when you buy from dealer stock.

    For GMO, multiply the MSRP of the vehicle by .86 + MSRP of options by .82 + full destination fee to get a reasonable estimate of the GM employee price.

    GMS is typically a few hundred dollars more than GMO to compensate the dealer for lot fees.

    Don't forget to add any incentives currently get them too!

    Of course you have to request a GM employee purchase certificate, which comes in a packet with documents that fully explain the GM employee purchase plan rules.

    If the dealer wants to honour your certificate, he will tell you so. If he agrees, then there is no room to negotiate the deal with you. He has a computer that automatically calculates GMO and GMS pricing and he should provide you with a printout that details the cost of the exact RDV you are considering.

    Good Luck!
  • fedlawmanfedlawman Posts: 3,118
    Rendezvous CX, with 1SB retail price:
    $25,520 + 1SB $1471 + Dest. $625 = $27,616

    Now GMO:
    $21,947 + 1SB $1206 + Dest. $625 + $23,778

    Plus $3000 rebate:

    GMO price = $20,778

    By the way, you should strongly consider getting the 1SC. It's only $500 more than 1SB and you get a ton of additional features, including the 3rd row seat. It's the best value for the CX model.
  • Since I already made the deal it is a little late to ask an opinion (LOL) but wondered how people are doing on buying the last of year 2002 models. I just bought a new 2002 RVD CXL Lux pkg.--3rd row seats--sunroof--tow pkg. Mfg $35,465 for $32,500 less $3,000 rebate = $29,500 and got them up a $1,000 over other dealers offer on my trade in(others were offering just over Edmunds sugg. trade value) so I feel good about my deal. I did my research at Edmunds and on the net and thought that was about the best I could do and was ready to walk if I couldn't get my terms. I would have waited for the 2003 but noticed they are raising the prices on the extras so that will be a bump on pricing next year.
  • montreidmontreid Posts: 127
    Just got ours today. 2003 FWD CXL Driftwood with 3rd row and upgraded 6CD player: $27,248.24 (including $655 rebate for the leather). We opted for the 0% financing x 5 years instead of the $1500. All fees and out the door: $29,689.96 = $494.99/month x 5 years.
  • We just took delivery today. Edmunds helped a lot. 2003 FWD CXL, third seat, chrome rims, cd changer, roof rack, MSRP: $31915. 0% for 5 years.
    Got them down to $29915, about $700 above invoice, but exactly what edmunds said I would get.
  • jnwflajnwfla Posts: 3
    Bought it last week. Sticker was $26,870 with Anti-Lock Brakes, Traction Control and Side Airbags (Light Spiral Gray). Bought it for $24,851, just a little under Edmunds TMV. Took the 0% for 5 years.
  • mnfish1mnfish1 Posts: 14
    After watching the big town ads we called our minneapolis mn dealer and bought a base rondezvous for $19,500 plus tax and license. This deal was without tradein and included 3.9 for 60 financing and a carib cruise for two. The vous is a new 2003 and had 15 miles on it...Again this was in Dec of 2002 and was the base model, absolutely nothing the ads and hold them to honor their price...we love it!!!
  • olrdvolrdv Posts: 53
    Dont pay more than 90%MSRP and apply all the rebates and GM points.
    My case, 35K MSRP - 10% - 3000 rebate - 500 golf rebate - 2500 GM point = 25.5K + taxes
  • Just got a price quote on a 2004 Buick Rendezvous
    and found a charge of $643.00 for "ADVERT/ADJUSTMENTS". Can anyone tell Me what this is.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,572
    Sounds like an advertising fee. Well, it really sounds like additional dealer profit.

    Concentrate on your out the door price and don't get too hung up on the various fees. Let the dealer worry about allocating the various line items.

    Steve, Host
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