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1990 Biuck le sabre blower and fuse box problem

slyfox2slyfox2 Posts: 5
edited March 2014 in Buick
The blower fan will not cut off even when the ignition is cut off. At present I have it unpluged. The Buick dealer was not much help. They did not have a schematic on the wiring and told me to go to auto parts store to see if I could get a book. None avaiable. The car is a 1990 Buick LaSabre Limited.
Thanks in advance for any information.



  • I have a 92 Lesabre and the fan would blow full blast even when the car was shut off also....Your problem is the Fan Control Module...It is up on the fire wall...It takes about 10 minutes to change...The cost is about $80-$90.00....My original was made in Japan.....
  • slyfox2slyfox2 Posts: 5
    The only fuses I can find are behind the glove box.I am having trouble with the air and heater fan blower. Dogbiscuit told me what the problem was but befor I heard from him we tried to bypass the problem by putting a togle switch for the fan. I believe we blew a fuse for when we rewired the fan nothing is happening. The fuse box has us stumped

  • Electrics for the A/C seem to be a widespread problem. My LeSabre has the following problems: The fan seems to operate only when it wants to- I flip it on and it may work or it may wait 10-15 minutes or maybe not at all. Also, the buttons work only when they feel like it. I have two friends with LeSabres and they have the same trouble as I.

    Has anyone ever had this problem fixed? What was the cause?
  • I had the same problem on my '92 Buick Lesabre and had an auto-electric technician look at it. He told me the whole module would have to be replaced.

    Since I had nothing to loose, I took it apart right down to the circuit board, looked for something obvious - no luck, and put it back together and it now works better. Not perfect, but about 98%. At least the fan comes on all the time, although I have to fiddle with the buttons occasionally.
  • slyfox2slyfox2 Posts: 5
    I am not sure my messages got to Jearsenault for I am not sure how to get back to someone who has helped me with my problem. Did you replace the module? Is there anyway to check the module with a meter? Does the module have a relay or fuse that controls it and if so where is it located? It seems like you did a through job of checking the blower system out. My son-in-law tried to bypass it with a toggle switch but it did not work, When you plug it in now nothing happens. Is it possible we blew a fuse or a relay. Any help will be appreciated and I thank you for you input
  • Hi Mark;
    Sorry I haven't been on the net for a while. Out looking for another Buick Lesabre.
    No, I didn't replace the module, just removed it from the dash and took it apart and re-assembled it. That fixes a lot of problems. Almost every repair shop you take the car to will want to replace the entire control module. Only problem with that is it costs approx. $600 here in Canada to buy a new one.
    A used parts business may get you one for about half that. As for fuses and that stuff, a good investment if you are keeping your car is to invest in a repair manual. I buy one every time I get a new car. Cost about $10. Gives you step by step info on almost all common repairs related to your particular car, and tells you locations for fuses, etc.
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