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    In regards to my GMC problems. Has to replace the brakes twice in 40000 miles. Also in same time period had to replace the fuel pump and starter. The drivers seat had to be replaced three times(power seat adjusters failed). All of this was covered under warranty(except brakes),but I got tired of having the truck in the shop and dealing with the service reps. With the seat they kept telling me that it was suppose to work that way. They didn't understand why I was having a hard time accepting that no power to a power seat was normal. So I decided to go back to a Ford. The new SD helped, along with the fact that I don't like the new GMC redesign.
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    I think the idea has merit, but the locations of the owners (CT, AZ, FL, MN, AK) make the get togethers a little difficult. I think Ken's idea of a web page makes the most sense if someone has the ability to host it.

    Brutus... good luck in Alaska.... I plan on heading up that way next summer with a Lance camper on the back of my Super Duty. So far I intend to do the Southeast and the Kenai peninsula over a 6 week period.

    Dennis4.... how long did it take after truck delivery for the blantke to arrive? Also I hope that doesnt mean that Ford has little confidence in the heaters:-)?

    Lastly, It has been 21-27 degrees F here the last few mornings and I have not yet plugged in the engine heater. PS Diesel has started well. Does anyone know at what temperature you really should plug that rascal in?????
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    It would be nice if you could modify the Titles on the new topics you created. 462 should have the word "owners" in the title.
    # 463 Should mention "delivery" or "lead time" in the title.
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    I've been told by a dealer in a Ford mailing list that the blanket is a gift that only goes to Lariat purchasers.
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    It took about 3 weeks for me to receive the blanket for my Lariat. And the heater is even better than your typical ford heater,in case you had any real doubts.
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    Mine is a "measly" XLT and I got a blanket. So it isn't just for you high class Lariat folks.
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    Ruz: Any reason to keep the two F-SD groups? They're basically identical these days. Why not merge 'em into one?
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    Since I brougth the idea of a Superduty Club up, I think the idea of a Web page is a good idea. The only think about the Web page is that there will be some out there who do not have access to a web page. But for overall success The Web page is the best.
    Maybe we could get Edmunds to sponser this Web Page.
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    Asked this a while back, but I don't think anyone own one of these trucks yet when I asked. I have a 99 SD with the V10 auto and 3.73 rear end. I would like to know when should this thing shift. My truck shifts from 1st to 2nd around 15, from 2nd to 3rd around 30 mph and 3rd to lock up around 40 mph and 3rd to 4th around 50 mph. Are these shift points correct? Every other car that I have driven with an auto shifts from 2nd to 3rd around 25 mph. If anyone else has the same truck when does it shift from 2nd to 3rd? By they way it shifts the same no matter if it hot or cold.

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    I recieved my SD Lariat 5 mothns ago and I still have not recieved my new BLANKIE! HAHAHA

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    do you consider this topic to be about the F-250 Light or Super Duty truck?

    We have a Road Test of the light duty F-150 and F-250 coming next week....Should one of the links go here?

    Community Manager
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    I agree with Stanford - this is an SD topic, and is very similar to #463. The name is a misnomer and will probably result in more confusion in the future. I've been browsing both topics for a while now and they are becoming quite the same. It would sure make it easier for a lot of the folks on this site if all Ford Super Duty stuff was in the same place.

    I suggest freezing this topic and linking everything into the Super Duty topic. After all, a lot of the concerns of the F-350 (and F-450/550) folks are similar to the concerns of the F-250 drivers.

    I am waiting on my F-250 SD SC PSD LWB 3.73 auto since 26 Nov (the wait has just begun :) with a moderately small dealer. I guess I'll find out soon if his "8 week or so" statement has any truth. No word on whether it has been picked up yet, so I assume not. Oh well......
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    I agree with some of the previous statements refering to waiting for a 2000 model. Its been since sept 9, no vin, and I'm expecting maybe sometime next year. The new models get released earlyer each year it seems.
    Just passing the time bemusing myself..
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    Hey fellows just a thought. Since we all three
    have been waiting for so long, we ought to get
    together and contact a dealer that can deliver on
    a promise and use the power of buying three Ford
    SD at one time as leverage. Bet we could negotiate a decent price. As Maydaytoy said, just
    bemusing myself too.
    The brown fish man.
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    Some places, such as Geo Cities, give free web page space. I recently got a free web page from Geo Cities, but couldn't use it because I don't know how to make a home page. So I got a free one from America On Line and made a crappy home page with pictures of my truck on it. AOL has an easy to make web page,but I don't know how to make one on Geo Cities.
    If someone knows how to make a web page, they can get a free web page from Geo Cities and make a free web site for Super Duties with pictures of our trucks on it. I have a scanner and will be happy to scan the photos that Super Duty club people have, and e-mail them to the person that wants to make the page.
    I think if we made a web page with some general information with specs, pictures and links to other sites, we would have a good page, and do a lot of people a big favor. I know before I ordered mine, I was looking all over for a site like the one we could make. Fortunately, I stumbled across this site and got some helpful information.
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    If we really have a use, I'll volunteer space for one for free. What sort of content would folk like for it? I do web design on the side...
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    will work on trying to get this Conference "cleaned" up and organized.

    Really appreciate the feedback!

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