Chevrolet Avalanche Accessories & Modifications

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Does anyone know of a good place to get factory wheels chrome dipped or to buy factory chromed wheels?


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    Well I discussed the addition of the cassette deck (like found in the Tahoe) to an AV. The cost of this little addition is $400 (installed). No I need to determine how bad I really want a cassette deck.

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    Pioneer has some perfect fit radios for GM cars for less money and more features. You might want to check into that before you do anything.
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    Hi All,

    I was just looking through ebay and found someone
    selling for Avalanche wheels. If any one is interested

    Item # 593456400

    The biding is currently at $455.

    I thought someone may be interested...

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    I got my Blue Z71 Avalanche last month, the one I got had everything I wanted except the roof rack. The rack is listed as an accessory that can be added, has anyone done this?
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    Does anyone know if it is possible to install a driver information center computer(fuel economy, etc), like in the Escalade, into an Avalanche?

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    I am wanting to get a bug shield and black nerf-bar rubbing boards for my Avalanche. Does anyone know if they are available aftermarket yet? GM wants way to much for theirs. Also, is there a steel cowl induction hood available yet? Thanks for any help.
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    Check these guys out for nerf bars and such.

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    Anyone know [can find out] the part number for the GM accessory back seat cover/guard shown on the avalanche website? Local dealer wants too much for it and I would like to look it up on to see what their price is. Thanks in advance!
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    has anyone installed the factory roof rack on their avalanche. mine is still in the box. i wanted to know if it caused wind noise with the sun roof open. i would also like to see some photos of a avalanche with the roof rack installed. any info. would be a great help
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    Second row seat liner=12497838
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    The part #s for the BVE matching side steps are:
    Right: 15718561
    Left: 15718562 price: $162.46 each plus shipping
    GM list: $270.77
    GM wholesale: $203.08

    info from (Flow Chevrolet, a dealer)

    Anybody have the part # for the roof rack, tent etc.?
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    I just received the following from

    1. The color coded running boards (pewter) for the left hand is part number 15768547. For the right hand is part number 15768546.
    2. The black running boards for the left hand is part number 15718561. The right hand is part number 15718562.
    3. The roof rack is part number 12497773.
    4. The tent extension is part number 12497828.
    5. The hood protector is part number 12497830.
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    Has anyone purchased the tent that can go onto the Avalanche? I am thinking about it but would like to know how cumbersome it is? If its as easy as the rest of the truck...I am going to get the tent!

    [email protected]
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    I went to my local Chevy dealer to pick up a bug deflector for my AV but before I went, I did a print screen of the same part on the site. When I got to the dealer, they tried to sell me a bug deflector for $99 bucks. I showed them that I could get one for $45.50 and they came down to $55. I figured I would pay $10 bucks for shipping from the web so I accepted their offer.

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    A local dealer giving you wholesale is a wash with gmpartsdirect because of the shipping.

    An e-mail from them had the part number for an appearance package - hood protector, splash guards and ventvisors. I don't know how the pricing would compare to buying each item separately like I did; there should be some discount.
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    Got the following email from

    Accessories for Chevrolet






    Appearance Package 12497862

    The Appearance Package includes running boards and roof rack. Running boards

    give drivers and passengers a step for convenient entry and exit. The non-slip

    step pad secures footing. The GM Accessories roof rack is easily adjustable by

    pulling the handles and positioning the desired crossrail span.

    Canoe/Load-Stop Carrier 12497222

    Keep the cargo on the roof of your Chevy Avalanche secured with a load-stop

    carrier. This product attaches to the GM Accessories roof rack utility bars and

    secures everything from ladders to canoes. A permanent roof rack and GM

    Accessories utility bars are required.

    Hard Cargo Carrier 12497843 Black 92x28x15

                                      12497845 Black 55x38x15

                                      12497844 Graphite 92x28x15

                                      12497846 Graphite 55x28x15

    This lockable carrier is the ideal place to store and protect your cargo.

    Constructed from ABS plastic. Smooth-finish carriers can be painted to match

    vehicle color. Short hard-cargo carrier dimensions are 55" L x 38" W x 15" H,

    and long hard-cargo carrier dimensions are 92" L x 27" W x 15" H. A roof rack

    and/or GM Accessories utility bars are required.

    Kayak/ Windsurf Carrier 12495613

    Load up your kayak or windsurfer on the roof of your Chevy Avalanche. This

    carrier is designed to safely secure your kayak or windsurfer for the long haul.

    A permanent roof rack and GM Accessories utility bars are required.

    Protection Package 12497861

    The Protection Package contains a molded hood protector, molded splash guards

    and vent visors. The molded hood protector will repel road debris and insects

    from your vehicle. The sleek, low-profile protector, provided in an acrylic,

    will be an attractive addition to your GM vehicle. Crafted to work in tandem

    with your vehicle, this protector will not create side-view mirror vibrations

    nor will it affect the windshield spray pattern.

    * Molded splash guards help protect your Avalanche from gravel, salt, dirt and

    other road matter.

    * Vent visors allow you to leave your windows open to let the fresh air in, but

    help keep rain, sleet and snow out. They also reduce sunlight glare and keep

    your interior cooler. These appealing vent visors complement the distinctive

    contours and styling of your GM vehicle. They will not interfere with side-view


    Roof-Mounted Ski Carrier 12495610

    Attached to the permanent roof rack, each carrier can tote up to six pairs of

    skis or four snowboards. You have the freedom to mix and match to create a

    combination that will suit your needs.

    Vehicle Cover 12497707

    Made of material that is strong, yet manageable, this GM Accessories car cover

    will hold your vehicle under wraps. The cover is easy to handle and effectively

    keeps dirt and dust out, while allowing water evaporation, which helps cut down

    on moisture buildup. This cover is black custom fit with the avalanche logo.


    Bicycle Carrier Package 12497223

    Wheel mounted bicycle carrier


    Bicycle Carrier Package 12495021

    Fork mounted bicycle carrier. Bicycle must have quick release front wheel hub.


    Roof Luggage Carrier 12497770


    Splashguards 12497727

    Front molded splash guards with bowtie logo


    Splashguards 12497728

    Rear molded splashguards with bowtie logo


    Cargo Liner Package 12497838

    This liner is off black in color and is used with 2nd row seats folded down


    Liner Package 12496041

    Front floor console trash or cd storage


    Skid Shield Package 12496034

    This is for the ½ ton Avalanche and includes the oil pan shield, transfer case

    shield and mounting hardware


    Skid Shield Package 12496035

    This is for the ¾ ton Avalanche and includes the oil pan shield, transfer case

    shield and mounting hardware


    Step Package 12497719

    Tubular chrome


    Step Package 12497831

    Tubular gray


    Running Board package 12497718

    Includes both left and right boards with mounting hardware. Gray in color.


    Running board 15718561

    Left hand with BVE option


    Running board 15718562

    Right hand with BVE option


    Utility Roof Rack Bars 12497224

    This is needed when adding any roof bicycle, canoe, and kayak accessories


    Roof carrier package 12497773

    This is needed when adding the hard shell roof carriers


    Roof Luggage Carrier Cover Package 12497160


    Tailamp Cover Package 12497975

    Slotted tailamp covers, smoke in color


    Hood Air Deflector 12497075

    Smoke in color


    Ventvisor Package 12497163

    Window deflector that goes over the windows to keep out rain.


    Tent Package 12496559

    Gray in color with avalanche logo

    Here is some info on the brush guard shown on page 32 of the sales liturature:

    [copied from]

    I called GM and they have the part number but the grill guard is not available for sale yet.

    Grill Brush Guard 12497622

    Grill guard for the avalanche as pictured in the brochure. (Not yet available for sale)

    In some cases many of the avalanche accessories may not be available for sale, but I like supplying the part numbers in hope GM will soon put these accessories for sale.

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    Hey I posted a few pics of the tent option on an AV at a local dealer, sorry pics aren't much but dealer was closed so I had to take em through the window.
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    I bought the tent with my Avalanche, and it's definitely a two-person job. First time to setup was well over an hour. 2nd time was much less. Lots and lots of room inside, but you can't easily get access to the side compartments, and forget about the cargo lamp
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    Just bought an Avalanche and am thinking about having these items installed; The dealer doesn't have any pictures so I'm concerned about their appearance, their effectiveness, and if they are worthwhile. There were some earlier posting but have seen few comments lately. Appreciate any comments on these items.
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    I installed the hood deflector, splash guards and ventvisors - they look good and do their job. The splash guards especially catch all the mud that would end up on the tread of the running boards. I'll try to get a picture up soon.
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    Check out the Avalanche Owners: Photo Gallery
    for links to pictures of my AV with these options added.

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    Timfarn and darkeye, appreciate your fast response. Darkeye, I did take a look at your pictures and liked the looks of the splash guards and ventvisors - did not see or could not discern the hood deflector if it was installed. One of the salespersons at the dealer was recommending the hood deflector as a protection against pebbles and small rocks hitting the windshield. Still have several days before I must make a decision; items have been ordered but I have option of buying and having installed.
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    Anyone have any links to sites that have accessories for the Avalanche?
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    ygmn see #14 posting under this thread. They give an address there you can find descriptions and prices for accessories.

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    The GMpartsdirect link has most of the GM provided accessories.
    Trenz Co. has a couple Billet grills out. Someone posted a link to a lowering kit on the site and also a link to performance site that offers some. I am really waiting to a FIPPK from K&N.

    Brad in SoCal
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    I have looked at them.

    No good pics.

    I want the Brush guard! Sources?
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    Look at the bottom of post 18: if you want the GM brush guard, gmpartsdirect says it is not available yet, but we do have the GM part number for it. I guess you could ask the local dealer to look it up and get you an availability date.
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    After hunting for such pictures, I happened across one of the early advertising brochures - during a cleanup - for the vehicle and find that it contains great pictures of many accessories on the Av; hood protector, splash guards, ventvisors, many variations of the roof racks, etc. I had asked the dealer's rep about pictures and believe even they had forgotten the pictures in these brochures.
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    I pulled the dash apart to install my trusty Blaupunkt CD-70 last night. The dash uses these funky little sliding clips to hold the stock stereo in place and I was unable to find a way to retrofit a normal DIN-sized unit. Does anyone know if there's a mounting kit and wiring harness in the works?

    Also, is the doodad above my head the microphone for the auto-volume or On* phone? There's another mic on the headliner console. Which is which? I'd like to wire the existing auto-volume mic into the CD-70 (when I get a mounting kit) instead of mounting yet another one.
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    I found one. The original guy at the car stereo shop was a dork. The second guy picked out the right mounting kit as well as the wiring harness.

    Here are some things I learned when replacing the stereo:

    1) Don't pull the mic grille off the headliner to see what color the mic wires are. Find another way. It took me 30 minutes to get the grille back on.

    2) The stock stereo has two plugs into the back, plus the antenna lead. The smaller of the two plugs seems to include the mic input as well as a few others. For a retail stereo to work, your remote turn-on (auto antenna) lead must be connected to the red wire on this second wiring harness. There may be a stock 4-channel amp in the Av, but I don't know where it might be.

    Now I just have to figure out a way to get a power lead from the battery, through the firewall, to the sub amp under the back seat. The firewall looks pretty tightly sealed to me.

    Anyway, I hope this is helpful.
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    More info would be great. What size speakers did you find to fit the front and rear doors I did notice the front has seperate tweeter and the rear did not. What colors were the mic wires? I thought the Auto Volume was controlled by vehicle speed not a mic, well my 1999 tahoe was since I did not see a mic. I wonder if the mic is for onstar to reduce feedback when talking into overhead mic?

    How did you remove door panels? My front ones would not come off they were stuck near the just above and to the left of the door handle.

    Did you mount a sub Woofer and where? Does your amp interfere with the folding of the seats?

    I am considering contactin Gm about just buying the BOSE system they are using in the Caddy version. Any comments there?
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    I too would like to switch out the stock system in the Av for the Bose system in the Cadillac EXT. I know the Bose in the Caddy has 7 speakers as opposed to the 6 in the Av. The 7th speaker in the Caddy is a subwoofer which I would like to know where they put it considering it might not fit under the rear fold-down seats. Anyone know for sure? Also I would like to add the steering wheel radio controls of the Caddy if possible, so if anyone knows if this might work I would also like to know. I'm also curious where the amp is located for the Bose. Any info would be great.
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    I want this mod also.

    Jpendlum is working on putting together a kit for this setup. He has done this with other GM accessories. I'll keep you posted as to progress and price.

    Brad in SoCal
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    Thanks to all that have posted. I was wondering if someone has found a place to purchase GM accessories at a discount? It took me a few months to locate a Harley Davidson dealer that would sell parts at 20% off with no tax (if out of state). Most of those guys won't cut any kind of deal and all of that HD stuff is way over priced to begin with so any discount really helps. So surely there's some GM dealer out there who sells parts at volume.
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    Try They are GM dealer and have great pricing online. shipping is where they make there money. The service is great and done strictly online to keep overhead low. I think if you scroll through the posts on care and maintenance you will see some other posts concerning them.

    Good LUCK and love the Avalanche!
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    I didn't replace the speakers in the front or rear doors, so didn't try to remove the door panels. The stock speakers actually sound OK once you get rid of the stock head unit. I may replace them at some point, but probably not for a while.

    There were three dark-colored wires coming from the back of the headliner mic. They are connected through the smaller wiring harness mentioned in my earlier post, but I didn't play with it any further. I'm pretty sure the mic is for the auto-volume function. Cruise along at a constant speed, then roll down the windows. The volume increases.

    I had a sub box built a while back for my Grand Cherokee. The box has 2 JL Audio 10" drivers inside, and I placed it right on the outside of the midgate. I haven't run the power wire to the amp yet, so I don't know if any sound will actually get through, but we'll see. I put the Phoenix Gold ZX600ti 600w sub amp under the rear driver-side seat. Fits perfectly, and does not interfere with the folding of the seats. I used one of the seat floor bolts as a grounding point. Again, I haven't found a way to get power to the amp, so I don't know if it's going to work very well.

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    1) When I hit the high beams on my Av, the low beams and fog lights turn off. I've noticed that you can partially pull in the high beam lever (passing lights) and all 4 headlights stay on (fog lights turn off). If you haven't tried this yet on a dark road, give it a shot. It's WAY brighter than the high beams alone. Is there a relay that I can switch out to make this the default?

    2) I'd like the fog lights to come on with the headlights every time. It's annoying to have to turn them on all the time. No, they're not necessary for normal driving, but they add a bit of light right in front of the hood. Plus, I think the truck looks better with all 4 lit up.

    Any ideas? #1 especially? Thanks.
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    about 3 weeks ago,I had a Flow Master Dual Exhaust System,70 series installed coming out both sides of the truck with Chrome square tips on both sides also. It looks and sounds awesome and really no interior noise at all. I LOVE IT. I
    was looking for a Radio with a in dash CD changer built in ? Does any one know of one avalible? Or just put in the Escalade EXT one.
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    with that setup is that too many idiots don't know enough to turn those fog/driving lights OFF when they get in traffic. It's bad enough to meet them but it's also plenty annoying when they're behind you. When you're in the city with streetlights and all you don't need them!
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    Hey invested, I'd like more details on your Flow Master. What is the FM model number? How much $? Slip on or need a shop to weld?

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    Hey CUSS1. I had the flowmaster 70 series put on as the are the queitest they have, and yes they had to weld the tips on and also weld it in the front near the converter. It cost $350.00! It was well worth it because they did a great job it was hard to get it to fit around the spare tire and brake lines to have it come out on both sides but it took them a while and it was done right. I stayed and watched. Next is to get factory chrome wheels done! If any one knows of a place to get it please let me know?
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    Haven't read anything in a while from ya and was wondering how your steroe install went.

    I contacted OnStar and they said changing the head unit voids their warranty. All I asked them was how to wire it up with a different head unit. They were not much help.

    I am replacing the stock speakers in my AVY. Components front and rear doors. I will use double sided tape to hold the crossover inside the door.

    I have looked everywhere on the net and cannot find any stereo site that has any info on the AVY. I was trying to find the speaker harness since the wires are short in the door and I may want to re-install the stock ones IF I EVER SELL my AVY.

    Anyone do any stereo mods yet?? Info desired here!
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    Today I am installing new speakers in my AVY.

    I am using Blaupunkt PCCI 650 in all 4 doors. Panels remove typical of a Suburban or Silverado.

    The stock rear speakers screwed in and the front mid range clip in. The front tweeters have a seperate wire which you should not use if planning to use the existing stock head unit.
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    Let us know if you feel the speakers are a significant upgrade. I really like my AV, but feel the stereo is far below par for a vehicle with MSRP of $38,000.

    If a speaker upgrade makes a nice improvement, I would consider it. I am sensing the stereo also needs a serious boost in power to take full advantage of a speaker upgrade. Any advice on speaker upgrade, additional amplifier or complete replacement would be appreciated as it would make my AV "perfect".

    My wife drive a Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited(MSRP < $38K). It has an Infinity stereo with an Infinity amp all stock. It blows away the Chevy stereo set up. The steering wheel controls are also real convenient! I'd like to ultimately add steering wheel control to the AV.
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    Have you folks checked out the AVs exhaust system? The output of the main muffler component comes out with a dual exhaust that then is combined down to 1 before coming out of the side.

    I have seen some posts about a full dual exhaust system (Flowmaster muffler was used I believe). If anyone has a photo of such a system, I would give it a try at my local muffler shop. The routing of the driver side of the dual looks like it may be tricky with the spare tire hanging down.
  • cuss1cuss1 Member Posts: 17
    Have you folks checked out the AVs exhaust system? The output of the main muffler component comes out with a dual exhaust that then is combined down to 1 before coming out of the side.

    I have seen some posts about a full dual exhaust system (Flowmaster muffler was used I beleive). If anyone has a photo of such a system, I would give it a try at my local muffler shop. The routing of the driver side of the dual looks like it may be tricky with the spare tire hanging down.
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    Hey CUSS1 go to the pictures section and click on my link to the pictures of my AV with the dual exhaust. It goes around the spare tire but it just takes a little time to do the job right.
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    Anybody out there bought and installed a GM grill guard for Avalanche yet? Is it setup for a winch?
  • txyank1txyank1 Member Posts: 1,010
    "full exhaust" you mean true duals including 2 mufflers. Or dual pipes out of a single muffler, which is pretty common. I spoke with Flowmaster before doing my Sierra and they do not recommend a true dual system. The new engines need a certain amount of back pressure which a true dual system reduces too much. End result is a loss of low end torque (as I've read here in Town Hall). I have a 50 series Flowmaster with a resonator, as the x-cabs tend to have a lot of interior resonance with this muffler, and duals out the back from the 1 in-2 out muffler. Couldn't say for sure it has more power but it sure sounds like it does!
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