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Chevrolet Avalanche Care and Maintenance



  • ygmnygmn Posts: 179 They sell it online and at a few distributors but not many. West Marine carries it as well I think.

    I suggest buying it from their website. It is expensive and there are other UV protectants out there.
  • Karen_SKaren_S Posts: 5,095
    mrdetailer "Subaru Crew - Cleaning Interior & Exterior Surfaces" Nov 2, 2001 10:48am

    Here is more info for 303, courtesy of mrdetailer.

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  • Anybody have pictures of AV with mudflaps, bug deflector, and window vents?

  • Yes, check the pictures forum and follow the links.
  • ygmnygmn Posts: 179
    Does anyone have any problems yet?

    I have NONE after 4.5k miles.

    If interested I have my original luggage rack in the bed unopened. I have not had it installed by the dealer yet. Not sure if I want it installed either. Anyone interested speak up.
  • What is the proper procedure for re-seting the "Change Engine Oil" message in the message center. The procedure in the owners manual does not appear to work.

  • Turn key forward, do not start engine.
    press pedal (accelerator) 6 times as fast as you can. turn key to off, and your done.
    When you start your engine light SHOULD be gone.
  • txyank1txyank1 Posts: 1,010
    the manual states 3 times in 5 seconds, which has always worked for me. Maybe it should say "at least 3 times".
  • cuss1cuss1 Posts: 17
    I followed the instructions in the manual (3 times) - worked fine - just give the indicator a few seconds to flash once you've floored the accelerator 3 times.
  • cuss1cuss1 Posts: 17
    Have you noticed now that we have salty spray on winter roads that the engine compartment gets really dirty? Other vehicles I own(ed) have a gasket at the front lip of the hood to seal the salt spray from entering the engine compartment. I suppose I could fabricate a similar gasket. Why did Chevy cut yet another corner?

    Would the GM Bug Shield cover the hood / grill gap and block all of that spray from entering the engine compartment?
  • ygmnygmn Posts: 179
    I have not noticed any salt under my hood but I live in a snowless state.

    I do notice some dead bugs once in a while but they wash off easily enough.
  • timfarntimfarn Posts: 289
    I've got the deflector and it doesn't stop the mess under the hood. The insulation on the underside of the hood was soaked after the last snow.
  • frulefrule Posts: 82
    I have a 5.3l Avy and recently changed the oil for the first time(to Mobil 1).It took 7 quarts for oil/filter!My pressure gauge typically reads 60 psi when underway.So,is the dipstick correct?Six quarts didn't even show on the stick on perfectly level ground.Any opinions?........Thanks!
  • timfarntimfarn Posts: 289
    takes mine about 3/4 through the add mark. I just put in the 6 and go. 60# at 2,000 RPM and just under 50# at idle.
  • Does anybody know if chevy uses a special break-in oil? This was the case with my VW VR6 GTI. VW said to go the full 5000 miles for the first oil change. I'm from the old school of building motors and getting that oil out ASAP along with any build residue,metal shavings etc.,also any opinions on how many miles before switching to synthetic oil?
  • ygmnygmn Posts: 179
    I do not think they use a special oil as I have not read anything about it in the manual.

    I changed mine at 3k.
  • Read through some of the post. I may have missed
    it but didn't see any discussion on washing the

    Just washed the truck for first time since took
    delivery in Oct. A light mist fell this morning
    so was not a heavy coating of road film.

    With a sponge and car wash it was hard to
    clean. Is this 303 item people are talking
    about a wash or wax. Is the cladding designed to be cleaned with a stiff brush. The would give
    reason for smooth cladding.
  • ygmnygmn Posts: 179
    303 is a protectant.

    I use wash soap and a wash brush like some use on their paint for the cladding and have had no problems cleaning.
  • slayer69slayer69 Posts: 18
  • johnnycat8johnnycat8 Posts: 12
    its located on the drivers valve cover in the rear if your having the oil smoke problem ask your chevy parts department for the restricted pvc valve they may have to ask the service department for the part number tell them their is a service bulliten out on this problem it works i have two avalanches and have had to do this to both..
  • Earliers posts implied that after 7500 dealer would perform tire rotation and wheel balance at no this correct? If there is a cost, what is it?
  • belljobelljo Posts: 15
    Anyone know how often the transfer case fluid should be replaced? I hear every 30K, but can not find anything in the chevy manual.
  • GSBGSB Posts: 3
    Bought my 02 AV in August 02 (4WD 3.73 rear). Best mileage to date is 16.6 mpg all highway (70-75 mph)for 300 miles. Most driving is mixed city/highway and averages 12.0 to 13.0 mpg which is way below the 15 mpg I expected for this type of driving. EPA rating is 13/17.

    I have towed a 4000 lb trailer and got about 12.5 mpg which I consider reasonable. However, the last three tanks of gas I have averaged about 10 mpg which I consider lousy. These tanks included a mix of city/highway with occasional auto 4WD selected (10-20% of driving time). Recent outside temps 25F to 35F.

    I'm looking for reasons for the low mileage. My AV is running smooth. No misses noted with good all around driveability. Could the front hubs be locked? What about an emissions controls system problem? Cold temps? Any ideas why my mileage is so lousy?
  • My Av is smoking upon start-up occasionally and I have read messages on this board about a Chevy service bulletin for this problem and replacement of pvc valve as the cure. My dealer claims to have no knowledge of this bulletin and said if I could provide him with it they would honor it. Can anyone tell me where I might find this bulletin? Thanks.
  • ygmnygmn Posts: 179
    EDMUNDS should have links to TSB for the AVALANCHE.......
  • Karen_SKaren_S Posts: 5,095
    Click on "Edmunds Maintenance Guide" under "Helpful Links".

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  • dcrislerdcrisler Posts: 118
    What is wrong with the other site you visit??
  • ygmnygmn Posts: 179
    Well the FAN turned into FUN people.....

    I still love my AVY after 2 years.....still feels and thank god smells new..............

    My only complaint is the 2002 faded cladding.....I think the reason CHEVY changed the cladding on 2003 is due to this fading....I will probably change it out when I run out of things to do around the house and to the truck...

    See ya
  • The fading cladding seemed to be a hit or miss thing on 02s. Some people had a problem, while others didn't.

    A guy in my neighborhood had his faded bed panels replaced only to have the replacements fade again. For some reason the dealer charged him for the panels both times. This should be under warranty.
  • I have owned my Avalanche for 1 year 5 months. At 15,000 miles -still under warranty - the panels began to fade. Dealer said that GM was working on a fix for the problem. Now at 29,000 miles, and lots of talking to GM, they informed me that it was an environmental problem and they would not replace the panels. They would do a ONE TIME chemical treatment of some sort to try to bring the color back, but then I was on my own. I am furious with GM, and will tell anyone not to buy the Avalanche because it will do the same thing eventually. Please contact me if anyone else is having this problem. My vehicle is still under warranty, so what good is the warranty? Will never buy another GM product again. Have also seen others like this on the Mississippi Gulf Coast.
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