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Wheels America (wheel restoration)

jasanyjasany Member Posts: 3
Has anyone used Wheels America to have their alloy wheels restored? The company will repair bent, broken, cracked, peeling, out of round, etc. problems with alloys.

If you've also done this with another company I would also like to hear about your experiences. Thanks.



  • lngtonge18lngtonge18 Member Posts: 2,228
    I used Wheel Collision Center to repair 2 14x6" original equipment alloy wheels on my 84 VW GTI. They were both bent and causing a vibration in the steering and body and their finish was scratched, pitted, and rusted a little after 14 years of service. They repaired and refinished them perfectly! I was very satisfied with their work, and in fact, they looked better than the new one I bought to replace a badly scarred wheel. The finish was of very high quality and the wheels were perfectly round again. Even the gray paint used in between the machine finished spokes was lustrous, thick, and of high quality. I highly recommend them and plan on using them again for the last bent wheel I have left on my GTI. I believe it took a total of 8 days to send the wheels off, have them repaired, and than sent back to me. They do require that you dismount the tire and take off the valve stem.
  • spyderredspyderred Member Posts: 138
    I just used them in southern california to repair 2 bmw 528 17" sport BBS rims. They did a phenomonal job. The two wheels they worked on look brand new now. I was actually considering doing the other two because the one they refinished have a much cleaner brighter finish now. Can't say enough good things about them.
  • himilerhimiler Member Posts: 1,209
    I had these guys fix an alloy for my '98 GS-R, and it came back only slightly less out-of-round than before I sent it to their Long Island shop. The wheel had a machine-finshed face with clearcoat, and the clearcoat had been stripped off and not replaced--it looked very dull compared to the other 3 wheels.

    After spending $130 to ship and (not) repair the wheel, I had to buy another one for $315.

    I know I won't use them again.
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