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Ok, I am about to buy a Regular Cab Ram with a V6, I just fell in love with the truck and am getting an EXCELLENT deal, since the '02s will be out shortly. My thing is, I want some more power. In addition to other things, I will add some type of after market exhaust. Help me here guys. I want power, but I don't want anything too loud. Just a nice rumble will do. My dad has Flowmaster's and those things drive me up the walls driving on the Interstate. Any help is welcome!


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    Check out gibson cat backs,they are pretty mellow.
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    buy V6's then the first thing theyy want is more power. But then.......that's the first thing we want when we V8's too I guess. I had a '96 V6 reg cab. Always got a kick out of how well that ran for 6. Until I came to a hill that is. Freeflowing exhaust, better breathing intake,and hypertech reprogrammer. That's the key.
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    i wouldn't mess with your exhaust system at all until your warranty period is over.
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    is not usaully any problem if it's your basic cat back. I've had a flowmaster and dual pipes on the last 6 trucks I had and never had any problem with warranty coverage. The only recent truck I didn't put any on was my '96 V6 and I should have. The stock system kep falling apart from vibration. The Dealer (Service Rep.) even told me the only thing that would fix it was an after market exhaust sytem.
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    Cat backs don't void your warranty...and that's what I'm gonna do. Txyank, I really had wanted an 8, but with the deal I got on the 6, i couldn't pass it up. The power is great around town and whatever, but a little more punch is always nice!

    Any body know anything about those Gibson systems mentioned? I've never had any dealing with those.
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    with my V6 in '96. (actually it was in '97 as it was a leftover) I couldn't tell you which place it is, as I read several different ones here. But the Gibson has been discussed and as I recall many thought it gave the best performance boost. I've alwys used Flowmaster myself. Love the sound. Although I have to admit these new engines don't have as sweet an exhaust note as the old 350 did. The 4.3 is one of the best sounding six's I've heard with a custom exhaust installed.

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    Resonance at highway speed drove me I took a torch and cut it into itty bitty pieces. Replaced with a PV. Unfortunately they don't make one for the V6.
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    I am still not sure what to do. I have researched the Borla (They don't make one for the 6) Gibson, and Flowmasters. I guess I'll go for maybe a quieter Flowmaster then? Any suggestions?

    Thanks a lot for your input guys!
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    go with a Flowmaster I'd use the 50 series three chamber. It has a nice mellow sound. You can tell it isn't stock but it's not too loud. You did say this is a regualr cab right? I ask because on the new x-cab this muffler has too much resonance inside the truck. OK on reg. cab though. I used to buy the muffler at a speed shop for $89.95 + tax, then go to Mieneke and have it installed with aluminized pipes out the back with chrome tips. That would run another $150 (approx.) But after a few Management changes they started giving me grief about modifying the exhaust system so the last two I had done at a local muffler shop. The pkg. deal including muffler cost me about $100 more.
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    I have a 97 S-10 with a 4 banger and I just recently put a gibson cat-back system and a cold air intake system on it. It sounds awesome, doesn't sound like a riceburner but just loud enough to know it's there, nice deep mellow non-tappy sound, and nice burble when slowing down without backfiring. I waited till my extended warrenty was out (75k) to do it, they bitched at me for putting in a fact. box K&N. Just depends on the dealer, don't know how Dodge is, but there is a law saying that as long as the system is behind the cat, it won't void warrenty, or something of that sort. As far as the gibson system I got, they all run about 4 inches to long, so the "install in 30 mins" is bs.They are shipped to long to compensate for damage that may happen during shipment, just about all custom fit exhaust systems come that way. Take it to a muffler shop and they will charge about 10 bucks to fit it just right using the fact hangers, unless you have the tools to do it yourself. Anywho, the system came witha nice non-gaudy looking exhaust tip that accents it very nicely, I got the swept side outlet one. SO, I highly recommend this system for anything. You might want to wait for the warrenty to go out if you are considering an open air filter. Check out, that is where I got all my stuff. They had the gibson system for about 100 bucks less than it would be from an auto parts store(I caught a special)usually about 50 bucks less, I got mine for $250+shipping, plus they have open air filters and whatever your heart desires for your truck, that site rocks.

    Have fun,

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    Has anyone done the swap or know about someone's results? Am seriously considering going with Gibson's kit for $566. They quote 25hp/30lb ft. or real close, I may be off by a couple digits but not much.

    I've got the V10, 4x4, 3.73.

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    A buddy had the same question. His is also a '99 V10. Previous posts on Townhall provided good information. In the end, he bought Banks. Installed the headers and cat-back himself, took him all weekend and he's got the hoist, tools, and shopspace. Seems very pleased with performance. Now he's working on me to add Banks to my PSD. If only the spare bucks existed...
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