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Does anybody know anything about this stuff? I know that Dura Lube & Motor Up got into trouble with the FTC for making claims, but I haven't heard anything about this or another one called Pro Long. Is it worth the $35 or am I throwing away money? Thanks


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    against ZMAX. They claim fraud in the test that they use. It actually showed twice the wear with ZMAX than without it. ZMAX is also alleged to be just colored mineral oil.

    If you want to protect your engine use synthetic. It's definitely more proven.

    While I feel that a transmission additive like Lubegard which is actually recommended by manufacturers is OK, I avoid oil additives, because of their continual misrepresentation.
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    on the wear with ZMAX and without it. I happen to put ZMAX into my engine and transmission of a 1994 Acura Integra. Do you think that I should do an oil change and transmission change to remove the additives?
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    I don't have the lab, but here is the URL to the legal pleadings that made the statement that the lab test has twice the wear.


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    A guy like Carroll Shelby endorse a product like this? Was it really worth the money zmax must of paid him to be affiliated with a product which is OBVIOUSLY falsely advertised?
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    I personally fell quite hard for the Prolong before the lawsuit was filed. Man the add was good, draining out the oil and driving all over, but Consumer Report's engines seized immediately. In another report, if you pick your engine right, it can run a considerable amount of time without oil. This doesn't mean that it wears out the engine, but it will run. thke product used on Prolong can also harm engines. (denied by the company, but verified by some third party sources I read.)

    In ZMAX's case they didn't even use the truth about the results of their lab. That alone is enough to make me shy away.

    Personally, if I have any question about engine wear I put in synthetic, and double the mileage between changes (6,000). It really does what the additives claim.
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    The lesson here is - just because a guy is famous doesn't mean he is honest!

    Then again, Carroll Shelby may not have bothered to even investigate the claims himself. So, that lesson is - just because someone endorses a product, doesn't mean they actually use it!

    If he did test it and use it, and thought it actually worked, then the lesson might be - don't buy any new Carroll Shelby vehicles! ;)
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    They will only tell him the best, and it was years before the lawsuit was filed.
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