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Volkswagen Cabrio



  • vwedvwed Posts: 5
    I had mine replaced at an autobody shop after someone broke my back window it cost $1500 don't get your top replaced at the dealership!!!!!!!!! with my insurance it cost me $500
  • The passenger side door is stuck closed. It can not be unlocked and it can not be opened.

    How do I get into the door from the inside and what are likely issues / fixes?
  • pennsterpennster Posts: 1
    Well Glad to hear I am not alone. I have had my 2002 cabrio into the dealership about 25 times for this problem, at first they told me I was crazy basically never heard of this problem, then I asked the service manager to go and fill up the car. He came back not very happy. I took him forever. He now believed me. Well they replaced the fuel tank, right from the top (filling opening) and it was better. For about 3 weeks and then it started again. does it sometimes and not others. They said that the original one had a kink in the line stopping the fuel for entering properly so it would back up.
    I don't know what it is but I would get rid of this car in a in a New York minute if I didn't love it so much. So If yourself or any one knows the magic answer please let me know also I am desperate.
  • tennis4tennis4 Posts: 1
    I just bought a 2002 cabbie and love it. It did not come with an owners manual and the dealer wants $50.00 which I don't care to pay are there any online??
    I can't figure out how to get the back seat down. I pulled the knob in the trunk and that releases the back portion but I can't figure out how to release the bottom part. Any help greatly appreciated. Thanks, Vicki:)
  • misswendytmisswendyt Posts: 1
    Hi all,

    I live in Massachusetts, and I sort of have my heart set on buying a cabio, preferably a 2000.

    Can anyone tell me if I am going to regret this due to either service issues, or the fact that I would need to drive it in a New England winter?

    Should I just stick with the trusty, yet not nearly as hip Honda?

  • rocky54rocky54 Posts: 1
    Go with your heart. If it's what you really want, go for it. You only live once, enjoy life! :)
  • I have a '92 cabriolet and when i bought it the previous owner did not leave the owner's manual. it was in fair shape and i knew it was going to be a risk to take the top down but i did anyway and now i can't get it back up again, is there something specific i have to do or should just pulling it back up work? if i can't get it back up should i bring it to a dealer, do you think that it will cost money?
  • there should be a hand crank and an electric open close think in the trunk. did you open it from the dashboard?
  • mas3mas3 Posts: 1
    I have a 97 cabrio highline with 82K miles on it, I bought the car in November, we start having hot weather here, I noticed the car won't start from like 11-6 pm when it is hot outside, the car will start fine late evening when it around 70's.
    I just replaced the battery, that did not fix the problem !
    Anyone else had this problem ?
  • jessicalejessicale Posts: 2

    I am new to the group, but I am a 2002 Cabrio owner. I have been fighting with VW over this issue for 3 years. They finally just fixed this. My car would not fill up at full speed. They just replaced the EVAC container which is right inside the fuel tank. It was under warranty, so I can't tell you how much it was... It is a pain to pump gas at half speed. I have only had it fixed for 3 weeks, so I hope the problem is taken care of.


  • :blush: Hi all, Im a new owner of a cabrio. I bought it used and was trying to check all of the fluids today..and as dumb as this may sound I couldnt seem to find out how to check the transmission fluid. I have a 97 highline cabrio..can anyone help?
  • timytimy Posts: 1
    I have a 2002 cabrio with 39K and Just started to hear a loud rattling noise when I accelerate. Took it in and they said both exhaust outer shell are rusted thru. Of course I'm three months out of basic warranty. When they fixed your did you have to contact VW Corp to get authorization?

    Thanks :sick:
  • Hello everyone I just today bought a 97 Cabrio Convertible the leather seats inside are rough and the convertible top is not as pristine as can be but I got it for 4k which seemed like a decent deal not as great as I would have wanted but still not bad only 76k miles I notice a rattling in the front end almost like a tire out of balance or something I havent taken it to a mechanic yet that will be tomorrow but I am wondering if any body else noticed that when they accelerate it has vibration then once I hit speed it stops any thoughts I would appreciate thanks
  • jdeghartjdeghart Posts: 1
    :confuse: I just bought a 1995 Cabrio with ABS for my daughter. Every so often, the brake pedal will push all the way to the floor and the car won't stop. Has anyone else experienced this problem?
  • vdubdadvdubdad Posts: 1
    Hi, not a dumb cant check it. it's a sealed unit.
  • I purchased my 98 Cabrio brand new from the dealer in February 1999. From the very beginning I have had the following problems: 1) Check engine light. This goes on and off on a regular basis for no apparent reason 2) Alarm on car is triggered during very wet weather (this happens occasionally) 3) Problems with drivers side rear evening running light. The first time dealer thought the bulb was out, replaced it, 2 weeks later it was out again, they replaced it again, it went out again within 2 weeks. They took the whole thing apart, spent several hours on it and told me they couldn't figure out why it was out and they would need to put their best guy on it and would cap the cost of doing this at $500. I told them I wasn't going to pay that I'd rather keep replacing the bulb every couple of weeks. So I got the car back and figured I'd take my chances. That was over a year ago and the light is still working without a problem?! 5) Have a power top on my car, one day I try to put the top down and it wouldn't work (thankfully it was stuck in the 'up' position!). Tried to get the top to go down several times over the next few days, wouldn't work. Week later tried it again and it worked, this was 3 years ago and have not had the problem since.

    5) Craziest thing to happen with car so far: the passenger window stopped working, it was like this for over a year. A friend of mine is a good mechanic and he dismantled the entire passenger door to see what the problem was, he thought I needed a new motor, priced it out and it's not cheap ($400+ at the time). so since it's a convertible and I have a/c and it's the passenger side window I figured I had not need to get it fixed. Brought the car to VW for service a couple of months after this problem and specifically told them to LEAVE THE WINDOW ALONE I did not want to pay to fix it, the guy at the service desk said he thought there was a recall on it so they'd check it out. They called me a couple of hours later and told me I needed a new motor and it wasn't covered under a recall. I told them to leave it alone don't replace the motor, of course then they wanted to charge me for taking the car apart (think it was about $200-$300) I refused and they wound up caving on that. Get the car back and confirm passenger window still does not work. Approximately a year later my nephew is sitting in the car with me and he hits the window button to try and put the window down and AMAZINGLY THE WINDOW WORKS?! It has now worked for approximately 3 years. Occasionally when I have that window down and I hit the button to put the window up it will go up and down on it's own a few times and ultimately will close. HOW WEIRD IS THAT?!

    Anyway, I thought that sharing some of my experiences with this car would help others to understand the fickleness of the Cabrio. I live in CT and I ski, so I've driven it to Vermont through snow storms (I did have snow tires) and I never had a problem getting anywhere with it. I still love this car and while I am in search of another car now (SUV) my intention is to keep my Cabby until it won't run anymore. It's a fun vehicle and was worth every penny and every frustrating experience I've had with it.
  • I have run into the same problem. Anyone have a reason for this occurring? Could it be the master cylinder?
  • Hello Wendy
    Did you choose? I have the same dilema!
    - Joey
  • Just wondering how you hooked up your kids car seats with no shoulder belt. I just got a 1990 Cabriolet and it does not come with rear shoulder belts. Trying to find out what other people have done. I have two kids...2 and 4.

  • rtc1rtc1 Posts: 4
    We use the toddler car seats with the built in 3 point attachment for the kids. The car seat itself is attached via the regular waist seatbelt in the backseat + the long belt that is used with the central latch system tied to the top center rear of the carseat; I thread the belt between the back of the rear seat and the rear dashboard into the luggage compartment. I hook the latch onto the back upper rim of the luggage compartment (where the rubber seal is for the compartment) and tighten the belt. This provides a secure 3 way seating for the carseats. The older child is now eligible for the booster seat, but we've kept her in the toddler seat due to lack of a shoulder harness to go with it.
  • I hit a tractor on September 11, 2006. On September 13, 2006, we took my car to the body shop to get repaired. Today it has been ONE MONTH and still NO CAR. They said that VW parts are the hardest to get. So, I'm just curious. How long does it take to fix a damn CABRIO. The only thing they have to do is replace the shell of the door on the passenger side and put on a new front bumper. Should it really be taking this long to do? How long do most of you predict? This is just REALLY beginning to stress me out. :cry:
  • Its been a while since you've posted this so I hope you're still checking it.

    We just bought a 2002 and the front drivers side wheel bearing was going bad. I found it while getting it aligned. I was getting it done since there was uneven wear on one of the tires. I bought the bearing at O'Rielly for $50 and it cost about $60 at Autozone to have put in. This included them having to take it somewhere to have the new one pressed in. It took care of my rattle.

    Hope this helps.
  • I have a 95' Cabrio and i've just installed a new sound system. in the trunk i put 2x 1500watt 10" Alpine subwoofers, but when the music is turned up, the trunk rattles like crazy. Does anybody have any ideas on how to get rid of the rattle? (without removing the subs)

    I aprechiate any ideas anyone has to offer.
  • I LOVE my 2001 Cabrio but have had the window motor replaced twice on the drivers window and now the passenger window has issues. Over the last 1 1/2 years the window works for a few hours every 6-8 months. I don't want to spend another $800.00 to replace the window motor. I do hear a clicking sound whne i hit the button on either side. Anyone else ever had this issue?
  • I just heard that some sporty cars should avoid deep puddles. Tho Cabrios are not that low-slung, it seems to depend how low the air intake is. In bigger cars they are high in the engine compartment. Who knows where it is in my 2000 Cabrio?
  • I have a 2001 Cabrio GLX. The other day the trunk latch light came on, the radio was dead, the door latches didn't work, and the open door chime remained on faintly, all at the same time, all at once...for no reason. Checked the trunk everything was fine. Checked the fuse box under the dash and found a 15 amp fuse blown. Replaced the fuse and the door started smoking. Quickly pulled the fuse and the door kept smoking. Quickly disconnected the battery, still smoking. Plastic panel around the electric door switch started to melt. Dumped a cup of water into the melted hole and it went out. Pulled the door cover to find that the door switch itself had shorted out somehow on its own and caught fire. No apparent wire damage anywhere in the door. Unplugged and removed the switch, put in a new 15amp fuse and now everything works fine...except for the missing switch hole and melted door panel. Anyone heard or experienced such a thing? Any recalls, fire, or other electrical issues with this model? Luckily I had a glass of water around or I'd have lost the door or possibly even the entire car! :sick:
  • After doing some minor detailing, removing and replacing the automatic shift indicator and cleaning the leather Parking Brake dustcover , the power top no longer works. Any idea where the interlocks are in the Auto shift indicator area and/or Parking Brake area?
  • Problem: drivers side window will randomly roll down without any reason. Can keep it rolled up with the switch but it keeps trying to roll down. Suddenly it will start to work right and then is ok for several days to weeks.
    Also the passenger window has essentially stopped working as have the back windows.
    Any ideas? I have seen several posts with the problem but no answers.
  • good morning
    my cooling fan stopped working after overheating one day. I checked the fuse, i think is the only green one. does anyone know?
  • I have been reading some of the different problems people have had with their Cabrios. I have had some of them myself. But it's like one person said, I will keep this car until it absolutely DIES. I love mine because of how it looks and it's just plain fun. What keeps you from getting rid of you Cabrio after it has made you mad time after time?
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