Ford Probe - good performance value?

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Is this a good used car?


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    While you're waiting here for a response, you may want to check out our archived 93-95 Ford Probe discussion. Good luck. ;-)



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    The Probe appears to be exactly what I feared it was ... you get what you pay for don't you?
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    You may also find some helpful information in our Used hatchbacks discussion.

    Also, have you tried researching this vehicle, or other's cars in Edmunds' Used Vehicles Information guide? Once you find one vehicle (i.e 1995 Ford Probe 2 Dr GT you also have direct access to complete list of other similar makes/models, by clicking on the the "Other Sport Hatchhacks" link near the top of the page. Happy Shopping. ;-)

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    My ex-girlfriend has a '96 Probe SE, and I thought it was made very cheap. She didn't seem to mind though. It didn't have any acceleration whatsoever, and the road nose was very loud! It also ate a lot of oil for having 75k miles on it!
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    I've got an 89 Probe that's held up pretty well. The only problem I've ever had with it was the alternator- went through 4 of them from '92-'95. The local Ford dealership (I was in Columbus OH at the time) finally fixed it, tho I don't know whether it was intentional or not. They installed it "crooked" (as a BP Pro-Care mechanic informed me a few years later)- the alternator no longer connects cleanly to the electrical system of the car. It causes the headlight brightness to pulse slightly, but that alternator from '95 is still in there, and still keeping the battery properly charged. In terms of major mechanical repairs, I've had to replace the timing belt at 70,000 (scheduled) and 120,000 (um, unscheduled) -its at 130,000 now- and that's it. So, alternator and timing belts, that's what I'd look out for when checking a Probe.
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    I purchased a '93 Probe GT w/5 speed as a commuter car 2 months ago, and I couldn't be happier! The car is an absolutely blast to live with and drive. It's nicely screwed together, gets good mileage (30 mpg with the cruise set at 75), as a very capable handler, and has enough power to get out of its own way.

    My only regret is that I waited this long to buy one.

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    My 1990 probe will reach 220,000 miles this damn car I have ever owned...
    she is on her last legs...but I will drive her til
    she dies...
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