Acura TL - creaking from drivers seatbelt

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I own 2000 Acura TL that is torturing me with a very audible creak (like an old rocking chair) whenever I turn left or right. I've been to the Acura Dealer (Sunnyside in Nashua, NH) twice and have had no luck getting them to fix it. The dealer first told me there was a service bulletin on this that required the installation of some felt between the seat and belt buckle attachment on the right of the seat. When I picked the car up today they indicated that they had "lubricated" the seat belt and not performed the service bulletin as their experience was that it was not very effective. When I drove it home I realized the problem had not been solved by the "lubrication". Has anyone else had this creaking problem with the seat or sealtbelt? What was the solution?


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    Hi, I had the same problem on my 1998 TL & It starts to come up on my 2002 TL/S. I was able to reduce the noise by lifting the chair higher from the ground. Since I am 6,1 its a problem & I had to tilt the chair backwards. I am experiencing a low level of rattling noise every 40 seconds that last for 20 seconds and it is noticeable only when the car air conditioning heating & cooling unit is on.This noise was noticed from the engine area in my new TL/S 2002 & with my previous TL 3.2 1998. Acura considers it as acceptable despite the fact that this noise does not appears to happen in the RL. I would like to know if anyone out their did find a solution to this problem. It did & does bother me. I had the same problem with my wife Dodge 1998 Minivan but do not have it with the 2000 model
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    I have a friend who has a 97CL who had this very problem. It was the seatbelt retractor/tensioner that is mounted at the base of the car just in front of the rear seat. Whenever he would move just right it sounded like a squeak or like a hampster in the wheel running. The dealer replaced the seatbelt and retractor assembly and the problem was might look into this.
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    I had this problem on my 2000 TL. I forgot to mention this to my dealer when I had other service done, but they fixed it anyway. The inside of the car smelled like WD40 lubricant, and the seat belt attachment "creak" was gone. Almost 12 months later the noise has not returned.
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    I had the same problem on the passenger seat in my 2001 TL. It was the seat, not the seatbelt. I took it in and delt with the typical dealer crap. They acted as if I was nuts. Finally after riding with them in the car the creak became audible. They took the seat out and lubed the moving parts. As they did this, they scratched the plastic door panel beside the seat. My advice, buy some silicon spray and see if you can correct the problem yourself first.
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    I have a 1999 TL that had a "rattle" but it was from a different source...perhaps your rattle is from the same source. Above the rear seat, on the ceiling, is a round fastener that helps keep the ceiling covering attached and probably acts as a "stop" for the moonroof. When I first heard the rattle, I told the dealer about it but they weren't willing to put any effort into finding the source of the rattle. I finally discovered it myself and had to insist that a tech come out to the car with me so I could point out the fastener that was rattling. I think it takes them about ten seconds to actually tighten this fastener. Also, check the armrest unit, as it sometimes squeaks. On another note, I've noticed the black coloring on my mufflers is fading. Anybody know if it's okay to spray some black hi-temp paint on them?
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    I'm taking the car back to Sunnyside Acura on Monday. The dealer says they are going to keep the car till it is fixed. I think they may replace the right side belt buckle latch on the drivers seat. We'll see if they can solve the problem on the third try. If not, I may see if I can trade it in for a brand new Passat.
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    Anybody have an idea what could be the fair price for 3.2 TL with Nav. ? I was told by dealer final price would be $29,750 + tax + tag. Is it good one or still room for negotiation? I live in Northern VA area. Need to buy a car in next 72 hours.

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    I noticed that my armset squeaks specially when the AC is running. Anyone know what cause it and how to fix it.
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    My 2000TL also had a squeaky seat belt. The dealer replaced both belts but the noise didn't go away.
    I used silicone spray on the belts and buckles and the squeak was gone. Good fix for other interior noises as well.
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