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97 Safari A/C

thierthier Member Posts: 2
edited March 2014 in GMC
My Safari has a problem where the vent controls don't work. I pulled a vacuum on the black line with a pump and all worked ok. It held its vacuum so there does not seem to be a leak. Driveability is normal. What are any common areas I should look for.


  • jlflemmonsjlflemmons Member Posts: 2,242
    The 4.3L is notorious for low vacuum in the Astro/Safari. If you have a rear heater, check to see if the vacuum lines have come off on the control valve just above the tranny. Also, turn off all fans, radio, and any other noise makers and listen carefully under the hood with the engine running. All it takes is a cracked hose with these things and lots of vacuum issues occur. In the pre-CPI engines, the engine could not maintain enough vacuum to keep the cruise control active at 70mph into a 25mph headwind. I know, it was my van.

  • thierthier Member Posts: 2
    Thanks, I found the line to the vacuum can was broke, repaired it, put the thing back together and same problem, missed the chaffed area 1.5" away. Repaired it and all is ok. My wife swears it worked fine then all quit at once.
  • dfwjsgdfwjsg Member Posts: 4
    Replaced the AC filter on my 2000 XLS today since I am approaching 15,000. Purchased the filter through www.toyotaparts4u.com Replacing the filter took approx 30 minutes. Instructions that come with the filter are very good. However, the instructions say to remove three screws and two bolts. My XLS has 4 screws and 1 bolt. I did not bother with disconnecting the electric cable to the switch that disables the trunk release switch. There was just no need to. Reassembly was very, very easy. Judging from how dirty the filter was, I plan to replace at 10,000 mile intervals. Only tools needed are a flat blade and a philips screwdriver.
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