Neon electrical problem

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All the gauges in my daughter's 97 Dodge Neon base model coupe go out intermittently. She had this checked by a shop but they could find no problem. Fuel gauge, trip meter, odometer, gas gauge etc. fail to operate at all or cut in and out. Any thoughts on where to check first? Is suspect a loose wire--but where? Could this be a more serious problem in one of the black boxes?


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    I have a '95 neon and I'm not sure how similar the electrical connections are, but in the '95 there are two connectors (J1 and J2) that feed signals to the instrument cluster. You also have a small connector for the odometer. Since you are loosing signals for all of the cluster it probably isn't just a connector from the cluster. Practically all the signals come from the Powertrain Control Module (this is what it is called in my service manual, yours maybe different). The PCM is located on the right fender as you are looking into the engine compartment near the washer fluid container, it has a big electrical connector going into it. You can check it for looseness and corrosion. Check also for loose ground wires. Intermittent electrical problems are the worse, good luck.
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    Thanks. I have read that this could also be a sign of defective voltage regulator. I hope not since I think that is inside the PCM in this model. Since the car is OK otherwise, I am thinking it is something simpler like a loose or corroded connection. Time will tell.
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