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A/C Leak

wally28wally28 Member Posts: 9
edited March 2014 in Chevrolet
I was told my A/C condenser is leaking coolant. The repairman suggested I get a kit that contains a sealer to fix the leak as a first step. If that doesn't work, then spend the big bucks to repair the A/C.

I haven't had any experience with such a sealer ... any words of wisdom?


  • n2boofn2boof Member Posts: 2
    On November 11th, 2000, I sadly departed my 1992 Chevy Beretta due to an a/c leak. The air lost it's cooling ability for the 1st time at 138k miles so I took it to my mechanic to get freon and a dye placed in the system "just in case" it leaked again. Well 2 days later-no air. The dryer and "some other part" went out and I was told $500-$800 to fix my little a/c problem or the compresser would burn up. Well nothing was ever stated about a sealer until after I sold my car. They said it's just a quick fix to suspend a bigger problem later. Now with my 1999 Pont Grand Prix SE......air just not cold like the ole' Beretta. If your car is older...take my mechanics advice---pump it with a little freon then jet to the dealership to trade in your car the same day. In Alabama----no a/c and you're asking for a heat stroke. Jennifer.....
  • robbytararobbytara Member Posts: 1
    I cannot believe that just because there is a leak in the AC system that your suggest to get rid of the car! Every car (american that is) that I have had leaked freon at some time or another. I tried the sealer & it seemed to work for about 2 yrs.
  • swschradswschrad Member Posts: 2,171
    be advised that it's now illegal to service an a/c unit without an EPA license, and you don't get that without training and recovery equipment.

    blame it on global warming, blame it on aliens, but I gave up working on my own a/c units when the R-12 went off the shelves.

    car a/c gets leaks fairly frequently due to being jostled about all the time, and the big temperature changes under the hood. this must be the way to insure techs can afford to buy the recovery equipment for coolant, guaranteeing them the work. whatever, it's only legal to fix car a/c with a checkbook and a pen now for us customer types.
  • adc100adc100 Member Posts: 1,521
    I have found over the years that they are the biggest culprits for leakage. What I would immediately do is to buy a red and a blue one. You are gonna find that they are not standard. Anyway, what I then do is to put a small amount of silicon (not the glue) on the flat part of the shrader valve where it seals against the rubber of the cap. Put it on and if it ever needs removed repeat the procedure.

    Be very careful not to get the stuff where it could enter the system.
  • astrolann1astrolann1 Member Posts: 8
    If you have a older car with R12 freon and it leaks out, get a convertion kit from J.C. Whitney with R134R freon, it contains 3 cans of R134A a can of stop leak and a can of esker oil. Follow the instructions its easy, I did two cars and it worked well. If you live in Wisconsin J.C.Whitney will not send it because of stupid law here where I live. GM cars have a habit of leaking freon out the evaporator coil, thats the unit under the dash that cools the air.
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