1997 Silverado 4X4 Ext. Cab with 119,000 road miles????

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I have found a 1997 Chevy Silverado 4x4 Ext. Cab with 119,000 miles on it that I am interested in buying. The guy is asking $11,500 for it. He said it has been driven on the highway mostly because his job requires it. Do I need to stay away from a truck with this many miles? Or if it looks good and checks out mechanically is it worth it? Thanks for any advice. Jason


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    which it is not, I wouldn't touch this deal.
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    Do yourself a favor and RUN don't walk away from this purchase. With that kind of mileage I would not pay that for this truck, $11500 would be a good down payment on something much less used than this truck.

    Ray T.
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    I am a die hard ford man, but I have to say for any truck built in the US, if the thing had been taken care of (records!! and receipts), 250,000 miles is about the end of any of them ford/GMC/Chevy/Dodge, Hell 100,000 miles is just broke in. Today's trucks are far better than they were 10 years ago. I have the scares on my knuckles to prove it.
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    but besides having all the records for maintainence, isn't the type of driving that put those miles on important? i always thought that highway miles were better than city driving, especially when looking at 119,000. i'd bargain with the seller, but only if all the upkeep has been performed, and the thing isn't blowing smoke after a start up in the morning.(cold engine)
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