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2000 GMC sierra high oil consumption

emoun1emoun1 Member Posts: 2
edited March 2014 in GMC
I have a 200 GMC sierra 1500 with 37,000 miles and lately I have been noticing my check engine oil level light coming on. I took it in to have the oil changed and the guy said it was 1.5 quarts low and I said WHAT?? He suggested I take it back to the dealer which is where it's going today, but has anybody else been having this problem? Why is this truck using oil like this, it's already been in the shop once to remove the carbon build-up from the pistons, please help!!!


  • rayt2rayt2 Member Posts: 1,208

    Unless you have an extended warranty get your wallet out for the BS the dealers gonna hand you on this one. You didn't say how many miles in between last oil change or how you drive/use the truck??? Or have you already logged a complaint under warranty about oil consumption, if you did you may be covered, otherwise $$$$$$$$$$$$$

    Ray T
  • edwardt1edwardt1 Member Posts: 20
    My 2000 4x4 has just turned over 36,000
    miles and within the last week my check
    engine oil light has been coming on. Oil was recently changed. I do alot of city driving and have oil changed every 3,000 miles.
    I hope this is not a sign of problems to come.

    Edward T
  • rayt2rayt2 Member Posts: 1,208
    the "check engine oil" or "change engine oil" ??
    Just over 36000 takes you off of warranty unless you have the extended plan.

    Ray T.
  • mrurlmrurl Member Posts: 116
    You might have it looked at. I've had more than one oil pressure sending unit damaged by the high school drop outs that change oil at the quick change shops.

  • edwardt1edwardt1 Member Posts: 20
    I believe that I have seen both messages.
    I took the truck by the tire dealer that did
    my last oil change. They report my oil level
    to be ok. They reset the change engine oil.
    I plan to check the oil myself this evening and in the morning. I will let you know how that
    turns out.
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