1989 Chev S-10 Pickup Hesitation Gas Flow?

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There is hesitation when giving the truck gas, especially when starting off from a complete stop. Also, rough idling. At times, the engine will cut off. I need to know what the problem is and how it can be fixed. 235,000 Miles on this truck.


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    Is the check engine light on? If so pull the codes and fix what's wrong. If no code is set, try the fuel filter. Check the fuel pressure after changing the filter. If you have good pressure, then check the timing, if not time for a new fuel pump and screen. When was your last tune up, plugs, wires, cap, rotor? Bad ignition parts can cause the problem, when starting off from a stop, the engine is under a lot of load, and if the ignition parts are starting to go that is when it is most evident. What size engine, auto or manual.
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    s-10 (92) just had what you are describing.

    Ran very rough at idle, slow hesitation, and when backing up (putting in reverse or drive) truck would die. Changed just about all the sensors. Exhaust was bad thought that was the problem put new exhaust on no help. Finally he (my dad not the truck) broke down and took it in to the chevy dealership (hes a mechanic and was pretty POed)

    They ran a few tests and it turned out to be a bad fuel filter (which he changed 20K miles prior).

    Runs great now
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