Here are the which truck??

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Ok, so I need a truck but how do I chose?? Here's
what I want - an extended cab, 4x4, standard
transmission, no frills work truck. I'm a
landscape designer and will be hauling trees and
shrubs in the bed, but no trailer (well, maybe
every once in a great while). What else do you
need to know? I live in New England so it's got to
do well in snow. I plan on driving this truck
forever - or at least the next ten years. This is
my first truck after ten years of a heap of Jeep,
so I'm a bit scared of quality issues. Ok, enough
said - now, what are your recommendations on m


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    Get the Truck of the year
    Chevy or GMC
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    I've driven a Chevy - as well as a Dodge and Ford - and did like the way it drove, but am concerned about some quality issues. Why would you recommend Chevy or GM, aside from the impressive title?
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    I recently purchased a new Ford SD, and couldn't be happier with it. An F250 SuperDuty XLT supercab LWB 4X4, even with the V10, will still cost ~$23K invoice. Its on its third or fourth production run, so a lot of the new-model kinks have been worked out as well. I don't think that you'd be disappointed. Have you tried the SDs?
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    I am a Chevy man for my personal vehicle, but also drives tow trucks (Fords, International and Peterbuilt). For a plain work truck I think Ford is the best, you will be hard pressed to get a Chevy 4x4 with a stick. Go with at least a 3/4 ton trim and get an extanded cab, you will have room for all your papers and a change of clothes.
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    I agree with Stanford...the F250 is a lot of truck for the money. I've been driving the F150 work series for two years and aside from taking it back to the dealer for recalls (all of which had nothing to do with MY truck) I had no problems at all. I've put 25,000 miles on it and even the gas mileage was decent for a truck. My new truck will be a Dodge but that's only because I wanted more bells and whistles this time and Dodge gave me a better deal.
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    Those of you who recommend the Ford, how have you found the brakes? When I drove a F150 4x4 extended cab it felt like it took alot to bring it to a stop as compared to the Chevy 1500 4x4 extended cab. Do you recommend four wheel disk brakes as an option on the Fords?
    Also - Stanford: That price on the F250 superduty sounds excellent - what area of the country are you shopping? Am going to go drive one this week.
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    I haven't driven the Chevy but my F150 is a 4x4 extended cab and even with a full load of camping gear and six passengers, I haven't had a problem with braking. But then again, I haven't had to do any "emergency" braking with a full load. I have had a few close calls at stop lights and the only thing is the ABS will slow down stop time compared to vehicles without ABS. Other than that, the brakes feel great.
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    I'm in the Dallas, TX area -- that price should be pretty realistic wherever you are. They're not that hard to find any more :-)


    Of course, ABS only slows you down on dry pavement :-)
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    ABS slows you down on snow and ice as well as dry pavement. We live in the woods and get tons of snow. I wouldn't buy another vehicle without ABS.
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    Sorry, 'slows down' was confusing -- it was intended to refer to a longer stopping time. Very badly put now that I read it. Theoretically, you can stop faster w/o ABS on dry pavement since locking the tyres gives you the most friction of all. Of course, you can't steer, you wear out your tyres, and its really bad on water or ice... I'd take ABS any time.
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    sorry stanford, but incorrect. locking up tires on dry pavement is much less stopping power than with ABS. remember, kinetic friction (locked up sliding w/o ABS) is MUCH lower than static friction (ABS, no skidding). ;)

    ABS is superior on any surface. i've played with ABS off road, and this past week, needed it in snow and ice. the 4 wheel ABS on the surburban worked great. the suburban was trying to skid even at low speeds, it you could feel each wheel want to slip, then suddenly grip and pull to a stop. one of the greatest safety inventions we have, it stops you better than if you were w/o, no doubt.
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    poor Stanford, must have been sleeping in high school physics class. ;o)

    He is correct for certain types of abs, the old style, which had such a poor design that a well balanced conventional brake system worked better in the dry when the driver had an educated foot.

    Boy that was poorly written, yes, I was sleeping in HS composition class.........

    I think all the F150's and 250LD's are coming with 4 disc brakes now, if you order ABS. All SD's are disc all around.
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    Ok - can tell the break topic is a hot one! Back to the truck recommendations. My update:
    Have decided to go up to a 3/4 ton - everyone in the business is saying stay away from the 1/2 ton. Have now driven a F250 superduty - that's alot of truck, but it drove well. However am hearing I'll have to wait 4-8 months to get it! What the...?? Drove a Chevy 2500, but not a 4x4 supercap, and thought it drove a bit more comfortably. Still wonder about "build quality"? Any thoughts??
  • stanfordstanford Member Posts: 606
    Sidney1: Make sure you order a Ford SD from a dealer without a backlog if you get one. I did, and got mine in 31 days. The C2500 will ride better than the Ford SD F250 -- the SD will be a bit stronger and rougher.
  • markbuckmarkbuck Member Posts: 1,021
    my sales guy says the 99 axle disconnect is not the heated gas thermal type. More of a mechanical solenoid.
  • cdeancdean Member Posts: 1,110
    they did away with the thermal solenoid a couple years back, i think.
  • stevekstevek Member Posts: 362
    I had no problem this morning shifting my '97 K1500 into 4wd at 5 degrees.
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    I'm going for one last look before I make my decision this weekend - am going to check out a GMC as well. Does anyone have any thoughts on the Sierra vs. the others. Also - am I correct that I should eliminate Dodge, even though I could get a 2500 4x4 supercab standard today if I chose? I Like their design, but the truck didn't seem to have alot of "umph". Any thoughts??
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    Test drive a Silverado or Sierra then decide. I did and ordered a Sierra .Much more updated then the ford!
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    As I've read and agree with on many of these sites, try all of the Big 3 out and decide which one is best suited to your needs. I think all 3 truck makes are excellent and with the competition so strong we all benefit when big improvements are made as was done this year with Chevy (and will continue to happen with dodge next and ford after!!).

    I needed a 3/4 so checked out dodge, the F250SD, and the new Chev. I was most impressed wiht the SD and Chevy Silverado. I really like what was done with the Chev. ext. cab and back seat, although I thought the lack of the 4 doors was a major gaff. I might have gotten the SD had the engine size fit me better. I just wanted a bit more power than the 5.3, but not a big V10.

    The wait was big a factor too. In Oct. I was told 6 - 8 mos. for the SD, now it sounds like I could have gotten it quicker. I was told 3 mos. for my Silverado and it will be so in a week.

    If I bought based on looks, I sure liked the SD, but I'm more practical than that. Lastly the SD was really almost too darn big - it's a beastly truck and I can see how that thing appeals to the folks that like 'em big.

    Hope I'm not dissapointed with the 6.0L Silverado. BTW, I need to use it for a pop-up slide-in camper for some serious traveling. Good luck on your decision - drive them all (they all have the're good points), do a pro's and con's list and jump.
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    Sidney you said the ram felt slugglish, was it the 5.2 or 5.9. If it was the 5.2 try the 5.9 I own the 5.9l 4x4 2500 for 5half years and it been an excellent truck. Don't rule out dodge, and heres why, if you buy a chevy your buying a more of a car then a truck, because they made it that way. So you get a nice ride but loose on working capabilities. Then theres the superduty, it's the oppisite of the chevy, all work no but too big on the outside less apetizign interior design, and rides harsher. Now the dodge gives you a good balance between the two competitors, not a light duty truck, and not a super duty truck, but it does give you a 4drs, nice interior (the best i think between the three, and for working, it's payload is greater then the chevs, as well as gvw, and few other things. Plus looks great, and there build quality for 99' is a whole lot better, and haven't heard anything bad about the 99's. Also the magnum v8 (5.9l) becomes much more quick and smoother as the miles get raked on, and sounds really good after the break in period, with a nice low rumble. It's your choice, but i think that youshould buy the ram because it's got a little of both sides of a truck, not to big, not too small, but just right for what your looking for. And they aren't sluggish, my 3/4 ton 4x4will do 0-60 now in 8.5 seconds with the plow harness and motor on it, when I did this test when it was new it did it in 10sec flat. So it does loosen up and performes alot better after the intial breakin. Plus you get old fashion pushrod power, without a wholelot of computer crap controling everthing, which means less to go wrong, and gives you a long life out of the engine. Remember chevy and ford engines are more computerized, so anything clitches in the one the computer modules goes wrong your screwed!

    I hope this helps.
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    Listen up chevy lover(dave40), the 5.9 l will out pull your 6l anyday. That 6l only has 50 extra horses, that nothing considering that its all new, and with the latest technology. The 5.9litre is unchanged, and its still not that far behind. Plus why aren't you talking torque buddy. the 5.9 l has 335lbs, and the 6l has 355, thats prettly low for truck that has 300hp. thats only 20hp difference, but the Ram as the underdog still would outpull your 6l evertime. You should be comparing chevys 5.3,
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    Heres another thing, the chevy vortec 6000 on the dyno I bet would not even come close to what they say. The 5.3 was tested an chevy advertises that it makes 270 hp, guess what on the dyno, it only made 183, that pathetic, so the 6l is probably also exagerated as well considering there identical engines. The dodge also did not make the number it advertises, but It came real close.
    The new chevy engines may produce alot of power, but a good chunk of that power gets lost in the drivtrain, so I am now almost positive that the 5.9l magnum will outpull a vortec 6000. So THERE!
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    Test drive the Dodge 5.9 then the Chevy 5.3 or the 6.0 then you will see the difference. Chevy wins no doubt about it ! The dodge is outdated,underpowered,bad brakes, weak transmision,ect,ect,ect
  • dodgeramdodgeram Member Posts: 202
    what the hec are you tailking about, I own the 5.9l gas, and it will out power those over exagerated chevy pirces of junk! Look at the dyno tests and then still tell me that the chevy's on top. HEHE,and HE!
  • dodgeramdodgeram Member Posts: 202
    what the hec are you tailking about, I own the 5.9l gas, and it will out power those over exagerated chevy pirces of junk! Look at the dyno tests and then still tell me that the chevy's on top. HEHE,and HE!
  • stanfordstanford Member Posts: 606
    FYI: There's a very technically accurate (if somewhat poorly written) discription of the difference between Torque and HP at this address:
  • dodgeramdodgeram Member Posts: 202
    Any day of the week, except for well I guess the day they tested the ram and chevy and ford, for truck trend magazine. The chevy may win zero to 60 times when empty but with 300pound in the bed of each truck the story is all diffrent. The Ram beat the chevy buy 7 tenths of a second.And beat the ford as well. The only reason for not winning while empty would be that the dodges mighty power just can't keep those wheels from smoking, therfore losing out a tenth of a second in tire spin. Also the ram weighs more than the chevy and ford and still out ran both with weight in the back
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    The dodge has more usable power unlike the chevy and fords. When you pull a triler or push snow, the dodge will do it faster and at lower rpms. The Only way chevy can get it hp number up, are buy reving the engine to 5000rpms. YOu rev a gas engine to 5000rpms on a time to time basis, and that motor anin't going to last you very long, and it's the same with the ford. Also the dodge was the quietist at idle speed, and accelarating.

    These are the real facts, go read the magazine your self dave40.

    But for now Dodge beats Chevy, buy the facts and tests.

    P.s to chevy getting motortrend honurs. The only reason it got it was becasue of it's new style. If it gets it next year, then it will be worth mentioning. REmember the dodge won it back to back in 94,95. Plus the new chevy did not win any other houners form the other major magazines, I wonder Why? HE hehe.
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    Let's see. "Car and Driver" magazine compared the GMC Sierra SLT Z71 4x4 X-cab to the Ford 150 4x4 SuperCab XLT and the Dodge Ram 1500 4x4 Quad Cab SLT and had an overall rating of 88 for the GMC Sierra vs. 84 for Ford and 81 for Dodge. Look it up. October '98.
  • dave40dave40 Member Posts: 582
    Chevy is years ahead of the boys from dodge and ford Why pay 30k for something outdated like dodge and ford ? Maybe in a few years that new dodge power wagon migt be ok. Otherwise Drive A NEW CHEVY. TRUCK OF THE YEAR
  • stanfordstanford Member Posts: 606
    Davydd: Probably the same way they do most tests, the Silverado was most car-like. I will admit though that for most people this is the most important factor. It just doesn't mean its a more usable work-truck. Then again, do you really think Dave40 cares that much about work?
  • dave40dave40 Member Posts: 582
    I have to drive Fords all day at work,When they work.
    Their usually in the shop
  • DavyddDavydd Member Posts: 121
    "Car and Driver" magazine rated the three trucks on a 10 point per category system and the 12 categories were:

    Driver Comfort
    Cargo Utility
    Features & Amenities
    Fit and Finish
    Yee-ha Quotient

    I'd say they covered about everything one would want in the luxury model trucks tested.

    Again, GMC 88, Ford 84 and Dodge 81 (and that's giving the Dodge the highest rating in the Yee-ha).

    Interestingly, GMC won on engine, driveline, handling, ride, driver comfort, and feature & amenities. They gave 3 points to Dodge and Ford in styling and still won hands down where it counts.
  • dave40dave40 Member Posts: 582
    YEE-HA !
  • DavyddDavydd Member Posts: 121
    I should mention I responded because Dodgeram said:

    "P.s to chevy getting motortrend honurs. The only reason it got it was becasue of it's new style... Plus the new chevy did not win any other houners form the other major magazines, I wonder Why? HE hehe."

    Well, other magazines have given Chevy/GMC high marks as I cited and none of them gave Chevy/GMC style points compared to Ford and Dodge. So, I judge Dodgeram had it halfack basswords.

    As for "car like", I would venture the majority of half-ton pickups are bought for that convenience be it commuting, camping, travel, or work. Most pickups used in construction are parked all day and are used for commuting and hauling light tools. The bosses use them as traveling offices where convenience is important.

    I use mine as my everyday transportation. I have an acre and half woods requiring maintenance. I have this need to buy and haul (such as a wood chipper, a new tree, load of 2x4s, trash to dump, etc. I'll occassionally camp. I don't tow but I did put the tow package on just in case because I do have a pontoon boat and may want to some day. I have a steep driveway only 4x4 will ascend on snowy days. I tend to go with vanity so I bought EXACTLY what you see in those Chevy "The Truck" commercials. Why not? We're mortal. Don't want to waste what time we have.

    Ah heck, if you must know, I'm imprinted to Chevy. I worked in the Chevrolet Truck Manufacturing Plant in Indianapolis during my student days. My dad was night superintendent in that plant and he would roll over in his grave if I ever bought Ford or Dodge.
  • dodgeramdodgeram Member Posts: 202
    The chevy didn't do so well in the 4wheeler of the year competition, where almost every 4x4 was in the contest. And there the chevy finished behind the dodge and ford. The dodge suprised me by beating both ford and chevy, but lost to some import sport utilitys, and the winner the jeep grand cheroke.

    Car and driver didn't give and awards to GM, it was just a comparision test. It didn't even make to ten list. Only one gm product did and that was the corvette, two dodges, and rest forgin.
  • cdeancdean Member Posts: 1,110
    but what the hell did what to beat what doing what????!!! won, loss, beat---was it a Chevy, Ford, Dodge fistfight?

    Please, lets have some substance to the argument. I, myself, pay no attention to posts like #41. Tell me something like the Chevy highcentered, or the Dodge had more traction, limited slip on the ford did or didnt' work. I don't care otherwise. My dad can beat your dad, anyway... ;)
  • ladyblueladyblue Member Posts: 326

    I hear your cry and I feel your pain!!

    Sheesh, guys.
  • dodgeramdodgeram Member Posts: 202
    Alright, from what I can remember from the article, the dodge beat the chevy in idle quetness, quietest accelerating, and quietists and 60miles an hour. Also it was the quickest in the 1/4mile not buy much, but did beat out ford and chev. I'll post the full specs and winner in each catergory tested when a find that magazine again.
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    Here we go AGAIN!
  • stevekstevek Member Posts: 362

    I am a tow truck driver and recently purchased a new truck. Did test drive what the major 3 had to offer and from the test drive and what I see day in day out the following conclusion is drawn:

    1. For my personal use I got a Chevy because it is the most comfertable and still can tow a camper and handle a load once in a while.

    2. For a work truck I would go with a Ford SD(we have 2 of them along with International and Peterbiuld)

    3. If I want to spend a lot of time at the dealers repair shop I would get a Dodge.
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    Thanks SteveK for getting us back to the topic - here's my latest update. I've narrowed the field to Chevy or GMC - which I realize are almost the same. Can anyone tell me anything significant that differs between the two? Style-wise the GMC has a slight edge, and a quicker delivery time. Chevy will probably offer the better deal, but who knows when I might see the truck. Any thoughts???Will order my truck by Saturday, so need imput quick.
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    Ooops - forgot to say which Chevy/GMC it'll be. Silverado/Sierra 2500, 4x4, Quadcab, 6l V8, standard transmission, tow package.
  • dave40dave40 Member Posts: 582
    There FASTER ! Did you notice the front Grill opening is Larger on the GMC Letting more air into the engine which helps performance !
  • quadrunner500quadrunner500 Member Posts: 2,721
    Make sure the deposit you leave on the truck you order is small, in case you can't wait for its delivery, and have to buy something else.
  • tnt2tnt2 Member Posts: 115
    dave40... Nonsense. What about drag coeffecient?
  • dave40dave40 Member Posts: 582
    What about it ?
  • tnt2tnt2 Member Posts: 115
    With the statement you just made, if you are blowing more air into the engine compartment instead of going over you are gaining drag.
  • stanfordstanford Member Posts: 606
    Remember the Taurus, and other cars of that era? Wind tunnel testing was just being applied to production vehicles. The Taurus was first designed without a grill, because (as we should know by now) a massive opening in the front of a vehicle is not necessarily going to provide the most air to the engine. They added grillwork later to most vehicles, because people expect to see it there.

    Anyway, that supplies air for the radiators, not fresh air for the engine. That 6.0l you're so fond of probably needs ~650 cfm to run flat out. That's not a whole heckuva lot of air, and there's certainly no problem pulling it into the engine compartment.
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