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I'm a poor graduate student looking for a good deal on a new car. I'm considering the Focus, but I have some questions for any owners out there. How's the transmission? Most Ford cars from the 90s on have been notorious for bad trannies and I was hoping they corrected this problem on the Focus. I also can't decide if the SE model with the 130 hp engine is worth the extra cash. I will probably get the manual trans which usually helps performance somewhat and I don't really need the power package (door locks, windows, etc.) And if anyone knows how it handles in the snow, that would be great. Any other infor or warnings would be appreciated.


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    is being hailed by all the aftermarket companies and very good publications like Sport Compact Car Magazine, I do not recommend the car.

    I am an investigative consultant and I work directly with lawfirms specifically handling lemon law and breach of warranty cases. I have seen a 12% rise in the number of Ford cases in the last six months - all due to the Focus. Problems range from major electrical issues, ECM/PCM incompatability resulting in hesitation and stalling and some pretty major water leaks.

    In the import market, the numbers on the Focus look good as far as price, rebates and financing, but there are several other cars in that arena that I DON'T see on a regular basis!
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    Which GM cars do you see more often in Lemon Law cases. Which ones do you see less of?
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    I was out on inspections all day yesterday. Of the GM cars/trucks I see, the most prominent are the Cavalier and the Silverado and Avalanche.

    Bear in mind, as unusual as this sounds, this has NO bearing on the reliability of those particular models or GM as a division.

    Two issues are raised: (1) The manufacturer is responsible to a certain level depending on state law, to compensate an owner and/or replace the vehicle under the lemon law. (2) The dealer's service department, through laziness or misinformed diagnosis, usually CAUSES the 4 or 5 returns when another service department may have corrected the same issue on the same vehicle on the first visit. State laws usually do not hold a dealer responsible, even in these cases, so see Item #1. The manufacturer takes the hit.
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    I appreciate your response, thanks!
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    You cant get much of a better deal than on a new Protoge. College grads get $400 off of whatever price you negotiate and 6 months defered payment. Mazda is also offering 0% financing for 48 months on brand new Protoge sedans. I just graduated also, and that is what I chose to get.
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    And I don't see Mazda Proteges in lemon law suits. Very few Mazdas at all, actually.
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    The protoge sounds good. Does Mazda have a good rate on their 60 month loans as well as thier 48 month ones?
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    145 HP rocks pretty much top dog-stock. One recall in 2 yrs. Drove Focus. Its a looser. Protege is nice-I felt the Sentra was more comfortable and had more power. I have gotten 37-trip with auto.
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    The Sentra is nice also. That was my second choice, but the 0% financing, better looks (IMO), better handling, and the fact that it was made in Japan instead of Mexico made me choose the Protoge instead of the Sentra. 145 hp would be nice though. To each his own.
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    Hi All,
    I have a 2000 Focus SE which stalled on me for no reason in heavy traffic, then later that day, stalled on me 3 additional times while I was traveling about 60 is at the dealer now and they claim there have been no reported cases to Ford regarding this problem. My wife drives the car and I am extremely concerned. The other day, we went out to start the car and when we turned the key, nothing happened with the starter, all else was fine....they said that was a problem with the security system per the computer......I need help in helping them to identify the problem with my warranty expires in 2 thousand miles (my wife drives it 350 miles per week)...Please, can anyone offer suggestions on this?

    email [email protected]
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    directly to your e-mail.
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