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...that maybe I should buy one of these, while they (and all they represent) are still available.
Do they hold resale value? Is the technology just too old?


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    I have a '96 LX with performance package (bought it new) and think it's great. If you buy it new, I don't think you'll be happy about resale, as they are kind of a "common" car (how many crown vic enthusiasts have left messages on this board?) and depreciate quickly the first two years.

    For my year:
    The car's strengths: reliability, versatility, quiet, power (lots of torque and passing power), towing capacity, good workmanship, cheap luxury. Old people like it (i'm not old but think age means "experience" and sometimes "wisdom").

    Weaknesses: Very modest in terms of gadgets and features, gas mileage not great, not good in snow with rear-wheel drive.

    Would consider another one new, but think mine will easily give me another 5 good years.

    good luck
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    Thanks for the tips. They look like a good thing, as a Ford or Mercury. I guess a person must be prepared to hold them a long time if you don't want to lose a lot of money on sale or trade.
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    There's something about its "anti-fashion" design that appeals to many people. It's kinda cool in a "vehicular dinosaur" way. They are good values and at least you have a little choice with the Grand Marquis available.

    Mercury is coming out with a hot rod version of the G.M. called the Marauder. Imagine a Mercury version of the Chevy Impala SS and you've got it. Do an internet search to see pix and info. That tells me that Ford still sees value in the car and as long as sales are stable and profitable, Ford will keep making them.

    Then there's the cop market that needs a car like this. If General Motors or someone introduces a car that is significantly cheaper or better than a Crown Vic, that might be the deciding factor between life and extinction. Currently Chevy offers a police package Impala that is gaining in popularity but the Crown Vic still makes up about 70-80% of all police sales

    They do tend to drop in value in the first couple years but prices stabilize after that. The biggest market is Florida so if you're buying used you may want to shop there for best selection and condition.

    Finally check out this website:


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    I saw a picture of one in "Automobile" or "Motor Trend" (or both). It looks very interesting, but I must assume the price will reflect its exclusivity. At the right price (?) I would consider buying one.
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