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Suzuki Vitara Maintenance and Repair



  • Here is a method that I have seen successfully used on American V8's:

    A spark plug sized threaded adapter that is attached to a high pressure (100 to 125 lbs) air hose is threaded into the spark plug hole and the air pressure is maintained until that cylinder is completed. The key is finding a valve spring compressor that will slip under the valve spring and over the spring cap while the head is attached. The air pressure holds the valve in place while you do the work.
    If you accidently dislodge the valve from the seat it could fall into the cylinder and it's a done deal. Your will have to pull the head.

    Of course, you will have to have the rocker assembly or cam removed (I'm not familiar with the valve train on this engine) so that the cam cannot open the valves when the air pressure pushes the piston down to the bottom of the cylinder.
  • Any ideas on how to remove this. We were picking up some diesel in a jerrycan and it tipped over. The seal gave way and made a puddle of it in the back of the minivan. Any ideas of getting rid of the stink? :sick:
  • Hi everyone,

    Obviously I'm new here, and I drive an '04 Suzuki Grand Vitara XL-7. I'm having a problem with my keyless entry system not working on occasion. 95% of the time it works, but on occasion it is just totally dead so I have to manually lock and open my doors. Any idea what is causing this? I also noticed when it does act up, there is no beeping noise with the key in the ignition and door open. (You know, the noise that warns you that you left your keys in the ignition.) Could this be related? I hope someone out there can help me figure this out...
  • Please can someone help!!! I am looking for the electric mirror relay. Does anyone know where Suzuki hide this little item on the Vitara 1993 model? :mad:
  • Hi Everyone,

    Does anyone know if they sell a clutch fan for a 2004 Suzuki Grand Vitara XL-7?
  • My college daughter purchased a 2002 Grand Vitara in Feb 05. (Against our advice) One month after purchase a rear seal, bearing, and plate had to be replaced. The dealer did cover this repair. However, the car broke down 20 miles from home this weekend. After several phone calls with the dealer (they initially refused to take the car) they have informed us it is a broken axle. A broken axle??? Do these things usually "just break?" Can it have anything to do with the replaced seal, bearing, and plate?
  • It is obvious that the dealer that sold you the vehicle as-is knew there were problems. That's why it is always a good idea to have a mechanically inclined friend to look at a used vehicle before buying it or hire a mechanic to inspect it for you. Sorry to tell you the bad news....
  • Sorry Bootprint - I can't hold both button in at once, it's either left or right. I've moved to a different time zone and need to change it again.
  • OK! I got it! It's just TOO easy. Thanks Bootprint.
  • beroeberoe Posts: 1
    I own 2001 Suzuki Vitara.I installed remote control car starter.It works good,but I want to extend the crank.For this reason I have to connect one wire to the "car's tach(tachometer) wire under the hood." I don't know were is this car's tach wire.Shood be negative side of the coil or tach output of the coil pack.Does anybody knows were is this.
  • My 99' has a blown rear axle seal, and the dealership wanted over $3,000 to repair it. I didnt have it, so someone referred me to a mechanic, that after 4 months still hasnt fixd my truck. He claims the whole rear end would need to be replaced, because the axles are welded together. I dont know anything about cars, but I went underneath the truck myself and saw bolts that held everything together, which to me seem to be easy to remove. Is this the only way to go, or am I being dupped? :lemon:
  • A parking light on the '99 Grand Vitara has blown, and the manual says to take it to the dealer because you have to remove the grill and headlight assembly. The local non-dealer mechanic says it will take him about an hour - and the GV needs an inspection. Anyone have any experience removing the grill and headlight assembly? Any tips? Or just take a sledge hammer to the thing?
  • Hi All, I recently bought the 2dr 2002 Auto Vitara Soft Top, but never got the manual, and I've a couple of queries I was hoping someone could help with.

    1. The button beside the gear selector what should this be set for for normal driving and what should it be set for for going off road.

    2. I can take the back down easily, but the front piece of the roof I'm not sure if it should just fold back and be secured by yhte strap or am I missing something.

    Hope you can help :-)
  • U must not replace the car 4 a failed seal, period.
    Yes, the rear half shafts inside the rear axle come out and they are not welded together because they must rotate independently. Your best bet is to consult a manual for this car.
  • hi all
    2001 Grand Vitara V6 90km.
    Recently, I experienced twice a nonstarting engine.
    1. with 30C cold
    2. With Humid and cold weather. LI, NY.
    The engine would not start initially, then I persisted crancking and eventually it started but running rough for a while and then it was back to normal.
    The Battery and starter are good.
    I cannot think what this may be but it seems that it may be something with the GVs.
    I would appreciate if any1 has a suggestion about this problem.
    thanx kris
  • No, rear axles dont usually break.
    However, there is a possibility that the failed seal leaked the rear end oil and the gears run without oil and got damaged. An indication of a damage as such would be a noisy rear end even if the oil is restored.
    A broken rear axle to me is an axle that does not move.
    In this case u either replace the axle internals like the differential unit, or the whole axle from a junk yard.
    good luck
  • if the sledge hammer will resolve ur problem, do it!
    However, 2 remove the grill is easy but u have 2 b careful u dont break it.
    The grill is snapped fit on the car with these plastic retainers:
    4 black retainers r on top, remove them.
    2 retainers r at the ends of the grill under outer edge of the lights and 1 in the center right above the bumper there may be 2 more at the end of the grill right above the bumper.
    I took a wheel lug iron and with the wedge end I pryed between the inside of the grill and the frame sheet metal after u remove the top retainers
    The bottom retainers stay on the grill.
    Once u remove the grill, then it is easy 2 remove the light assembly.
    good luck
  • Hi everyone. I have a 1999 Vitara that the radio stopped working. I wanted to check if it was the fuse but cant figure out if it's under the hood or under the dash. Tried to contort myself to crawl under the dash with a flashlight but gave up. Didn't want to take it to a mechanic unless I have to. Any ideas????
  • I have a '01 2.0 manual 4dr 4wd that all of a sudden refuses to idle, at least some of the time. It starts fine, fast idles fine and when warm when it usually idles about 7-800 rpm it idles toward 0 and of course dies. No check engine light, it is inconsistent and I've kept up with all the filter, plugs and oil changes. Any help!
  • Thanks for the info. I did almost exactly this, minus the tire wrench. I used some dull wire cutters and maneuvered them behind each of the clips and pried them out a little at a time. You were right on the money about how it all came apart. I had the sledge hammer nearby, though.

    The real trick was to wait until it was warm enough so I didn't break the plastic retainers trying to get them loose.

  • I own a 2001 Suzuki Vitara JLX. :blush: It is a four door, automatic. I have had to repair the timing chain components once. :mad: It cost me $1150.00. :cry: That was two years ago. I have noticed the same noice indicator again. Has anyone else experienced this and if so What if anything is Suzuki doing about it?
  • I see your posting was May 26, 2005 so I assume that you have since taken care of your problem. Have you experienced any problems since? How do you take care of the timing chain problem?
    It cost me $1150.00
  • Have you experienced any mechanical problems with the timing chain?
  • That whrr in my 2001 was the timing chain. It cost $1150.00 :cry: to fix.
  • Have you had anymore problems with the timing chain?
  • I am having the rattling noise which is the indication I go the first time it had to be replaced at about 47,000 miles. Please tell me if Suzuki covered your second repair?
  • I just experience that problem today, and want to know to (01 2.0 2wd tracker)
  • woody72woody72 Posts: 73
    From another forum someone with a '95 said he had a similar problem and it turned out to be the fuel pressure regulator. I have only had it happen a couple of times now. I'm making sure all my basics are up to date; fuel filter, plugs, etc and I've added a gas dryer to the fuel to absorb any water in the system. Intermittant problems are the hardest to diagnose. Let me know what you have tried.
  • xostnotxostnot Posts: 232
    Anyone have solutions to these:

    - the leather seat cushion covers don't return to their original size after someone sits on them, so they bulge with loose material and look like crap with only 2000km on the GV.
    - the cheap lug nuts are already corroding.
  • andyqandyq Posts: 1
    I have a similar problem regarding the noise. I had my car checked, the problem was with Timing Chain. The repair cost was about $1200. But has to be repaired. If it goes, it will damage the engine and the cost could be 5-6 times higher.
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