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    lonestarbob, you could ask on suzuki-forums. Sounds like a trip to the dealer anyway.
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    I have a 2000 Grand Vitara and it turns over but does not start. Fuel is there I checked. What to do next.
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    Hello just wondering if enyone can help!!!

    my suzuki vitara 1992 has a miss fireing problem! i have tryed sevral things up to this day wich are change
    Ht leads , spark plugs , dizy cap , cleand out fule tank not sure what else to check/change

    tha car missfires for about 20 mins the it seams to clear its self and runs fine ...
    but the if you stop the car and try star again the hole cycle starts again ???

    any idears ?
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    I started my grand vitara up today and it was idling high. When I put it in gear (standard) it starting squealing and only does it when I have it in gear. If I am in neutral it if fine. Please help me I don't have a lot of money for a mechanic so I would like to know whats wrong before I take it to the mechanic. Thank you sooo much.
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    People could more easily help if they knew what year/engine/transmission you have.
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    I same yr vehicle but it has 132k, i was recently told my ac compressor was no good.
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    I have a 2006 GV 4WD and 5 speed auto. The ESP light came on in the dash so I took it to the dealer, What I was told was that the hydraulic control unit was bad, so the ESP would not work and the anti-lock brakes may not work. To replace the unit would be $2000.00 for the part and $571.00 to install it. Has anyone encountered a similar problem? When I called Suzuki, they didn't seem too interested, but did have a record of my dealer contacting them about the problem. I really like the vehicle but don't know if I want to put another $2800.00 into it. It would be interesting to hear what other owners have to say.
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    Sheesh, this certainly makes one pause about possibly being a repeat Suzuki customer. Probably your GV is beyond warranty.

    At minimum, you should get a replacement part from a wrecker or the system wreckers have access to. You could also determine who is the best auto electric mechanic near you and have them look at it.

    No need to buy a new one from a dealer. From the forums, this is the first case of this I've heard about, so (a) this may not be the real fix, and (b) a used module should be fine.

    the12volt(dot) com website has participants who could help diagnose this. And there is suzuki-forums(dot) com where you could also ask about this.
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    :confuse: I own a 2000 Grand Vitara Limited 4x4 with 79,346 original Miles I have owned this vehicle for 4 1/2 yrs now. I keep it up to date with all services but now it has began to smoke every morning when I start it then the smoke dies down after it has idle'd for more then 10 mins. then it miss fires for a quick sec or 2 and all is good rides smooth until the next morning. Anyone has a clue what could cause this, I have taken it to the shop and they keep givin me the run around even with an after market warranty. So far I've paid a little over $250.00 for Diagnostic's etc. I'm so fed up with the car I could sell it if I had the chance. :(
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    I have an '02 Grand Vitara. I've been experiencing the whitish blue smoke (a huge cloud) at start up (but not the miss-firing). One would almost think the head gasket is going, but it does not happen when I accelerate, or even driving. But my smoke dissipates almost instantly, and it happens after letting the car sit for a few hours (so I get it in the morning, and again after work). I've been told it's moisture in the tail pipes. I've had head gasket problems with previous cars (both Toyotas) and I'm not experiencing the same symptoms, so I'm not too concerned with the smoke.
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    We bought a used Suzuki Vitara. The owners manual does not have info on what on what windshield wipers, all filters, nor types of fluids and greases to use. Where do you get this info? There is no dealer in town, they went out of business. Thank you!
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    doing an oil change and manual doesn't specify: what is oil capacity of suzuki vitara 2004 2.5L
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    I have a 2006 Suzuki grand vitara. On a cold start there is smell of gas coming from the vent when I turn the heat on. I check for gas leak by the fuel injectors when I started the car but did not see any. Any idea on what is wrong? Thanks
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    I have the same exact problem...same yr, same amnt of miles... my shop is google-ing it and has calls in to Suzuki dealer but i have a feeling i am going to have to be aggressive about this to get them to not put it off. Auto shop acts like it is no big deal to continue driving it while they figure it out but it is getting worse...
    Did you ever figure out what was wrong???!?
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    We have had the same problem with our 2006 Grand Vitara. It has been doing it regardless of heat or not - it seems that if the fan (airflow) is left in the on position - we smell gas. I have just got in the routine of turning off all fans before I start the car. I am going in for my 90,000 service very soon & plan on asking about it.

    Are you having any electrical problems with the cabin lights or the head lights. We bought the car new and seems that we have changed light bulbs numerous times for the cabin and also for the head lights. Very frustrating.
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    I replaced my Sidecick, 97 model, 1600, 4 doors, with G.V ,2004,1600,2 doors.

    Both cars without any modifications (Tires, shock-absorbers...-original).

    I'm very absent to find thst the fuel consumtion of the G.V is significantly higher :9 KM/liter compared to 12.5 KM/l , for the same speed (average-100 KM/h)

    1. What are the main reasons for this difference ?(The G.V's wight is only 100KG higher.)

    2. Are there any knowen (not theoretical) "Minor" motor changes (i.e - computer parameters)that can reduce this consumption ? Roughly speaking: Estimated improvment? How much profational should be the Mechanicare to do this changes? What will be the "cost" for this canges ?(i.e- less power ...).
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    I have an 08 GV and the ticking noise you are hearing is unfortunately inherit with this vehicle. The ticking does go away after warm up, however you sometimes hear it when in Park and idling but once in drive it is no longer audible. Hope this helps.
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    I have an 07 Grand Vitara and my ESP light came on. I thought when the light goes on it indicates that the ESP is active. It came on during a rain storm. But it has yet to go off (2 days later) If this is a a 2800 dollar repair.
    Suzuki USA Customer service will be receiving my complaint! Plus I only have 28k miles on this vehicle!!! :confuse:
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    Hi, fellows,

    About my 03 Vitara 4Door SUV, so far 47k milage. Starting from Oct 2010, weird thing happened.

    (1) It's good to drive normally for ~20 minutes (I seldom drive it over 20 minutes), even on stop-and-go local. But if stop the car, then after ~5 minutes, I can't start the car again :sick: , I can clearly hear the engine is bumping and shaking, with the clicking, and all lights on, it simply can not start. But after leave the hot car idle for 15~20 minutes, I can start the car again and drive ok.

    (2) And worse. For couple times, if I drive the car on trafficed local, stop-n-start, again and again, after ~20 minutes, I can hear the engine start clicking noise, some shaking, and kind of back-force, then the car engine just shut-down, and no way to start it with similar pattern. Similarly, after leave the hot car idle for 15~20 minutes, it came back alive again.

    Any suggestion, and any great idea so I can check it by myself before bring it to the shop? Thanks a lot!
  • revjim64revjim64 Member Posts: 78
    Does anyone know where the OBD port is for the 07 Grand Vitara?
    I looked under the dash on the drivers side and did not see anything the resembles the OBDII connector.

    Also is anyone else having issues with the ESP? My ESP light came on about 4 months ago. :confuse:
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    We placed a new crankshaft in the Grand Vitara jeep, and rebuilt the complete engine. Now the engine starts, works fine, but idles way too low. When it starts it idles fine, but it keeps dropping until the engine shuts off. There's no check engine light warning of a problem. Is there a way to turn up the idle manually? I noticed there's an electronic box at the throttle pedal and one at the throttle body, but there's no throttle cable, so how can we adjust this fully electronic system? Perhaps we have the timing set wrong?
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    General: G.V 1600 ,2004, Automate.

    I'm in positiion of disassembling the SOLONOID.

    I findout that there are 2 screws in the bacck of the SOLO.,
    BUT i'M AFFRAID that this screws are for seperating the SOLO.[b] front-case [/b] from
    the starter.
    If this is the situation:
    1/ does it mean that unscrewing this 2 screws
    will leave the SOLO. back-case attached to the STARTER ?
    2. If so, isn't it reasky to unscrew this screws (may cause inner Solon. parts to dismantale)?

    What about disassemling the STARTER?(iF THE SOLO. is attached to it,isn't this step more usefull??)

    By the way: with what type of key can I open the 2 SOLO. screws ??

    If it's necessary to disassemble the Starter, pls' let me know
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    I have a very different year and engine but same symptom. My '01 w/2.0L would not idle after warm up. Started fine with a normal high idle then instead of a warm idle of about 700 rpm it would go to 0 rpm and die. There is no idle adjustment. Idle is controlled by the idle air control motor/valve which allows some air to bypass the throttle plate. If this valve isn't working/opening the engine will die. I replaced mine, easy to do, but expensive and only at the dealer for an outrageous $230~. But it works fine now. Tried cleaning the valve to no avail. Good luck.
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    I have a 2002 Suzuki Vitara and I can have the heat on full, and all I get is luke warm air. Its been this way forever. Have been noticing the temperature going up. And now It almost goes into the red at stoplights. Recently changed the thermometer, water pump and today the rad. Well, It did not make one bit of difference. Am waiting for appt. to check rad pressure, or something to tell me if it is the head gaskets.

    Anyone have similar problems?

    Thanx for your time
  • woody72woody72 Member Posts: 73
    Have you replaced the radiator cap? If this fails to hold at specified pressure it could overheat. If you are losing coolant and it is not visibly leaking anywhere it certainly could be a bad head gasket. With no coolant loss, it could be a faulty temp guage (unlikely) or a faulty fan clutch which looks like it's working but actually isn't pulling enough air through the rad to cool it. As far as cabin heat, have you ever changed the cabin air filters? There are 2 behind the glove box. Is the temp low or the volume of air flow low? If it is the volume, it most likely is clogged cabin filters. If the temp is low it may be a faulty control valve not allowing enough hot coolant into the heater core. Good luck!
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    A link to look up vehicle info. Gives all info you asked about and more.
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