2001 Suburu Forester moon roof leak condensation

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Has anyone encountered a problem with a leaky moon roof or severe condensation problem following a rain storm or in highly humid conditions? Water testing by dealer has not discovered problem.


  • scirocco22scirocco22 Member Posts: 721
    Scott-- I have a new '02 premium and before I purchased the car, I asked around the dealership (service advisor, sales manager, etc.) if they had anybody coming in for leaky moonroofs. Of course they told me that there hasn't been any problems but I was (and still am) nervous about it because of its gigantic size. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that mine stays dry. Have you asked over on the Forester forum? Please keep us posted on what happens. Thanx.

  • swschradswschrad Member Posts: 2,171
    many possible issues. misalignment on older cars is common due to sticking, and misalignment on a new car is quite possible... for instance, the roof is not "balanced" right and left, so it never seals against the gasket. it might be the drain on your vehicle is not working, so the water backs inside through the travel mechanism. my exploder gurgles on the first turn out of the parking space after a decent rain, which never fails to make me jump... but at least I know it's draining.
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