What do you use your pickup truck for?



  • tavgradtavgrad Member Posts: 201
    That's my reason, too.
    It beats taking your van/SUV out to playgrounds with a trailer. put my bikes or ATV in the Bed.
  • eharri3eharri3 Member Posts: 645
    Daily commuter, runs to home depot, hauls furniture, and it's also moved me between school and home in one trip, including mini-fridge, stereo, computer, clothes trunk, hamper, and pretty much everything else I own. Rather than having to load down 2 of the other cars and make my parents drive 2.5 hours to school and back to move me I can usually knock it out in one trip on my own. IT takes careful packaging to arrange the fragile stuff so it won't get damaged, but I'll solve that when I upgrade to an extended cab truck.

    Also sometimes confiscated for dump runs and home improvement projects by my father when I'm at home. (I KNEW they had ulterior motives for buying me a pickup truck=)

    Also... don't make fun of me, but it takes the garbage to the end of the driveway for pickup. hehehe it's usually 5-6 cans of trash and it's a 100 yard driveway.

    I'm an addict, I confess... I can never own anything other than a pickup. My next step will probably be an extended cab half-ton. If I ever become a family man, it'll probably be one of the light duty crew cabs. I just love never having to worry about something being too big to fit in my vehicle. It's also nice to be able to jump the occasional curb without worrying about bent wheels or thrown-off alignment.

    Sometimes I get a laugh when I'm at work at Sears and I see the ridiculous things people try to make our poor merchandise pickup guys try to cram into hatchbacks and sports cars. I'll finish selling something big like a treadmill or weight system, then the customer gets this perplexed look on their face and finally remebers to ask... "say, how big is the box it coems in? Will it fit in the trunk of a Jetta?" My favorite was when somebody showed up in a hatchback and wanted to strap a 200 pound ping pong table to the roof despite the fact that we told her the things can only be transported in cargo vans, pickups, or roof racks rated for 250 lbs and might buckle the roof of a passenger car.
  • hillhoundhillhound Member Posts: 537
    Speaking of that, this past summer I saw a couple in a "Soobaroo" Outback wagon driving along with what looked to be a queen size mattress strapped to the roof/hatch! Every time they hit a bump, the front and back of the mattress would start bouncing! They were driving slowly at least. Guess maybe they were too cheap to just pay the store to deliver it!
  • dahuberdahuber Member Posts: 53
    in my younger and foolish days I once hauled a small motorcycle with my Honda hatchback (front wheel in the back). It pulled pretty good, but completely shot the back hatch struts. Nothing beats having a pickup-I use mine for camping, fishing, hauling trash, furniture moving, DIY projects, and OF COURSE now, motorcycle hauling. :-)

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