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Replacing Water Pump Drive Belt on a 1996 Cadillac (deville)

bolivarbolivar Posts: 2,316
edited March 2014 in Cadillac
On a 1995. They are both Northstars, so it's the same.

There are 2 small bolts (metric) that holds on the guard over the belt. This gets the guard off.

Then.....I forget. I can't remember if there is a tensioning idler or what????? If an idler, there will be a hole in it a socket drive will go into. I think this might be what there is, and a 1/4 inch socket drive is what fits.

Oh, yes, I'm starting to remember something else, but not totally. There is something else you have to remove because there is not enough room to remove the old belt. Maybe a support for the motor? Maybe it has a fixed idler pulley. I do know something has to be removed because the belt does not have enough clearance to be removed.

Just take the guard off. Then take off 'anything that's in the way' (Great advice, right?). I'm not the greatest mechanic, but I do remember it wasn't that much of a problem after I started tearing into it.

I replaced both belts in a rather short time, (for me) as I do remember. The large serpetine belt took more time because you have to re-route it back, and it takes a lot of snakey twists and turns.

And I remembered I cleaned all the ribbed pulleys with a toothbrush because my dealer gave me some BS about they were going to do that to keep 'belt noise' down, and this was the reason it was going to cost about $120 to replace both belts.

That's when I decided to try it myself.
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