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Hyundai Sonata Owners Meet the Members

Karen_SKaren_S Member Posts: 5,092
edited October 2014 in Hyundai
Please take a moment to introduce yourself and share some details about your Sonata!

My name is KarenS and I am the host of the Edmunds.com Owner's Clubs. Please let me know what discussions you would like to see in your Club folder. I will create them ASAP. You may want to take a look through the other clubs to get ideas for discussions.

Also, if you are interested in a live chat, I can arrange that for you. All Club chats are set up on

4:00-5:00 pm PT/7:00-8:00pm ET


5:00-6:00pm PT/8:00-9:00pm ET
6:00-7:00pm PT/9:00-10:00 ET
7:00-8:00pm PT/10:00-11:00pm ET
(The latter may be rather late for East Coasters, but is available if you want.)

Let me know if you are interested in a chat and the day/time convenient for you.

Looking forward to meeting everyone!

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    nuanceglsnuancegls Member Posts: 16

    Thank you,,,, My name Nuance Hope to meet new friends and share their exp with their Sonatas.

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    astrolastrol Member Posts: 312
    Hello, my name is Paul (Astrol). This is very cool. Sonatas finally rate an owners club!

    My wife and I own two Sonatas. One is a '95 base sedan with automatic which is my daily ride. It currently has 113+K miles. The other is a '00 GLS w/pkg 13, also automatic, with my wife being the daily driver. It has just over 24K miles since July 20, '00.

    I look forward to discussing the new '02 Sonata design and engineering, among other things. It may well be the seminal car design which lets Sonata finally run with the big boys.
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    mave01mave01 Member Posts: 1
    Hi, everyone. It is great to have a sonata club finally. Sure I'll come here very often.
    My name is maverick and this is the first time for me to post something in town hall. Now I am seriously searching for a new car and looks like 2002 sonata will be the exact choice. I just wonder how much I need to pay for this pretty baby. I know the 01 can be get at really low price but how about this new one? Do I need to pay something near MSRP? Any idea will be appreciated.
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    lanman2lanman2 Member Posts: 13
    Good Afternoon, Everyone!

    I agree with Paul, this definitely is very cool. I'm Ron, and have been reading and contributing to the Sonata postings for years. As a member of the Sonata owner's community I've been waiting for this opportunity for quite some time.

    My family has owned the following 4 Sonata's:
    1997 Special Edition; 1997 GLS, Loaded; 2000 Base, (a Fleet Model that has many extras); 2001 GLS, Pkg 13, loaded.

    My wife's Special Edition was traded for the Fleet Model. Our daughter started driving my 97 GLS when we purchased the 2000 GLS.

    All 4 cars have been virtually trouble free, and we have accumulated total mileage in excess of 175,000 miles.

    I purchased the Fog Light Kit and a "Waterfall" grill from Focus Hyundai in Canada for the 2000 GLS. Focus Hyundai was very professional and knowledgeable. Installation was very straight forward. Sonatafan's Web Site has been very useful, and I thank him for his effort.

    Last Wednesday, while the dealer performed Oil changes on the 2000 models, our daughter decided to trade her '97 Sonata for a 2001 Tiberon! The Tiberon certainly is sporty, and she absolutely loves it!

    Many people complain about resale value. She was able to get almost $8000, trade-in. Considering the Sonata was over 4 years old, with 62K+ miles, we felt that was very good.

    Enough of my rambling ... Thank you for all of your past posting, and the friendly tips. I look forward to future posts.
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    dougndodougndo Member Posts: 136
    Hey, everyone, it's great to have a place to call home. My name is Doug, and I have a 2001 GLS Leather. It's black, and it's a beauty.

    While I, too, am excited about the 2002 makeover, I don't want the rest of us to be left behind. I'm looking forward to making improvements to my 2001 that'll keep it in a class by itself, like performance, sound, security, comfort, and styling mods.

    Here's to a good time for all of us!
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    drimpledrimple Member Posts: 47
    Our entry into the owner's club is only a year late! If anyone remembers, when the idea first came up, we were fourth in line, but somehow things got bogged down.

    I purchased a light moss 2000 GLS back in March 2000. Its up to 27,200 miles now and the only problem so far has been the recall work. The wife and I love taking the car on long trips, hence the big mileage despite having a 25 mile round trip commute to work.
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    protectsecondprotectsecond Member Posts: 13
    Glad to see this site.My name is Bruce and I live in the San Francisco bay area. Bought a 2001 GLS V6 w/leather, spoiler, pkg 13 in pearl white. Only have 1,100 miles on the car since end of April. Had to use up miles on a 98 Camry lease. I look forward to everyones comments about their car, good or bad.This exchange of information helps us enjoy our cars even more.
    Regarding the 2002 Sonata, very awesome. This is a good place to use the word "breathless" to describe its beauty.
    Happy Motoring !
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    Karen_SKaren_S Member Posts: 5,092
    Hello everyone!

    I've added another discussion to the club.

    Sonata Owners: What did you pay?

    Anything else?

    Owner's Clubs
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    sonatafansonatafan Member Posts: 171
    Hello I'm Nick a.k.a. Sonatafan.

    I own a `00 cypress green 4 cyl Sonata that I purchased back in January of 2000. Wow has it really been that long??? I'm happy as can be with my Sonata it hasn't let me down!

    I'm pretty busy in my life outside the `net but I'm always willing to help anyone who needs it here!

    Also, YAY we finally got this thing going! I guess drimple and I are off the hook for being moderators?!?!
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    pumpkinjack97pumpkinjack97 Member Posts: 1
    Hello, my name is Brian, and I purchased my Sonata back in Feburary. I have a 2001 GLS V6 with Leather and the moonroof. It is Pearl White with tan interior. Since I bought it I have purchased the super bright blue xenon headlights, had the windows tinted with 20% all the way around including the front eyebrow. Also I have purchased super bright backup lights, had a keyless entry and alarm installed and purchased ventsheild window visors that I ordered teh factory paint and had painted to match the car. I also have a k&N air filter (soon to be replaced with a filtercharger style filter) and various stereo upgrades. Also I had purchased the taillight chrome trim. I am extremely pleased with the car (the best I have had yet) my only problem being that my headliner right behind my moonroof started to sag but the pins just let loose and I repaired it no problem. I take it drag racing for kicks sometimes. It does the 1/4 in about 17sec. I did have a question, does anyone know of any sites to get aftermarket performance or appearance accesories other than hdkautosports? If you do, let me know by e-mail at maxx@sgi.net. I will check back with the page here periodically. Thanks everyone.
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    nuanceglsnuancegls Member Posts: 16

    Cool stuff!!


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    waxywaxy Member Posts: 8
    Thanks KarenS for organizing this Sonata Owners page. As a recent buyer of a 2001 GLS V6 w/leather, black exterior, beige interior, sunroof, etc., I'm particularly interested in any problems/solutions people have had with their Sonatas. Also, living in an area which experiences both very cold & snowy winters and hot summers, I'm interested in any special actions folks have carried out to preserve their Sonatas in extreme weather conditions.

    Regards, Eric (Waxy)
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    drimpledrimple Member Posts: 47
    The only special treatment I give my Sonata in the winter is to wash it every week instead of every other. They salt the roads here in Wisconsin, so I get my Sonata washed every week to keep the salt from building up and rusting my beautiful light moss beauty.
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    mseccmsecc Member Posts: 5
    I'm a first time owner as of yesterday. I love my car all ready. Its slate gray with black leather. No accessaries ( not even floor mats ) for 18,400 plus ttr etc... I know I paid a little high, but wanted it. MSRP is around 19,400 I believe. The climate control is a great feature and although the automatic shift is gimicky, I like it ( not a great standard driver ). Anyway, nice to be part of the club.
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    sjoosjoo Member Posts: 7
    Hi, I am the proud owner of 2000 sonata v6 GLS/pkg 13. It's pearl white. I bought my car in april,2000. It has 23,000 miles. I still love my car. Happy to be the club member.
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    bluebusopbluebusop Member Posts: 1
    Hello everybody, this is my first time here, just finished registering here. I am the proud owner of a '00 Sonata GLS in Brilliant Silver with the moon roof and cassette/CD player. I got this car in January 2000 and its the best car I ever had. The ride is great and the engine is super quiet with 11+k miles. I know that might not seem like a lot of driving, since I use this car to and from work, which is only two miles from my home. I use it on the weekends sometimes as well. I like the fact that Hyundai has the best warranty in the industry, since I had a recall (mass air flow sensor),which gives great peace of mind. I got pin striping on the car, windows tinted and Ventvisors for the windows. My co-workers love this car, in fact, my next door neighbor,who has a beat up 1981 Chevy Van, is willing to buy my car from me. Well, he may very well be in luck, since I saw the '02 Sonata. I am definitely getting this car, but will wait for now, since I want to put away enough money for a significant down payment and waiting for rebates/incentives. My eyes popped out of the sockets the first time I saw the '02 Sonata. At first I thought it was a Jaguar when I saw the back end with the new round tail lights, but I also noticed that only the inner lights are activated, the outer ones don't even light up unless the parking lights are on, what gives with that? And I was completely amazed with how the front end was redone. I have noticed some other suble changes between the '00 and the '02. The window buttons are a little more easier to grab, the door handles have a notch on the right side on each door, the release button for both the trunk and fuel door are on the driver's door panel instead of on the floor next to the driver's seat. And I especially like the pistons when opening the trunk and hood, especially since that does away with the rod to hold up the hood, which was a nuisance. What more can I say about the car? My wife loves it and can't wait to see it in our driveway. I should point out she also drives a Hyundai, a 2001 Elantra GLS in Champaign with the moonroof and CD player. She had a '99 Elantra, but after having the transmission replaced three times, we both gave the district manager and the dealer a hard time and threatened them with the lemon law if they did not provide us with a new model. They sympathized with us and gave us a new one at dealer cost, how about that? I'm happy to say that even just after seven months and 4+k miles, the Elantra runs great, transmission and all. One more thing I'd like to add about the '02 Sonata, I love how the alloy wheels look on the GLS and LX models, gives the car a true European look, although I feel that despite the increase in tire size, from 15 to 16 inches, the tires should be P21560R16 instead of P20560R15, which would give the Sonata better handling in curves and hug the road better, but I think I can live with the way it is. My next car: '02 Sonata LX in Ardor Blue with the moonroof and ABS and Traction Control next summer or fall. Good things come to those who wait.
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    mdimariamdimaria Member Posts: 2
    Hi, my name is Mike. I bought a '01 GLS leather pkg 13 gray/gray. Really love the car so far. My folks have a 2000 Lincoln LS and IMHO don't think it rides as nice as the Sonata. I live in FL so I had windows tinted. I bought car in VA while stationed there. Dealers locally in FL were not offering much of a deal. Got mine for 18K out the door from no-haggle dealer (Hall Hyndai in Hampton)Very pleasant experience compared to my attempt at getting deal in FL. FL dealer "willing" to give me cloth GLS with keyless entry for 17,700. Price in VA for pkg 13 was 16,990.
    Would be interested in adding fog lights. How much of a hassle is installation? Best place to get them? Appreciate any info. Thanks.
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    rbricker1rbricker1 Member Posts: 1
    Hello everyone! After 25 yrs of owning mostly Toyotas, I am really inclined to get the 2002 Sonata. I can get a top of the line Sonta for less than a bottom line Camry. And, I would like to have a nice interior for once. Question, of course, is reliability. I know the Camry will get me to 100,000 with little or no money beyond routine maintenance ... will the Sonata?

    Also, the warranty is great, but I don't want to have the car in the shop even if it's covered. Like my medical insurance covers open-heart surgery, but I don't want the surgery.

    What do you suggest? I am really torn between a fully-loaded Sonata with an $18,000 sticker and a bottom line Camry with a $22,000 sticker.

    Thanks! Robin-Marlena
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    astrolastrol Member Posts: 312
    Have you driven both cars of choice? If not, I suggest you do so. Drive the exact Camry model you can afford first---then the loaded Sonata model of choice.

    I'll bet you dimes to dollars you will like the Sonata better, not just because of the many options for the money.

    As far as longevity is concerned, these cars keep getting better and better and whatever shortcomings in quality there may still remain are more than made up for by the warranty and initial cost savings. I have owned problem Toyotas
    which required major replacements like Alt/Generator just before warranty expiration, complete brake rebuilds with less than 38K mi. on the odo., etc.

    Our '00 GLS is humming along at 27K+ mi. and is my wife's daily drive. It is the safest, most luxurious car for the money you could ever find when fully optioned. You will swear it is a mini-Lexus. The KEY is to have a good dealership for service. Hyundai is currently in the process of getting better service facilities and attention from dealerships, especially in the routine maintenance area. They tend to rank slightly above average on other repairs.

    Our fully optioned GLS has everything except rear spoiler and we never tire of hearing people remark how fine a car it is. See post #3 on this subject and also #1 in 'what did you pay' for particulars.

    Good Luck either way.
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    d1girld1girl Member Posts: 4
    As of 10/13/01, I am the proud owner of a 2002 Sonata LX, Desert Sand, option 5, leather interior, sunroof, wind deflector, and floor mats. Oh my gosh! I love this car. And I want to thank all of you for helping me make the decision to buy this Golden Beauty. After reading all the reviews and comments written, I basically purchased it, sight unseen (aside from online and tv). And what a sight it is...I have actually watched people walk by and do double takes. It's soooo cool!! Thanks again, and I'm glad to be a part of the 'family'.
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    Karen_SKaren_S Member Posts: 5,092
    What are the most important factors in your car-buying decisions? The Chicago Tribune is looking for a ranking of concerns such as safety, price, monthly payment, styling, quality, etc.

    Please send your response to jfallon@edmunds.com, or post in Talk to the Press.


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    lsperry1lsperry1 Member Posts: 2
    I bought my 2002 Black Ebony Sonata GLS two weeks ago this Saturday. I have got to say that this is a beautiful car.
    It caught my eye about one month prior to my buying it, and has been the only vehicle i continously looked at since.
    When my 91 Truck with 109000 miles on it finally developed transmission problems, I knew it was finally time to seriously start thinking about a new vehicle.
    Went to the dealership and they had two exact models, with exception being the other was the silver one. Now silver and black were two of my three choices of colors, and i was standing between both of them and had to choose.
    I guess i should have used a little more common sense and realized that a black car would show dirt more than the silver one, but I could not resist. I got it that same day.
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    nato1nato1 Member Posts: 102
    My name is Nathan, and I live in Central Mass.
    My new 2002 sonata now has 72 miles on it. I took delivery yesterday from Rt2 Hyundai in Leominster Ma. I traded in my '94 accord lx (w/130k). The sonata gls (slate grey with gls black interior) came with the sunroof, sunroof visor, floor mats, and the cargo/trunk net all for the right price. As a former mechanic, I have driven accords, civics, camry's, corolla's, altimas, maximas, bmw 3 series, chryslers, dodge's, ford's ,chevy's, mazda's 626, VW's, etc, and if you are in the market for a new car, or even if you're putting off buying a new car until next year, go test drive a sonata. I am willing to bet that you'll feel that the benchmark has been moved up.
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    rammit2000rammit2000 Member Posts: 27
    Well my 2000 Gls Sonata Pkg 13 w/ rear spoiler I bought for $18,600 in July of 2000 has 16,000 trouble free miles on it now.

    One thing though, this fall as with last fall a leaf had been sucked into the fan motor housing and made that terrible clicking sound. I waited a week before climbing under the dash and tear down the fan motor to remove it. I found some little sticks in there also. I will install some screen mesh to prevent the re-occurrences in the future. Has any Sonata owners had the same problem?

    I notice the finish on the car seems a bit rough to the touch even after a polish and wax. Any suggestions on how to get a real smooth surface again? Should I use polish or go to a rubbing compound?

    For Sonata owners with leather: I notice the leather in areas that come in contact when I get in and out of the car has some accelerated wear. I've owned leather before and it seemed to be more durable. Also, if the hard plastic interior is scratched the slightest, it will leave a mark.

    As for keeping the car looking new, I bought some clear floor mats to put over the ones that came with the car and has worked nicely in keeping them looking new. The clear mats do have some yellowing though.

    That is all for now,

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    sonatavasonatava Member Posts: 75
    My 2000 GLS has been trouble-free too. I just replaced the cabin filter after Thanksgiving and vacuumed out alot of leaves in that area. Just this past week I noticed a clicking sound from the fan, so I had to open up the whole thing again. I cleaned out a few more leaves, but couldn't find the clicking part, so I cranked up the fan with the filter-cover off, and a small leaf stem came flying out. I too have been thinking about installing some mesh somewhere. I noticed on my parent's Corolla that there's mesh just below those openings at the base of the windshield. I'm also considering making my own cabin filters out of Filtrete red- or purple-label furnace filters, the ones that are great for people sensitive to dust and allergans.

    I use Mother's Pre-wax cleaner once or twice a year to remove oxidation. You could also just use a combination wax/cleaner.

    Test drove a 2002 GLS today to get my postcard signed; nice car, and the sway bars really make a difference.
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    jimpimmsjimpimms Member Posts: 81
    Hi to all,

    My wife recently traded her '97 Tiburon FX for a base '02 Sonata with Shiftronic, in Desert Sand. She absolutely loves it. I, too, am impressed; after reading a few of the auto mag reviews, I figured we'd be getting a grossly underpowered, wallowy, Korean Buick. Although the four banger could use more horses, and the suspension could be tighter, it's a surprisingly good car, well-mannered, with superb fit and finish, truly elegant styling, and a long list of amenities. My only complaints are the lack of heated side mirrors and driver lumbar support in this trim level.

    My driving style is considerably more aggressive than hers -- I have a loaded '01 Elantra GT 5-spd -- yet I really do enjoy driving the Sonata; maybe the Shiftronic has something to do with it (her Tiburon had an automatic, and I despised driving it), or the fact that it feels so much more substantial than my Elantra.

    Over the past thirty years, we've had various and sundry Toyotas, Subarus, and Mazdas. The Sonata is our fourth Hyundai; since we've had only a handful of minor problems (including recalls) over the past five years -- all promptly repaired under warranty -- we wouldn't hesitate to buy another.
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    Karen_SKaren_S Member Posts: 5,092
    Last week, Edmunds rolled out new pricing pages. Along with this is a new "consumer ratings & reviews". This functionality lives in the "consumer opinions" area of the new vehicle detail page, and allows users to rate a vehicle on a number of different criteria (1 to 10 scale), as well as add his/her own free-form comments.

    If you have some time, we would really appreciate Town Hall members writing a review of their current auto, or a favorite make/model. It takes approximately a week for your review to appear on that make/model.

    If you have any questions, please let me know!


    Owners Clubs
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    cbgrfcbgrf Member Posts: 1
    Looking at a 2002 Sonata LX. Seems like a good deal and lots for the money. Am I right?
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    defiant235defiant235 Member Posts: 5
    Just got a 2002 Sonata (base) ruby red with the shiftronic and the sunroof. Absolutely love it. Just recently had a baby boy and was looking to trade my old nissan sentra for my first family sedan. The car is 3 days old and I am impressed. I've already have a lady at a convience store tell me that I had a nice Jaguar! I guess she mistook the "h" on the grill for a jaguar cat.
    I am convinced I made the right choice with this car.
    Even though it's only a few days old with barely 200 miles on it, I'd recommend this car. I was a bit apprehensive to go Hyundai at first, but after that first test drive, and some price negotiating, I was hooked.
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    bill302bill302 Member Posts: 1
    About two weeks ago after paying for yet ANOTHER Camry electrical malfunction I decided it was time to move on and purchase another import sedan, I considered the new Altima/Accord/Passat and was shocked to see for a V-6 prices way above $25,000,esp the Passat-v6! there was no way I wanted a monthly payment in the plus $350 range.

    Everytime I went looking at various cars I drove past the Hyundai dealership. Then I decided to stop in and see what bang for the buck I could find. I took a test drive in a base model 2002 ruby red Sonata with a V-6, power moon roof, automatic SHIFTRONIC./rear spoiler/ etc. I was VERY impressed with everything about it.
    Although the engine is not as refined and ultra quiet as the Camry v-6 for the money it has one heck of a great ride, acceleration. The noise levels were very low, acceleration and braking very close to the Camry with abs!

    the car SALESMAN there still SUCK like every other dealership, playing the let me see what my manager can do b/s,and trying to make you pay high ball prices, stick with it and you'll find yourself walking out with a smile.

    Hopefully I won't need the 5 yr warrenties use that much but it good to know as long as I'm paying for this sharp looking car it's there.
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    denp3denp3 Member Posts: 99
    I will be picking up my 02 Desert Sand Sonata GLS with ABS & Moonroof today, Saturday April 27, 02. I will give feedback in the future. Looking forward to joining the Hyundai Family and hopefully will be a satisfied owner. Just for the record, I live in Connecticut.
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    drimpledrimple Member Posts: 47
    I have a 2000 Sonata GLS with the wonderful light moss color that is no longer available. I bought it in March of 2000. So far I have put 35,000 miles on it without any major problems. You both will love this car!
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    denp3denp3 Member Posts: 99
    As i said on April 27th that I would give feedback. So far I am quite impressed with my Desert Sand GLS Sonata. This is my first import. I have had several new American Made cars. At this time I am impressed with the craftsmanship. This is the first new car that after 2 weeks I did not find any imperfections. All parts seem to fit accurately and trim pieces have no discoloration like some of my previously owned American made cars. Hopefully it will stand up well. I have only 450 miles on it so far, I hope the gas consumption will improve as it breaks in.
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    frohlingfrohling Member Posts: 8
    Has anyone been able to increase their Horse Power or Torque with any mods. If so please let us know what you did to get the increase and what kind of parts were us as well as where they can be purchased. Thanks in advance:)
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    defiant235defiant235 Member Posts: 5
    In regards to post 36, Frohling, I bought a K&N Fliter charger and oil filter set. They are race spec and the air filter adds a little horsepower. I've used them before in different cars and had good results. The oil filter is really nice and is made of metal so it can take some abuse.

    More information can be seen at:


    But you can take the part numbers to Autozone and they will order it for you. That's a little more expensive. I bought my stuff online at:


    for a lot cheaper and didn't have to pay for shipping.

    Here are the part numbers for the air and oil filters:

    Sonata 2.4L L4 F/I K&N Air Filter 33-2188 All

    Sonata 2.7L V6 F/I K&N Air Filter 33-2188 All

    Sonata 2.4L L4 F/I K&N Oil Filter HP-1004 All

    Sonata 2.7L V6 F/I K&N Oil Filter HP-1004 All

    Granted the HP increase maybe 2 or 3 HP but every little bit helps. Plus you never have to replace the air filter. Just take it out every 30k miles, wash it off, apply some special oil to it and put it back in.

    Now if you feel really froggy, check out:

    http://www.hdkautosport.com/ and click on the webstore link.

    Here's some more interesting stuff:


    I hope this helps.

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    frohlingfrohling Member Posts: 8
    Thanks for the feedback. Unfortunatly those sites offer almost nothing for the Sonata 2.5 which I have or the new 2.7 V6. There is a K&N air intake filter, but as for the HDK or Shark Racing they do not offer any superchargers, turbo's or catbacks. There is one new addition though at HDK for the 2.7 for performance exhaust. That of course leaves me and my 2.5 out in the cold or dust of someone else's car. I guess I'll have to find different alternatives, like dual exhaust with the K&N solution with performance spark plugs. Maybe I'll get 10 more HP. For those with the the 2.7 Tib or Sonata try HDK for their new exhaust manifold with the K&N airfilter + dual exhaust and performance plugs. This should realize a strong boost. This is my un-proffesional opinion. If anyone has some thoughts or ideas about boosting my 2.5 please let me know. Thanks again defiant for the effort it is appreciated when someone takes the time to reply.
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    hjr2hjr2 Member Posts: 105
    I own a 1999 Sonata GLS-V6.

    Thing is loaded minus ABS.

    I am about 2 days from hitting 80,000 miules in uder 3 years of ownership.
    the only "big" problem I had was a few months ago.
    I had to have a "gas tank valve" replaced, but the cost was high...alittle over $300.
    ( If I had waited 3 more days, which I could have, and went elsewhere, at another Hyundai dealership, I could have saved about $100).
    The CD player is also KO'd, but the casette deck works along with the radio.
    Our fault; it was messing up under warranty, but waited too long. It died out last summer at 63,000 miles.
    (Note: Have owned 2 Nissans and Both had cassette players, both died. One died at 8000 miles, and replaced free, the other took 6 years to die).
    Good car, though.
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    lknepperlknepper Member Posts: 2
    I finally took the plunge about two and a half weeks ago and bought a silver 2002 Sonata LX. It's a really beauty and definitely a head turner. I'm very pleased with it for the most part, but the automatic transmission is not as smooth as I'd like when changing between 2nd & 3rd and 3rd & 4th (and back). From what I've read, the fuzzy logic computer that controls the transmission is supposed to need a little bit of "learning" time. I've got about 600 miles on it now and hope it's going to be done with its education pretty soon.

    Today it's in getting solar film put on, a must down here in Florida and especially with the dark interior. If the silver had been available with a medium gray interior, that would have been great, but Hyundai isn't exactly Burger King where you can have it your way - if you want a silver Sonata LX, then you must want a black interior, right? This brings me to a question... Has anyone found a source for sheepskin seat covers that fit well on the Sonata front seats and don't cost as much as the car itself?


    Merritt Island, Florida
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    hendrix4hendrix4 Member Posts: 1
    Hi, my name is Tim I live in Rapid City SD and have a 2000 GLS/V-6 with 24K of trouble free driving. It is dark blue and very sharp. I have been very impressed with my Sonata especially the power and ride. I recently took a 800 mile road trip and the Sonata "cruised" at 85mph and I got 27 MPG. We don't have a Hyundai dealership in Rapid City but the local Oldsmobile dealership is selling lots of Hyundai program cars in an effort to obtain a Hyundai lot. The Nissan dealership has been great at performing basic maintenence and any warranty work that should arise.
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    sonatavasonatava Member Posts: 75
    I haven't checked my warranty card lately, but I think the CD/stereo was only warrantied for 3yrs/36K
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    bsalomonebsalomone Member Posts: 2
    Hello all,
    I'm Bryan S. from the San Francisco area. I just purchased a 2002 Slate Grey Sonata LX with ABS/Traction Control and moonroof package for $18,500 plus tax and license.

    I'm delighted. This car is luxury, styling and performance at discount prices. It's a smooth ride with a luxurious interior. The 5 year warranty is also reassuring.

    My only concern is less horsepower than Hyundai reported in their specs. The Sonata sports 170 horsepower, instead of the 181 Hyundai reports. Does anyone know what Hyundai is doing to address this issue. There no doubt will be a class-action lawsuit, and Hyundai will have to settle with us 2002 owners.
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    dorene2dorene2 Member Posts: 28
    I guess I'm a little late in getting to this site, but better late than never? My white pearl 2001 GLS V6 Sonata (with sunroof) is just about a year and a half old. Been loving it since day one! I traded in my 1992 Accord Ex due to a broken air conditioner/compressor. (Second time) I have over 26,000 miles and have only done oil changes and tire rotations. I did the (simple) air bag recall repair a few months ago. I am considering a more thorough "tune-up" at my next oil change next month. Just wanted to let you 2002 owners (LOVE the new style!!!!) that the 2001's are holding up GREAT!! Am considering a mini van, but I'm not thrilled with the KIA. I wonder if Hyundai will come with their own name??
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    chetbobchetbob Member Posts: 18
    Hi to all. First time Hyundai owner. Took delivery March 14, 2002 of a Sonata LX silver with moon roof, deflector, mats and mud guards, list of $20095. Bought for $18700 from a dealer in central Florida. They have not had a LX in stock for the 3 month i was looking. They come in and are sold the next day. Looks of the car is what sold me along with all the extras for the price. Traded a Camry, hope i"m not sorry. The dealer(salesman I delt with was super.) By the way, my name is Bob.
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    trebor79trebor79 Member Posts: 1
    I just bought a 2003 Sonata LX and absolutely love it. Just came back from a 600 mile trup through the Pennsylvania Amish country and then up to the Poconos, the car performed flawlessly and did everything I asked it to do. Good mileage too. The V-6 had great get up and go and
    I felt that it had very good power. I thought Hyundais were junkers but several friends owned them and had been driving them for years. After my research at JD powers and Edmunds, I decided to go look at them. I absolutely fell in love and got the color that I wanted - Desert Sand with beige leather interior, ABS and traction control, moon roof and shiftronic to name a few things. I had previously driven Chryslers since
    1989 and have had problems with these cars that I won't mention here. I just found out that Hyundai is a major Korean conglomerate, the Honda
    of Korea, only bigger. I just love this car.
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    ray_h71ray_h71 Member Posts: 212
    The term "conglomerate" in the case of Hyundai includes bridges, sports stadiums, ships, shipping, railroads, railroad locomotives, heavy construction equipment, robotics, consumer electronics, turbines, dams, and jet aircraft engines. And, from the news several weeks ago and culminating yesterday ("today" in Korea) of Hyundai Group's CEO's apparent suicide who was under indictment for bribing North Korean head honcho with several-hundred-million dollar payoffs for the privilege of landing construction contracts to build railroads, industrial complexes, and a resort in the country of the avowed enemy of his own country and the U.S. Honda concentrates on cars, ORVs, motorcycles and bikes, corporate jet aircraft engines, and small aircooled utility/gardening engines. I share your enthusiasm for the Sonata's quality and performance, but, I'm now tempering it with the knowledge that we buyers are inadvertently helping to support a regime that's hell-bent to acquire WMDs while a prominent South Korean family acquires ever more wealth by illegally dealing with its country's enemy. As for yesterday's apparent suicide - dead men tell no tales, in or out of court.
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    dani24dani24 Member Posts: 9
    Hi everyone, my name is Danielle. I live across the bay from San Francisco.

    After spending months researching to buy a new car I went from the VW Jetta, to the Honda Civic, to finally deciding on the Hyundai Sonata.

    I got the Sonata GLS in Slate Gray with pkg 5 (sunroof, ABS w/ traction control) and the trunk cargo net. I paid $16,658 (with the $2000 rebate).

    I decided against the Jetta because it was too pricey and I read it had too many problems. I decided against the Civic because it was too vanilla, and everyone had one.

    I chose the Sonata because it is different. Not everyone has one. Plus, it kind of looks like a Mercedes/Jaguar mix. It's like owning an expensive car but only paying pennies for it. And as long as my car lives up to my expectations (few problems, great ride, last's me a long time) I'll feel like even more of a winner than I already do. Hyundai wasn't kidding when they said buying one is a "win-win" deal.
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    jwbeanjwbean Member Posts: 1
    I am about to buy a Sonata GLS 2004 (first-time owner), but would like some confirmation from others that fit, adjustability, and visibility are compatible with a 5'1" person. I've been driving a 1988 Honda Accord LXI for all these years --it's great on all those accounts. Any short people out there who can advise me on the Sonata GLS? Thanks.
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    ray_h71ray_h71 Member Posts: 212
    Well, at 5' 11 1/2" I'm not exactly short, but... The Sonata's seats are height adjustable (whether manual or power), so you'll probably find them "up" to your needs. The steering column is likewise height adjustable (though no fore and aft adjustment). If you haven't sat in one at the showroom, you really should before you sign on the bottom line for any make you're considering.
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    dani24dani24 Member Posts: 9
    I'm 5'3" and fit well in the Sonata. My boyfriend, who is 6'2" has enough headroom, and is okay with legroom. But, for my height/size, the Sonata seems to be a good size. I can see out the window, I can reach the pedals, and I feel comfortable.

    But, I would suggest going down to a dealership, getting in the car, and seeing for yourself. You may have a longer/shorter torso, or legs than I do, and that may make a different in personal fit.
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