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'01 Toyota TRD PreRunner Xtra cab

human_guisehuman_guise Member Posts: 14
edited March 2014 in Toyota
I'm just a little nervous, since this will be my first new vehicle. I am joining a credit union this week, what can I expect? How are the prices set? I am mainly curious to know if there is some headroom for haggling, since I know down to the dollar how much the options I want are. Who has had experience dealing with buying through their credit union's financing department vs. the dealer's financing power? Any advice is appreciated, thanks!


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    whiteandproudwhiteandproud Member Posts: 4
    Anyone can by a car from a toyota fleet dealer. Call you local toyota dealer and ask for the fleet dept. To figure out the fleet price...take the invoice price multiply by 2% (.02). take that total (invoice + 2%) and multiply that by 10% (AZ sales tax) for tax/title/reg. SO my new extd cab 4x4 w/everything was out the door at 25200. Most people start at 25,000 for my truck w/o tax/title.
    USE A CREDIT UNION! It is a lot easier to get preapproved, makes negotiations easier.

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    ebbgreatdaneebbgreatdane Member Posts: 278
    I was 23,400. The only option on my 4X4 Xtree cab V6 that I didn't get was the sunroof. SR5...not the limited.

    human_guise -
    Check out the post I put in the Tacoma Xtra Cab V6 section. Should help you a bit.

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    whiteandproudwhiteandproud Member Posts: 4
    I picked up my 4x4 with everything but leather for OUT THE DOOR 24,249. If I wanted the 100,000 mile "road side / wear and tear" coverage it would have been an extra 800.
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