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Headliner Cloth Adhesive

cwl13cwl13 Member Posts: 3
edited March 2014 in Plymouth
I have a 1991 Plymouth Grand Voyaguer. The cloth is coming off the headliner. I am looking for a a suggestion for an adhesive to reattach it and any pointers on how to do it.




  • moparmadmoparmad Member Posts: 197
    Just kidding. I just glued the headliner back up in my 70 Barracuda...it was a nightmare. I tried spray adhesive,didn't work. I ended up using hot glue...sticks good,but leaves lumps,and feels oh so great when it drips on you. If I was to do it again I would buy actual headliner glue from Year One inc.,Jims Auto Parts,or The Paddock. Possibly your local parts store could order some for you. If not you can order on-line from Jim's Auto Parts @ jimsautoparts.com the glue is $4.50 and part # HD-2887. I don't think you can order from Year One on-line,just buy their catalog. And I can't find my Paddock book right now,but good luck just the same.
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