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Oldsmobile Aurora Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • maw1982maw1982 Posts: 62
    Edmunds says if you look under standard features in the '02 or '03 Aroura that the V8 aroura runs on premium.

    As for the buying experience, it is not over yet. I am waiting on a responsefor my loan aproval. The guy at the bank said that these cars are hard to finance because of their droppin value (they don't want to risk getting stuck with a worthless car) bu he also said that the price was about $5k under their book value.

    I have mixed reviews of car-buying on ebay. I had to retract a bid on another car because the seller did not disclose a past accident and paintwork that a simple carfaxs report showed(seller knew about the paintwork all along but did not disclose it in an email untill after I bid). After I retracted he said that an accident and paintwork is normal for a used car.
  • rjs200240rjs200240 Posts: 1,277
    Edmunds is wrong... :)
  • shucknetshucknet Posts: 98
    What would you guys say a Black/Black 98 Aurora with chrome wheels, autobahn, and a sunroof is worth? Car has 72,500 miles. Has a few paint chips on the bottom of the driver door that need to be repaired and a dent on the RR door that could be fixed by dent wizard. Other than that, it is in beautiful shape. Got an offer on mine this weekend and I was not amused, just trying to see what you guys think it's worth.
  • HenryHenry Posts: 1,106
    Retail 15,500
    whole sale 11,900

    IMHO Henri

    Does the closest guess get a prize?
  • sinatra2sinatra2 Posts: 65
    I purchased my Aurora through a dealer find of mine in March of this year. It had 100,000 miles and was in terrific condition. The only thing I had to replace was the selinoid for the fuel release door and a new name plate for the rear trunk. My total purchase price inclusive of all taxes and license fees was $8100 CA or $5150 US.
    It is now August and it is still going strong after putting on about 15,000 miles. In fact I will probably look for a 97 or 98 classic next spring....( not to replace but to add to the stable)
  • Well, my momma always tought me talking about the price of things "aint polite". ;)

    I picked up my 97 yesterday from a private sale.
    It has 185,000 kilometeres (about 115,000 miles)

    Sunroof, heated seats, dual air, - well - everything actually. Including a weird paint scheme that is growing on me - a blue/green that actually changes colour in as you look at it. Chameleon paint . . im told it was an option.

    Anyways, it cost me $7500 (plus tax) $600.

    Im very pleased with the car 24 hours later - strong, secure, comfy, seemingly agile (more than i thought it would be anyways).

    Next step - to spend 12 hours with it on saturday doing a detailing session - claybar, three coats of my favorite polymer polish and the works . .

    I hope to be able to post pics (digital cameras are not my friends) in a little while.


  • javidoggjavidogg Posts: 366
    welcome to Edmunds, good luck with your Aurora. I have a 1999 Onyx Black Aurora.
  • I just spent 3 years with a black SSEi - and while it was a regal pain - I would have loved to find a black Aurora to love and care for.

    I deal in a sideline business selling polymer car care products - and have gotten very particular about my exterior car care . . . and would have just loved to make a black beauty shine like the Bonne did. I did a quick wash, apply session last night, and am becoming very fond of this color shifting paint scheme mine has - blue to green to a purple . . .
  • That's a good price. I have the same color '97 with 71,000 miles on it which I paid $14,000 for last year. The price did include a 4 year 40,000 mile warranty. My wife originally liked the color and I was leaning towards the pearl white. Since we got it though, I've got to admit the color has really grown on me.
  • Musclecar . .. what is the paint scheme called ?

    I dont know what to tell people when they ask what colour it is ;)
  • homer2000ssei-What kind of wax do youi recomend? Now I'm using some polymer stuff. What's the best out there for my white diamond?


  • i love polymers . .been using them for about 3 years now . . .

    if you look at the forums here - there is one dedictaed to the line a sell . .. zaino - and then there is one for everything else.

    i wouldnt come right out a tell you its the best for you , cause there are too many variables - such as :
    how often you wash and detail
    parked inside or out
    where you live - geographically speaking
    general paint condition
    your style of detailing: for instance are you a wash every weekend and wax every couple . . . or a wash at the car washes and do it ureself sometime . .

    if you like - email me and we could continue this off board - i dont want to get in trouble for "advertising" - but i can help you figure out if that product suits you or not . .


  • dennis - The color is "Medium Dark Teal Metallic" ...not too sexy sounding eh? On the bottle of touchup paint I got from the dealer the name is "Woodland Green Metallic". GM used this color on Camaros and I think they give it a different name for each division (and each year). The color seems to have been used in '97 and '98. It is an awesome color after having lived with it for a year.
  • Am very satisfied w/ my purchase of two weeks ago having 83K miles in near-perfect condition and Sandstone in color. Some of my friends think it's a new car. I paid $7,500 plus tax, which I thought was a steal. Excellent car; undervalued by many folks apparently. I just need to balance the wheels as it wobbles a bit above 70mph. I have the stock chrome wheels, sunroof, and the CD player. What is an "autobahn" some of you have?
  • Had about 13k miles- rental vehicle. Paid 22k. Like i told my better half-can you really put a price on happiness?
  • tks for the paint color tip - pontiac called it mystic teal on the f-bodies in those years, i found a fellow camaro owner who filled me in . . .

    and yes - leftyga1 asks a good question (i did and didnt get an answer weeks ago)
    what is the autobahn edition, and how do i tell if i have one ? im guessing its gearing etc - and in the vin, or option list stuck to the tire cover in the trunk ?

    also , lefty . . . excellent deal . . .
  • Homer, the autobahn is gearing. Autobahn is 3:71, standard classic is 3:48. My quick check is to look at the tire specs on the drivers door. If it calls for S rated tires it is non autobahn, autobahn, I believe, calls for V rated.

    It is also in the vin but I think it takes a dealer to look it up. And also on the build label in the trunk or the under the spare tire cover, not sure but I think in the build list it QXX, but again, I don't remember for sure.

    Also believe from the 2001 and up they are all 3:71
  • great - thank you . . .

    * * sound of Homer scooting downstairs to check his door can be heard, if yo ulisten closely * *
  • Just took delivery of a 1998. Dark blue, sunroof,
    chrome wheels, new Eagle GA tires. Has 56,000 miles, paid $10,500. Car is very clean.
    Had it checked out by dealer first, found bad
    speed sensor and broken wiring harness for shift indicator lights. Seller had them repaired at his cost. Feel I got great deal.
  • Not bad, I love that Navy color on the Aurora's, I thought that color only came on the 1999 Aurora's. Nice choice. Peace.
  • I bought my Aurora last fall. It's a '95 with everything(sunroof, autobahn, Bose...etc). Bought it from a friend that works for GM and has been driving it since it came out. I don't see too many Classic 95's on the boards here, but it's a beautiful car. But I have to ask myself, in a couple of years, when I have to get another car, where do I go from here? How can you step down from heaven? Oh well, just have to enjoy it while it lasts.
  • HenryHenry Posts: 1,106
    My build date was December 94 and I am the second owner. I met the first owner when I picked up the car with about 12,000 miles on it after the 3 year lease. The car was basically brand new.

    WHile I am the undisputed Shop King. I still like my car a lot. Would not trade it for anything (except the Caddie Cien).

  • I have a 95 Classic and just purchased a 2001. I have the "For Sale" Sign on the 95. This has been a great car and now has 158K Miles. Someone came and drove it tonight...I am not sure I can sell her...

    I guess we will wait on the offer :-(
  • nne3jxcnne3jxc Posts: 134
    Your Classic sounds like a nice ride.

    But I have to ask myself, in a couple of years, when I have to get another car, where do I go from here? How can you step down from heaven?

    When I finally get rid of my 95 (hopefully quite a while yet) I'll probably see if I can pick up a used Caddy STS. It seems to be the last decent full size v8 powered sport-lux sedan. (And the post-2000 Auroras just don't do it for me. No offense to anyone here, of course.)
  • HenryHenry Posts: 1,106
    I hear you nne3jxe. The styling of the Aurora Classic was truly ahead of its time. I predict that it will still be about another seven to ten years before the rest of the industry catches up to the Classic.

    Only then will the masses realize what a hidden treasure the car is. That is the curse of being a PIONEER.
  • garnesgarnes Posts: 950
    Hopefully the new STS will be cool. The current one is a little boring. But any STS or an SLS is a good place to look. If you can wait about 3 or more years (I can - my 98 has 35,000 on it) a used newer style STS will be available and maybe the new GTO will be too. I like the GTO concept. A decent sized car with aggressive curvey good looks and the Corvette LS1 V8. It will have major tire roasting and brutal acceleration potential and hopefully some class and comfort.
  • How did I do...... ,99 4.0 with 34k on the clock. Total price, 12,400.00. She "Maria Dioblo", (I name ALL my vehicles, is bright white and in pristine condition. I am new to the page and am eager to socialize with other Aurora owners. Bye 4 now.
  • larryfllarryfl Posts: 214
    Welcome. Assuming it's in good condition, I'd say you did pretty good. In May of 2001 I paid $11,000 (+TT) for a '95 with 50K on it. It was at a GM dealer and was totally reconditioned including brand new tires, brakes, cruise, shift lever, tune up w/ spark plugs, etc.

    Still have the car (it's my baby) with 97K miles on it now. I'm about to drop a few bucks into it to replace the tires / brakes, fix a few paint blemishes and a few other things (AC compressor just went out also). I plan on keeping her for a while. It's hard to beat the luxury/performance/style combo of an Aurora for the price!

    Good luck w/ your '99.

  • Make sure you go to a Goodwrench dealer for the AC.
    Had mine replaced at 75K (two years ago) and again at 120K two months ago. The second one was
    on the house , GM goodwrench warranty!
  • larryfllarryfl Posts: 214
    Thanks, rhale2, for tip. You can't beat that kind of warranty....

    Actually, I have paperwork where the previous owner had Oldsmobile but in a compressor about 2-3 years ago. I wonder.....
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