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Don't know about the rest of you, but I don't like the look of the crew cab roof rack. Can it be removed without leaving bolt holes in the roof? I don't mind putting black plastic plates over the holes.


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    I just bought a '98 Frontier. I want to install power windows and doorlocks with remote keyless entry.

    Has anyone done it already? I will appreciate your comments and advice.
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    Just out of curiosity, is it possible to add on a sunroof aftermarket, and for how much?

    I want to buy a Titan SE, but they don't offer a sunroof with that model:(
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    Anybody know if the Pace Edwards Roll-Top Tonneau
    bed cover is available for the Titan KC?
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    I just installed a Pace Edwards Jack Rabbit for my Titan King Cab. It was relatively easy to install, looks and fits great! Look here for probably the best price online (They'll also match anyone's price -$20 if you find it anywhere cheeper):
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    I had too much rain and too much absorbed heat getting into bed of an 02 Tundra to go for another Jack Rabbit on my KC. Figuring I'll trailer anything bulky, I went for the color matched solid ARE LSII. (You can install bed rails on it and tote stuff on it if needed) Either way, as you need to specify it with ARE, it may be important with Jackrabbit if you have the bed track lock system or not.
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    If you want a soft tonneau look at the one from Extang. You can find them on the web at and they do ship direct. Go for the Saber model as it has no snaps. Mine so far works great. Costs about $300.
    There are other ones on the market and the hard ones run about $1200 to $1500. They do have an advantaage as they offer better air flow, but you can not stand it straight up nor put something in the bed that needs to stand up such as the new trees your better half wants or new funiture.
    If you have the Utilitrack your options seem limited as to what is available.
    The factory is or was going to provide a cover but as of yet they do not or have not released it.
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    Advance Covers has a nice hard-panel fold-up bed cover to fit trucks with the utilitrak rails. They said it requires the tracks. I ordered one from a local installer two days ago.

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    I just recently purchased a 02 4WD XE which has the standard Dark Gray/Black plastic wheel mouldings and front bumper. Really like the body color mouldings on the SC models better. Has anybody ever heard of or tried to have these moulding pieces painted the same as the body color? Didn't know it the plastic was the same material on the XE as on the SC and if this could be painted.
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    I just looked at the advance cover on-line. It looks pretty good. How do you like yours and was it easy to install and can you remove it completely pretty easily?
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    I just bought the 2004 Desert Runner with basic pkg only.
    Now I need to add cruise control and want to hear your experiences with Aftermarket CC.
    The unit that I have read about is the SCS electronic model, but just the dealers blurbs, don't know how good these units are.
    Anyway I'd like to hear your recomendations for electronic models.
    [email protected]
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    Does your Titan has build in bed rail? I looked everywhere on the net. All of them require to remove the bed rail which came with Utility Bed Package.
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    Truxedo makes a cover that will fit with the utility bed package.
    If you have the sliding bed extender you will have to make a
    small modification to the end bracket to install a self tapping screw or simply keep a 9/16ths wrench in the cab to flip the bed extender around. The cover is very high quality and relatively easy to install.
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    Sorry I'm so long getting back. I got the cover through a dealer. It took him an hour to install - didn't look too difficult, but I'm not sure you can buy direct from Advance. Check them out.

    I like the cover because I can fold it up and store it easily, even in the truck bed if I want. (it has two screws to loosen) Both the front and rear panels lock using flanges installed in the utilitrak rails. The unit is quite strong and secure.

    I looked at the ARE solid cover but I deemed it a little too bulky to handle by myself if I wanted to remove it.

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    I have an '04 Frontier XE-V6 (non-supercharged)CC LB and I'm wondering if anybody has had experience with the NISMO cold air intake system. It's supposed to add 10hp's to the rear wheels. I've talked to a Nissan dealer in Denver and they said that such modifications per se do not void the warranty but Nissan may not cover any warranty repairs if there is a problem related to using the intake. I'd appreciate a feedback, thanks.
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    I have 03 Frontier SE CC that came with the 6-disc CD changer. I would like to add the RF, MP3, Sony 10-disc chager to play MP3 songs. It seems like the best place to install this aftermarket CD changer is under the passenger front seat. I need to get access to the back of my existing audio system to hookup with the new one, but I don't know how to properly remove the cover of my conter console without damage it. ANYONE KNOW HOW TO PROPERLY REMOVE IT, PLEASE HELP!

    Thanks alot.
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    I have totally distroyed my tailgate!!! After an afternoon of riding 4-wheelers, I had my tailgate down and was backing up and didn't see the huge pine tree that was behind me. To make a long story short, my tailgate is completely ruined. Does anyone know of a place that has after market Titan tailgates or even an airgate? I have looked everywhere....please help!
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    dude thats a said story but it hard not too lugh at sorry dude/ hope find one ,trying a wide world search.
    good luck...
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    all depends, look and see if part is listed as s-tune, s-tune is nissan code for street legal, and can not void warranty as long as installed correctly, r-tune is off road use, and does not imply a warranty, and will not be covered, if damage occurs because of r-tune part, it will not be covered!
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    Does anyone know where or how I can get info on putting my 98 Frontier engine and tranny, (5 speed manual) in an 89 Nissan pickup? I wrecked the front end of my 98 and have an 89 with blown engine and bad tranny.
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    Is there a after market overhead rack gear for Titan? How much is the original Titan overhad rack gear including installation? can I install it myself?
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    Anyone know where to find one for a 2004 Frontier Crew Cab 2WD? We're looking for a 3" suspension lift kit. Everything we find is for a 4WD or for older model Nissans. Got any good leads, hit me up. Thanks.

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    We just got an XM package installed at the dealer and got the antenna that looks like a black square, that curves up - standard I guess. It was installed on the front windshield, passenger corner. From the inside it's not that bad, but my husband doesn't like the way it appears when looking at the truck from the outside. Are there any other options as far as placement, or even options for a different antenna so that we could have it placed somewhere less conspicuous? (we're new to XM) The dealer said he'd look into it but as of now there is no other way for the Titan. Just wondering if anybody else has had success in modifying this situation.

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    Mine is installed on the inside of the windshield and behind the mirror. There is a "mesh" on the winshield that makes it pretty much invisible from the outside.
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    I have a 2004 4X4 Crew cab and want to install an in dash Nav system. Does anyone know of an aftermarket system that is available or is their a different solution such as a portable unit, etc.
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    Has anyone put a camper cap on a Titan? I've yet to see one. I hope to put one on by fall for a trip I'll be making.

    I have the utility bed track. It seems that someone should be making camper cap clamps that would fit into that track.
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    I had a white 2000 XE and had the front bumper and fender flares painted to match the truck. I had the truck for 5 years and the bumper got a few chips, but no more than the
    factory paint on the hood.

    I am not sure if it is the same material as your truck, but it looked great and worked well on my 2000.

    I just purchased a 2005 Frontier LE KC and had the outside mirrors, the front bumper,
    and the mud guards all painted white to match the truck. I have not had it long enough
    to tell if the paint will hold up as well as it did on my 2000, but it looks great.

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    If you are unable to put the frontier motor into your Nissan, I was wondering if you would be willing to sell you nissan Pickup.
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    Does anybody have any suggestions on an aftermarket leveling kit? I'm looking just to raise the front anywhere from 1-2 inches...I hear rumours of the poly kits causing excessive strut wear and this true? Any reccomendations would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance
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    Does anyone know if they make an aftermarket exhaust system for my 1999 Nissan Fronier 2.4L inline 4Cyl
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    Gibson offers a cat-back system.I just put one on my 2000 Frontier 2.4 Auto.Easy install,nice 3.5 inch tip.Its not to loud,i'm liking it more every day.You will need a muffler gasket for where it bolts to the cat.I also have a Header coming that i got the Metallic Crematic Coating on it.I think the header is made by Passetter.I think Gibson is still offering free shipping on there exhaust.
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    I just sold my 2000 XE KC, but I had a Flowmaster one in two out muffler installed on it
    when I first got it. It had a wonderfully deep sound, but turned out to be a little louder than what I wanted for driving on the highway.

    I am currently trying to decide what, if any catback exhaust to put on my '05 LE KC.
    I want something deep, but not much louder than stock. I like the stock exhaust note,
    just wish it was a little louder and a lot deeper.

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    I believe that Stillen makes an aftermarket leveling kit for the 05 frontier. I have a 4wd and have had the same problem finding a kit. The kit is aluminum spring spacers. Hopefully I gave you the right manufacturer, if not the nissan parts department in Deland florida can look it up for you. (386) 734-3003 is their number. The only reason i didn't buy it is because it's a bit pricey for two pieces of metal. I think it was $200. hope i could help
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    If you check Nissan Titan club talk, prerunner greg has been making leveling kits for the Titan, and now has designed one for the Frontier. $250 for the Front leveling kit and rear block. Works great, looks great.
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    i have a 05 crew cab 4x4 titan with cat bac exaust and cold air induction that was installed from the dealer ship as a off road package. i am wanting to ad a chip for more power and to do away with the shut off point (118 mph). where and how much. has the super charger came out for the titan.

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    I searched the archives and didn't find one single post on this....just purchased a Titan and the dealer provided me with a sheet about this Toughguard product that is supposed to protect the paint for a guaranteed five years without ever waxing. I'm generally pretty skeptical about stuff like this. Apparently, the same manufacturer has a similar product for the leather and vinyl and also for fabric.

    Anyone ever used this stuff? Worth the $500 price?
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    I've got an aftermarket IMCO 2.5" exhaust, but i'm looking for headers. Any suggestions? In addition, i'm searching for a leveling kit for the front. I'm aware that Stillen makes a leveling kit for the 2005, but I can't find one for the 2004. Any ideas???? :confuse:
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    There is no leveling kit for the '04 because they have a torsion bar front end, the '05 has a coilover front end. The only way to level the front with the torsion bars is to crank them up, but that's not a good idea. It ruins your alignment and the ride of the truck. I used to have a '98 frontier and bought an '05. The '05 is awesome.
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    I own a 1997 Nissan pickup with the 2.4l engine. With the price of gasoline skyrocketing I was interested in doing whatever I can to increase mpg. Is there anyone who has knowledge of whether the 5th gear in these pickups can be made longer. I figure the lower the rpm's run to stay at 70 mph the better the fuel mileage would be from this pickup. The 200 sx from the same year has a 2.4l engine and is rated at 37 mpg where as my pickup is only rated at 25 mpg. I do understand that aerodynamics play a role in this also, and I am working on that part, but what about changing the transmission. Any information would be appreciated.
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    jefflance1 said: "The 200 sx from the same year has a 2.4l engine and is rated at 37 mpg where as my pickup is only rated at 25 mpg. I do understand that aerodynamics play a role in this also, and I am working on that part, but what about changing the transmission. Any information would be appreciated."

    I think the biggest problem is not the aerodynamics, but sheer weight. My 1998 Frontier, with the same 2.4 engine, only gets 26 mpg, and it's because it weighs over 4100 lbs. The 200SX probably comes in under 3100.

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    just baugth an 06 titan le crew cab will a leveling kit on this void my warranty.
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    does anyone know how I can lower the driver's seat in my 05 Frontier and get some more leg room? Im a tall long legged guy and i LOVE my truck, but woud love it even more with a bit more room. the seat mounting brackets are nowhere near standard and Nissan doesnt make any extended seat rails that I've been able to find. thanks in advance, Fred
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    Anybody know where I can get one of these for a 2002 Frontier 2.4L 4 cyl? I see them everywhere for V6's but nothing for a 4 banger. Also, how loud or throaty or annoying are those Gibson cat back exhaust mods? Thanks!
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    Just bought a New Titan LE KC. Believe it or not it did not come with floor mats. Any recommendations. I have seen the factory rubber and carpeted as well as the x-treme and weatehrtech. Anyone have any experience with any.

    Thx Dave
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    I hear that Titans do not need any alignment at all? Can this be true?

    Also, does all the Titan owners have gas cap covers that can be easily be accessed to by using your finger? im used to using a level from the inside of my car to open the gas tank for refueling. This to me is safety and to protect from gas thefts. Any recommendations as to what i should get to protect my gas tank/cap on my 06 Titan? Thanks

    High :)
  • highrollerhighroller Member Posts: 351
    to answer my own question, yes alignment is possible and yes there's a locking gas cap w/ a key. The only problem with the key gas cap is that it may trigger the engine light to go on and therefore cause the egr valve to malfunction.

    High :)
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    you can easily replace the "factory" XM antenna with an aftermarket Micro XM antenna that mounts magnetically (see link below). I installed the factory setup myself and decided I didnt like the antenna on the windshield either. I bought a micro XM antenna that I mounted at the back centr of the cab roof above the third tail light. Its hardly noticeable and I was able to run the wiring under the floor moulding and out the back of the drivers side back door and it laid right in the window channel around the back sliding glass and around the third light, so you hardly see any exposed wire at all. The folks at XM will tell you "we dont know if it will work", but thats BS. Mine works perfectly and looks soooo much better that that stupid windshield thing. what the hell was Nissan thinking? hope this helps
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    Hey folks I am in need of some information. Aiming to improve my handling and fuel efficiency.

    I have a 98 frontier extended cab 2.4, 4 banger, stick shift and want to lower it about 2 inches on all 4 corners (is that a good idea). I am going for better handling. Heard about lowering spindles, lowered torsion bars (is that the same as cranking down the torsion bars and wont that affect my handling and tire wear?) and drop coil springs. I am now really confused as to which maintains the best ride and wont wear out my tires or parts. The rears I am just going to use lowering blocks.

    A cat back exhaust, headers later. Who's has the better product? Looking at performance, low mellow sound as opposed to raw and loud and durability.

    Throttle body spacer. I have heard that they work well to increase torque and power, anyone tried it?

    The body stuff I will leave until later.

    Which reputable company can I buy this stuff from?

    Thanks a bunch,
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    I have a 04 LE 4x4 crew and my truck does not shut off.I have been 130 mph and still going.I am second owner and did not know they had a shut off point.I guess the first owner did some work on the truck.Now i have to find out what was done this is good to know. THANKS
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