choices of diesel pickup4s in the states

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a few years ago i bought a s10 4,3 vortec in the
states and brought it to my homecountry Denmark. I
like "american" sized engines and I can accept the
quality. However, for Denmark even this engine is
pretty expensive in gas (gas is about 1 doller per
liter (quarter of a gallon) in Denmark.Diesel
however is cheaper, but the silverado, CK or Ford F
series are to big for my use. Therefore I would
like to know which choices of diesel I have from
the states (The best would be if someone could cram
the 7,3 diesel into the Ford Ranger)


  • etuffly2etuffly2 Member Posts: 29
    Wait til the 2000 model year comes out and get the 6.6 direct injection CHEVY. BEST diesel money can buy, more horsepower, more torque, and better fuel economy. Don't waste your money on the Ford or Dodge. Their diesels are way OVERPRICED for what you get. Be patient, get a CHEVY and you'll be a WINNER - even in Denmark.
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    There really aren't any decent small US automotive diesels these days. The larger ones, such as the 7.3l Navistar you mentioned, would be unusable in a standard-size European vehicle -- The PowerStroke, for example, weighs 930lb (422kg) dry! Most of the good smaller diesels over here are coming from VW and MB, sorry.
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    Dodge diesel is overpriced, but for what you get it's worth it. Do you really think the new 6.6l chev-zu diesel is going to be priced the same as the current, get real. Gm is doing exactly what dodge is doing buying from someone else, so price
    is definnetly going to be higher, especially in the first year. Buy the cummins it will have the 6sp automatic (by allison)in a few short months, which then cummins will be able to dish out a lot more power. Forget about the izuzu, buy american.
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    actually, dodgeram, 40% of Isuzu is owned by Chevrolet, and the Engine will be made in Michigan. Pretty much all your money is staying in the states.

    I agree with you on the price, I'm pretty sure the new Chevrolet Diesel will be comparable in price to the cummins and Navistar.
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    I figure it this way.
    I have the Ford '99 now. I'll be retiring about this time in '08. I was always a GM man until Roger really messed with the products. Maybe the '08 model year will have the bugs ironed out by then.
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    Does anyone have any experience with the '94 Ford (Navistar) non-turbo diesel.?. How much torque does it have?
  • cdeancdean Member Posts: 1,110
    about 400 ftlbs.
  • tnt2tnt2 Member Posts: 115
    I thought that the new diesels were going to be made in the new GM-Isuzu diesel engine plant being built in Dayton, OH. Any word on this?
  • cdeancdean Member Posts: 1,110
    i thought they were retooling the factory that built the 6.5s.
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    The new Isuzu 6.6 is being built in a brand new building in Moraine, not far from the current 6.5 plant - most of the workers in the 6.5 plant are expected to transfer to the new plant.
  • tnt2tnt2 Member Posts: 115
    Go past it couple times a week. Talk last year was that the plant wouldn't see production for at least 2-3 years. This was not official talk, but what the workers and news media were saying. Judging by the looks of the building I would say they are right. What is GM going to do in the meantime?

    kcram ... You are right about it being in Moraine, not Dayton, missed it by about 100yds. Most people know of Dayton, nobody knows Moraine.
  • etuffly2etuffly2 Member Posts: 29

    Thanks for the info. It's interesting. Sounds like the IDI Navistar wouldn't pull much better than my old '98 Chevy 350, which had 255 hp/ 335 lb.ft. My dad has a '91 Ford with non-turbo diesel and he likes it o.k. but doesn't do any heavy pulling. I ordered a '99 Chevy with a 454 and it's rated at 290 hp/410 lb.ft so it should pull my travel trailer o.k. and get somewhat comparable fuel mileage to the old IDI Navistar.
  • stanfordstanford Member Posts: 606
    Well, not quite on the mileage, but comparable power. My '93 non-turbo IDI Navistar CC got 16mpg city/highway (mostly city), 18mpg highway, and dipped to about 12.5mpg with 7000#. If you can get those numbers with your 454 -- my hat's off to you and GM. Still, modern gas engines are more than capable of both HD towing and daily driving, that's for sure.
  • etuffly2etuffly2 Member Posts: 29
    With my 3500 CC Chevy 4WD with a 350 I was getting just under 17 mpg on the highway - only about 10 in city driving. Problem was it crapped out to 7 or 8 when pulling an 8,000 pound travel trailer and no power up grades.

    I figure the 454 should get 15 or better on the highway and hopefully over 10 pulling the trailer WITH some power. If not I'll be sorely disappointed again.
  • cdeancdean Member Posts: 1,110

    The numbers you're hoping for are about what my Dad's 454 CC 4x4 gets. '92 model, TBI, i think the vortec numbers are about 1 mpg lower. funny, on the highway at 55-60 he only gets12-13 mpg, but at 85-90 he gets 14-15 mpg. So in the name of the environment, speed up....
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