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Cadillac Catera Maintenance & Repair



  • Good for you. Was it the rods or the motor gear?
  • Hi Folks,
    I am new to the forum, my name is Sean and I own a 97 Sport with 116K miles on it. Recently it would not start, dead battery. Jumped it, got the electriacl system tested at a Firestone store. Checked OK. A few weeks later - the same thing - but for several days I would jump it, Volt gauge woud show a healthy charge taking place then I'd come back later and battery would be dead again. Then for weeks it was fine. Now - its more the rule than the exception. Anyone have an idea as to would is going on? Do I have an intermittant short somewhere?
    Thanks in advance -- Sean
  • I have a 98 Catera, with 106,000 miles, the check eng light came on about three months ago, but it was running fine so I hadn't bothered with it, then a few weeks ago , it started sputtering very lightly at idle, which has became worse and is now a dead misfire, sometimes it runs well at first then the misfire returns after several miles, I scanned it and got a secondary air injection code plus a random misfire, #5, and #2 misfire, my question is could the secondary air injection be a likely cause for the misfire ?..., or is it more likely a separate problem causing the misfire ?..., I noticed that the #2 and #5 wires are adjacent to each other where they plug on the coil pack, so could there be arcing between them ?
    Also I cleared the codes and now the secondary air injection, catalist, and evap IM status won't reset, is that normal given the other problems I mentioned ?
    And I also would like to know what are the most common causes of the secondary air injection problems ?...I found a broken vacuum line and fixed that but it didn't help, or maybe it did but the misfire is causing it not to reset ?
  • acurryacurry Posts: 27
    yes i have an 2000 catera the miss firing that you have going on is the spark plugs and its time to replace them and prob your coils also. mine started to miss fire at 125000 miles replace all spark plugs and one coil. other than that the code for the air flow i have that code also and im am not sure what is causing that problem if you find out please let me know and reply to that thanks.
  • 2sweet2sweet Posts: 1
    acurry i have a catera as well and the abs light, tc light and the speed and odometer are not working. did you find out what was causing yours. i was told to get a new speed sensor and that there are two minor exhaust leaks. i just spent a "GRIP" on repairs a month or so ago. the lights on the dash went out and came right back on. i have gotten a new o2 sensor, fuel pump...............
  • acurryacurry Posts: 27
    yes i have an exhaust leak also i can hear it a guy tried a speed sensor off another catera and it didnt make a difference at all took it to the dealer said i need a new computer and its really getting high on cost due to the money i have already put into the car for many prev repairs
  • I am replying to an older message by " vickorlac" I got a
    wake up call my first summer with a '97 Cat that I bought
    used ( but fully serviced by a Volkswagon Mechanic ! ) Oil
    pressure bottomed triggering the alarm/idiot light. What
    was suggested was using an oil stabilizer and the one I prefer is the Lucas brand. ( I know,. I hate plugs ) The
    maunal calls for 5W-30 but under heat and pressure most
    motor oils can liquify too much, hence the oil stabilizer.
    Caution: ensure your oil sender and gauge is calibrated to
    within reason, and don't overdo it with the Lucas stuff ( 1/3 bottle will do in most cases ). Also in summer months I tend to blend QUALITY motor oils of the same brand but different visc rating - sometimes 20W-40/50 and my oil pressure is now quite healty at idle. My big problem with the German Caddy is the front facia is a tad low. Ouch !
  • merckxmerckx Posts: 565
    At low speed full lock,my steering whel groans on my 2001 Catera. Has anyone had this problem?
  • What the heck.... I just experienced the same problem this morning! I thought because I was in Canada and its getting cold that something must of contracted. Can anyone come up with a solution.

    Tony Rinella
  • hi all new here i have 2000 catera with same problems fuse #10 body control modular fuse it blows a lot just had car 3 weeks any help ?????
  • Hello. I'm very new here. I've been watching this forum for some time now and decided to join. I bought a 2000 Cadillac Catera for $6300 with 59,665 miles on it 11 months ago. I have had only (1) issue with the car since I bought it. A wear and tear item went out on me and was a bit pricy to fix, around $450. The dealer was upfront with me and told me about the oil leak the car had. Like others in this forum have described, it's coming from behind the valve cover on the passenger side and rolling to the driver's side and then burning off on top of the engine. Little poofs of smoke can be seen escaping from under the hood on the driver's side from time to time. I have not had an estimate yet to fix it but I have had it looked at. The repair shop that looked at the problem told me that not alot of oil was escaping but it could get worse if I don't have it fixed in a reasonable amount of time. I am concerned about a couple of other things I have noticed during the summer months with the car. Perhaps someone here has had this happen to them. This summer has been hot and one day a few months ago, the car began to run a little hot. I didn't pay too much attention to it but as the weeks progressed, the car began to run hotter. There were a couple of times that I was forced to shut the car off for fear of burning up the engine. Now it is very cold outside but the car still likes to run a little hot. Anybody know what the deal is with that? Any tips to keep this girl cooled off? Fans not kicking on? Add another couple of fans? Also, it's rare, I mean really rare but sometimes when I jump on the expressway, I speed up and somewhere between 50 and 60 MPH the car falls into snow gear. A light on the dash flashes repeatedly. If I stop the car, it is in 3rd gear and accelerates very slowly. The only way to return the car to normal operation is to turn it off and then back on again. Very odd and rare. Anybody have that happen to them? In any event, the car now has 71,000 miles and other than a couple of nuisance issues, I love it. I'm sorry to hear that others have not had good experiences with this model car. I guess I have been lucky. At any rate, if anyone can provide some tips I would appreciate it. Thanks a million.
  • Greetings all.
    I just replaced my brakes and rotors on the front. I ran in to a couple of problems. The rotors are secured by an extra allen type bolt used during assembly. Both were seized up so I drilled off the head of the bolt. I used some cobalt drill bits and they cut through it like butter. After putting the new rotor on I snapped off a bolt that holds the caliper on. The local Lowes had a replacement.

    I've had reasonably good luck with my `00 Catera since I've bought it ~3 years ago(knock on wood). The CSPS was the biggest repair although I've had a coolant leak on the driver side around the time of purchase and can't remember exactly what it was they fixed. Whatever it was the dealership said it was a fairly common problem. I'm at 96k miles so I'm sure the worst is to come. I'll keep you updated.
  • I have a 2001 Catera. The zone climate control is malfunctioning. On the driver's side, it blows out cold air, while on the passenger side, it blows hot air. This in spite of the fact that the temperatures settings are identical for both sides. Any suggestions?
  • only a portion of the center high-mounted stoplamp works, on my recently purchased 1998 catera, looking through the owners manual, it shows how to replace all bulbs except these. manual says ' see your dealer '.
    there is a snap on type trunk lid liner, must this be taken off ? I'm afraid if I do take it off the plastic snaps will break they often do and the liner will not attatch as secure.
  • recently purchased 1998 Catera
    this seems really strange, but my heater / defrost / rw defogger will not come on untill the car is put in Drive gear
    and go mabey 20 feet or so.
    It's getting COLD here in Wisconsin and I would like to warm up and defog / defrost ' BEFORE ' I pull out of the drive way and into moving traffic. tried auto mode, manual mode and " NADA " any help would be mucho appreciated.
  • acurryacurry Posts: 27
    well all i know about the third light is that the dealer has to replace that light. and trust me its a pain that is the only one that you cannot replace
  • You probably have a door that is not opening & closing. It is located in behind dash. I have same problem. My right side kicks out hot air & left side cold. You will probably have to take it to Cadillac dealer & have it diagnosed. I took mine to a reputable mechanic but he couldn't diagnose the problem.
  • Crankshaft position sensor needs replacing. It is located behind oil filter & line runs up just below firewall area. I had same problem. Would run a few minutes & die.
  • smsssmss Posts: 3
    Advice requested. Own '01 catera with more repairs done than I can list. Latest problem is car went in day before warranty expired with oil light on and low oil pressure. Dealer added 1 Qt. oil and sent me on my way. (oil had been changed about 3400 miles prior) Car had been in on many occassions with oil light or engine light on. Warranty expires and 3months and 3000 miles later, car had loud engine noise- diagnosis- damaged lifters/ badly damaged cylinder heads, burned and scarred camshafts, camshaft bearing surface and camshaft bearing caps due to lack of oil. Estimate- $7000.00. I contacted cadillac and asked how all of this could happen in less than 4000 miles. Basically told- my problem.
  • How many miles on your engine?

    Did warranty expire because of in service date or miles?

    When did you purchase car [exact date] and from dealer?
  • Had same problem with 2000 catera...low manual pressure, light on...I changed the sensor..solved that problem
  • smsssmss Posts: 3
    It has about 75000 miles and warranty expired due to date not miles
  • Hi everyone !
    i got a 97 catera and my break pad wear light and the radiator light came on. I changed my breaks but the problem still there. Matter of fact, while driving when i step on the breaks, the wheel shakes...anybody out there, please help.
    thank you...
  • acurryacurry Posts: 27
    need to replace rotors and break speed senors which are only at the dealer but not too much rotors can be purchased at auto store
  • 2000 catera starts then revs to 2000 rpms then dies or idles rough just replaced valve cover gaskets had oil leaking i plug wells allso replaced crank shaft position sensor need help does not throw any codes
  • what was the car doing to make u replace all that
  • can u tell me where u found mass air flow sensor and cost thanks
  • I have succesfully done a small block engine swap in my 97 Catera.. as most of you I had problems with my electrical system that was going to cost alot of money to fix.. therefore after reading many horror stories I decided that It was in my better interest to keep the car.. #1 reason.. I really like the car...#2 nobody would buy it anyways.. but i did a 5.7L 350 swap with a TH-400 and used the stock rear end.. and wow what a difference I have all the style of a cadillac with the performance it should have had originally.. I plan on starting a website with pics soon for you guys that wanted to see it done :surprise:
  • Small block swap is a good idea...GM builds the same car in their GM Holdens division in Australia. They will import this car as the Pontiac G8 later this year. Very good platform and great performance [eats BMWs].

    PS: my 2000 Catera is still running strong with 98k miles, with no electrical problems.
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