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GM Gas Tank Certificates

edl55347edl55347 Member Posts: 46
I have been waiting a couple of months for a gas tank certifcate to come back from GM that was orginally sent to my brother. GM sys it has been processed, but noone knows if it was actually mailed or not.
The dealer will not close the sale using the certificate because I do not have the actual certificate. Currently, I have only a copy of the application that was sent to GM.
Has anyone else had this problem?
Is there any other solution to get this finalized.


  • sonjaabsonjaab Member Posts: 1,057
    I used one of them in may when I bought
    my 01. I showed my application to Mr.
    dealer he took them and that was the
    last I heard from them........
    Also got my gm discount , gm card cash too
    rebate and special 2.9 financing........
    BTW I only got $250 on my certificate
    Why ? Because the cert. was not in my name,
    I wasn't related or living at the same
    address and I used a gm employee discount.
    Its funny about your dealer..........
    Who knows ? Good luck..............geo
  • joe3891joe3891 Member Posts: 759
    I waited over 2 mos to get mine,they are very slow but you will get it.
  • edl55347edl55347 Member Posts: 46
    I should be able to use mine for a 1000 since I purchased the pickup from my brother who originally had the certificate. He has given me the certificate to use.
    I have now been told that when the certficate comes, we both need to sign off on it and resend it in for a third party certificate.
    I can imagine this looks like it could drag on for a while. In the meantime, the vehicle I ordered sits in the dealer lot.......
    They will close the sale if I want to use the certificate until the certificate comes in.
    I guess I have to decide if I want to wait....
  • sonjaabsonjaab Member Posts: 1,057
    Like I said they closed it for me with
    just the paperwork.........
    Never know the rebates might INCREASE
    while u wait......................geo
  • revkerrevker Member Posts: 33
    how do you get those certificates? could use a several hundrd off. just ordered a 2002 HD LT w/ snoplow prep. thinking about using it for plowing. thanks.
  • sonjaabsonjaab Member Posts: 1,057
    If you are the registered owner of a 79 (?)
    thru 87 full size chevy PU. It was part of
    the sidesaddle gas tank settlement by Gm
    and the Gov't.
    GM would of sent u one...........
  • greybarongreybaron Member Posts: 17
    I had one of the required trucks all through the lawsuit period. Last April GM finally sent me the application for the 1000 certificate. I promptly filled it out and returned it in the enclosed envelope. That was the last I ever heard from them. I think this is the same treatment that you receive when you purchase a new GM car and have problems with it.
    They give you a phone # to call but all you get is a recording and an address to send inquiries to. I sent an inquiry several weeks ago, but apparently they are ignoring that too.
    I would probably be happier with a Toyota anyway.
  • edl55347edl55347 Member Posts: 46
    The number on the certficate will only get you a message. Try 800-341-4462, option 3. This number has real people. They ask for the certificate number or VIN number. If you don't have either, you will need the complete name and address from the application. The said my application was approved on 8/13/01, but I still have not seen the certificate either.
    I am waiting for it....
  • greybarongreybaron Member Posts: 17
    I called the number you posted and after quite a wait, got through. After looking up my status, she said there was nothing there and they would send out another application and glibly added that "it usually works better on the second application". Wonderful! After waiting for four months (not to mention the 4 or 5 years that the lawsuit has been going on) they tell me that I have to start at square 1. Maybe they figure that if they frustrate you enough, you will just go away.
    As much as I want to "buy American" they make it almost impossible between the quality of their products and the treatment they give their customers.
    Anyway, thanks again.
  • fortopfortop Member Posts: 239
    However, once I sent in the applications it was about 2 months before I got the actual certificates. I used one on a new Yukon, and am holding the other one until the full value expiration next July to see if I buy another new vehicle. One thing that may not be widely known is that if you sell your qualified truck to another person, that person can also get the $1000 off as long as they can prove that they are now the owner of the vehicle.
    I think the response you get is the luck of the draw, but at least there was no hassle at the dealer in using the certificate.
  • edl55347edl55347 Member Posts: 46
    I finally received my certificate, It took about 7 weeks to get. Now off to the dealer.....
  • edl55347edl55347 Member Posts: 46
    I took the certificate along with a copy of the title transfer to dealer. They honored it and I now have my new truck, 2002 trailblazer. Great truck!!
  • greybarongreybaron Member Posts: 17
    At least someone had some luck with these guys. I sent them a letter about a month ago, or longer and called them on their dealer line. I haven't got any results so far. I think the certificate will expire before I receive it.
    Well enjoy your new trailblazer, I drove one at the dealer and they are very nice.
  • tucsonjwttucsonjwt Member Posts: 265
    brand website (Chevy or GMC, depending on your brand of truck). I have had good success with this method of contacting GM. You don't get the real people who can help you, but they will (I think) refer you to the proper people. It seems like they have a good PR group hooked to their sites - so why not give it a try? At least you will get some response directly. Let us know how it works out. I am currently giving GM an A grade for customer service, so let us know if this method does not work out for you. I know that you will eventually prevail. Good Luck.
  • edl55347edl55347 Member Posts: 46
    If you call the number I posted earlier, be sure to use option 3. I was able to get a live person every time (5-6 times). They always ask for the certificate number or VIN number associated with the certificate. If you don't have either, then you will need name and address of the person listed on the certificate.
    If it has been a couple of months, I would consider asking for a duplicate certificate. I was told it was possible to get one if the old was lost before it actually got to you. Luckily, I received the original within a few days of asking about this.
    One other note: for those who have not sent in the application, send it registered mail so you can be sure they received it.
  • greybarongreybaron Member Posts: 17
    I still haven't heard back from GM. I got through on the phone about two weeks ago and they said they would send out duplicate applications (I am entitled to two certificates) right away.
    I sent the original applications in about the middle of May. They said that they had no record of them. I'm glad someone likes their customer service because so far with me they rate an F.
    I'll try the e-mail route and see if that gets anywhere. What do I have to loose?
    I'll keep you informed as to the progress or lack of.
  • greybarongreybaron Member Posts: 17
    I'm making a little progress here. Only a little over four months since I sent in the first set of Applications for Certificate and today I received another set of applications in the mail . I filled them out, copied them, and sent them certified-return receipt. Maybe it will go better this time.
    The e mail approach didn't work out at all. They answered my letter but told me that they couldn't help. These new applications must be either the result of a letter I sent off about 6 weeks ago or my phone call (while pretending to be a dealer) about two weeks ago. Well thats all thats new, I'll keep you informed.
  • edl55347edl55347 Member Posts: 46
    Good luck, not to be pessimistic, but hopefully it will not take another 6 weeks to get them.
  • greybarongreybaron Member Posts: 17
    I thought I would let you guys know(if you're still watching this site) that it's been almost a month since I sent in my second set of applications and I still haven't heard back. I think its all a big plot to harrass me. Especially considering the rebates that are available now. I guess my only hope is that they will extend the rebates.
    I did get the card back from the post office showing that they received my letter. Maybe we can get a group of people that they screwed on the rebates and have another class action lawsuit(lol).
    I'll let you know if I ever get them.
  • sonjaabsonjaab Member Posts: 1,057
    Its back on top thru all posts
  • greybarongreybaron Member Posts: 17
    Well wonders never cease!! I got one of my certificates in the mail today. The other shouldn't be too far behind. Thanks again to all of you who provided valuable advice to me.
    I am thinking of a new GMC crew cab short bed with the Duramax. Am going to need more than this certificate to put a dent in the price of that.
  • edl55347edl55347 Member Posts: 46
    At least you got one so far.
    Good luck on the truck!
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