dodge trucks motor pinging

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I can see having a problem, but when you do you should fix it not make it worse to cover your@##$


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    Holly $%^ I need a friends truck pulling me and a extra tank like on those old fighter planes that had to make it to Germany.YOU boys at chrysler writing the software for the pickups should be flogged.
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    What the hell are you talking about??

    The 318 and 360 are legendary in reliability and strength. Dodge might have a few other quirks, but their motors are hard to beat!
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    55,000 miles on my '98 and not a bit of trouble.
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    my motor was pinging since it was new, took it to the dealer and was told it was an manifold gasket that they were having problems sucking oil into the cylinders. when i picked it up they reprogramed the computer retarded the timing since then it has lost alot of power and the milage is terrible. it was bad when i bought it but i knew that. All chrysler says is tough luck. i have a 93 chevy company pickup with 200,000 on it that runs from dusk to dawn everyday and it is running better than my new 99 dodge that is pampered. Also my doors are rusting out but they wont do anything about that either. pretty sick for a vehical with 15,000 miles on it. also front tires are cupping told to get an aliment,never been off roaded or in any potholes. hey i realize you can have problems with any vehical, but at least you can admit to them and fix them.
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    A truck with rusted out doors at 15,000 miles,where do you drive it the bottom of the ocean? Sorry that was a little rough. But your story smells fishy. Can't help you,I have never had any trouble with the dozen or so Mopars I've owned,so I guess I'm just incredibly lucky because everyone knows that Dodge can't build a decent truck and they are the most unscrupoulus company there is. My gut feeling here is that you don't own a Dodge at all but are suffering from Dodge envy. I could be wrong I have been before,if I am I apologize in advance. My '92 Ram got a great big chip in the paint and at 138,000 miles the bare metal was just starting to glaze over with light surface rust and I live in NY where you can find more salt on the road than on your McDonalds french fries. If what you claim is true then I do truly feel for you,but don't judge the whole forest by one tree,nothing is perfect and you may have got a lemon,but Ford,Chevy,Mazda,Honda,Nissan,and yes even Toyota all screw one up occasionally too.
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    i live in cny like i said this truck is pampered
    were the weather stripping is under the doors it is rusting pretty good. allways garaged and washed the salt off . i do a lot of traveling in my work and have had several new trucks we do a pretty good job of testing them out and this is ridiculous.several of the operators that work for me plow snow and they were going through trannies like crazy.they trough in that extended warrenty for me as part of the deal gues you need it with a dodge, if you can get them to honor i. anyone want to buy a dodge pickup with low miles?
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    it woldnt bother me about the problems except chrysler told me tough @#$$ like i said im a union man and i try to buy american products but after this dodge will be off my list. something must be wrong if you have to offer the most in rebates for a new vehical. i wouldnt doubt it if you say some kind of class action suits
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    I don't mean to sound argumentative but my Ram just turned over 10,000 miles and I don't see one speck,spot or stain on it. Which union are you in? Just saying hi as a brother,I'm in Carpenters local 700,oops,local 281 now that they merged us. As a union carpenter I am not allowed to use my personal truck for company use so I don't know about plowing. But I never had any problems with the tranny in any of my Dodges. I have had over a dozen Mopars and never had any major trouble with any of them so you can imagine why I find your claims so strange. We have had a few minor problems with my wifes Grand Cherokee but our Dodge dealer has been great in fixing them promptly and completely,perhaps you need a new dealer.
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