2000 Honda Accord V6 (EGR Valve replaced 2 times)

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Checking to see if anyone has had similar problems with their 2000 Accord. Nov.00 my car had reached 27 K miles when the check engine light came on. Took the car to the dealer and was advised if I had the 30,000 mile service done that this would take care of my problem. NOT. The engine light came on the next morning. I took the car back to the dealer and 3 days later they decided to replace the EGR valve. All was well until my mileage reached 35K in March 2001. I took my car to my regular dealer(This is my 2nd
Accord and previously owned Prelude)who has serviced my cars for several years. They were aware of the previous EGR problem and decided to clean my EGR valve. Guess what...the light stayed off until I reached 47K miles just last week. I took the car into my regular dealer again for brake replacement and we discussed my check engine light problem. I did not have time that day to leave the car and decided it was best to go back to the original dealer who had done the first replacement. This dealer decided to chemically clean the EGR valve and ports and that this should resolve the problem. I inquired about further investigation of my problem (as in talking to California tech's again) and was advised that this should get rid of the problem. WRONG...the light came on again. Luckily this dealership did not charge me for the soaking of my EGR valve the previous day but ...the next day
they spoke with the tech's in California at Honda and they advised that my EGR valve would need to be replaced. I of course inquired about Honda covering the cost of this replacement and was advised that the District Manager would have to be contacted. The reply from the DM was that Honda would in fact cover the cost of the part but I ..the one who keeps on losing use of my car..and time...would be responsible for the labor cost. I was advised to contact the Honda Customer Service 800 number which I did. I made a complaint about my recurring problem. The preson that I spoke with was very understanding and advised me that if I would have contacted them before the DM was contacted by the dealership that they would have absorbed the labor and part cost. She advised that she could not override decision of DM as he had final word.
She advised me that this was a one time only "Goodwill part" offered by Honda to replace my valve and that any additional problems that I had of this kind would be at my expense. She did check on recalls of this type for my model and none were out. I asked if I had any additonal recouse and was advised to call the Better Business Bureau. I laughed. I could not believe that this was the only response that Honda would offer. I get more attention when I am looking for a new car - or while I am waiting on my car to be repaired and the salespeople think that I am looking to purchase. When I tell the salesperson of my problem they walk away. I was advised by a new friend at one of the dealerships that some 2000 models are just now coming in with this problem. I guess most people do not drive as much as I do (suburban working mom with kids in private school and husband who coaches baseball). Please respond if you have this problem or know of another solution that the Honda tech's have not found. The code from the computer is always the same. The dealer who has now replaced this valve twice has offered to set up a meeting for me to discuss my problems with the district manager for my area. I will advise if the happens what the outcome is. I still have faith that Honda will do what is right to correct my problem as I have supported their organization for many years between purchases and maintenance.
By the way so far so good with my car. My light has not come on for 2 days but I do not want to jinx myself. Thanks for your time and any info that you have to pass on. Life is still good...


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    The PCV valve is usually covered under the emissions warranty. When you got your car you should have a book with your owners manual that probably says 2000 Honda Warranties. It has the emissions warranty information and it should show the coverage. My 1997 Acura has the PCV valve covered for 4/50k (actually its 10/150k now due to a noncompliant OBDII system). Other emissions systems are covered for 8/80k for federal and 7/70k for california. Good luck.
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    Thank you for your response. My warranty on this part is 3/36. I wonder if a possible problem is already known about (EGR VALVE ITSELF DEFECTIVE) or if other problems exist within the motor itself. I heard a rumor during my last stay at the shop that it is possible in the future that something will be done. Enough consumers will have to voice their opinion. Still loving life...Have a great day!
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    Yes check to see what parts are covered by the Federally or State Mandated Emissions Warranty.

    EGR is an emissions device, so it may be covered.d

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    I have had a similar experience with my 1999 Odyssey van. It uses the same V6 engine as the accord. My "Check Engine Light" came on at 25k,25k,36k,36k and 37k. On every occasion it was always the same problem "Low flow at EGR port". Honda fixed my problem the first two times under warranty. The third time I was 700 miles out of warranty so I took it to my local mechanic who removed the code and told me to drive it for a few days.($35) He said if it recurred, he would have to follow Honda's procedure and replace the EGR valve. Three days later the light recurred an I replaced the EGR valve ($228). He said if that didn't fix it he would have to remove the intake manifold and clean the EGR port there. Of course it happened three days later. This time I took it to Honda where they cleaned the port for $152 because I was out of warranty.($415 total).

    I researched the problem at the NHTSA web site and found there were Honda TSB's concerning this problem. One is TSB 00-009 of 3/2/2000 where it calls for re-routing the pcv valve outlet. There is also an "Service Engineering Summary" of 10/16/2000 where it states that the repairs called for in TSB 00-009 are ok for cars which don't already have a plugged EGR port, but that for cars which have already suffered a plugged EGR port, that dealers should follow the procedures in TSB 99-085 for the Honda Accord V6, procedure B. This procedure simply says that in addition to re-routing the pcv valve outlet that the dealer should also clean the EGR port in the intake manifold by running an 8cm drill bit thru the port.

    When I took this information back to my Honda service manager and told him this was really a recurring problem that began when I was still under warranty, he agreed to refund the $152 he charged me the week before. I told him that wasn't enough, I wanted $200. He then gave me a service credit of $48 to use later. I took the deal. Figured I couldn't do any better. I wrote to Honda Customer Service and asked them for a refund but they refused.

    I don't know if they fixed the EGR port and pcv valve re-route on the 2000 Accord, but I'd sure use the information I provide here as the basis for a discussion with your service mgr.
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