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Dent Wizard

lacarguylacarguy Member Posts: 9
I get so much great information from Edmunds site. That I wanted to contribute. Someone on one of the posts mentioned they had good results using the dent wizard, which is a paintless body work. I had a ugly buckle like demage in my right passergers doors. Anyway, I took it to the Dent Wizard and within the time I went to get some lunch when I returned it look brand new. I definely would recommend it for those who have the parking lot dings that are so annoying. And it is less than half the cost of a regular body shop.


  • csandstecsandste Member Posts: 1,866
    I purchased an 01 Elantra with slight hail damage which had been repaired by another paintless dent removal firm. At delivery I noticed a small blemish in the roof and another paint problem brought about by shipping tape. Although I thought the dealer would simply buff it out he repainted both panels. This leaves only the trunk lid that was repaired and not repainted.

    The only negatives I've heard about such services is that the clear coat can sometimes be damaged and that may not be apparent for some time. I was careful to have the dealer state that the full manufacturers paint warranty applies.

    Other than that, they did an extremely good job. Can't tell the difference. I'd certainly use this type of service for small dings as opposed to a traditional bodyshop approach.
  • roaminroamin Member Posts: 6
    Which Dent Wizard did you go to, (I live in LA)? Someone just dented and buckled my front quarter panel in the parking garage at work. And how much did your repair cost?
  • shemzshemz Member Posts: 34
    i have an altima that was hit from the rear side..under the gas cap. it doesnt look very bad but its a big round dent. I was woundering how much roughly it would cost to fix it...or what is thei price range....and the paint too...
  • bigfurbigfur Member Posts: 649
    Ok folks quick insight on PDR here. Most PDR people will go after dents about the size of a quarter, no bigger. If you have it done look very carefully at the clear coat on the paint sometimes it can crack the clear coat and cause rust. If you have a large dent from say a bumper or a bike...can try but odds are they wont come all the way out.
    Former auto body repair tech
  • bmatesicbmatesic Member Posts: 2
    Trust me, we can fix all sorts of sizes and shapes dents,creases. Just because this person is a bodyman doesn't mean he knows what we can fix.
  • csandstecsandste Member Posts: 1,866
    Could you comment on the oft repeated warning about hurting the clear coat?
  • bmatesicbmatesic Member Posts: 2
    There sometimes is a chance of clearcoat damage(cracking). But it depends on the type of damage, if it is a real bad dent it could happen, but if the tech takes his time it could be allright.
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