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First set of tires were Goodyear and I got 18K miles on them. I just figured they were cheaper tires so I bought Michelins. After 16K miles these tires are within 4K of needing to be replaced. I have rotated every 5K, so that's not the problem. Is anyone else experiencing this problem with the tires that are recommended for Lexus ES300s?


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    Most factory tires have a medium tread rating [200 or so] to insure that the car brakes and handles well [the softer the tread the better the tire performs].
    Many aftermarket designs have harder rubber to increase tire life at the expense of not meeting as designed specs......owners are legally responsible when the choose a harder tire.
    In Europe and Japan you cannot run a tire with diminished specifications due to annual vehicle inspections.
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    I need advice on what brand tires to buy for 95 ls 400.
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    Well, with your rather vague question it's hard to provide an accurate recommendation.

    Having said that, I think the Michelin Energy MXV4 Plus is a great all- around tire for that car. It does most everything well. A true no-brainer choice.

    Others to consider are the Michelin Pilot XGTV4 for the more aggressive driver; the Pirelli P6000 Sport Veloce; Tthe Yokohama Avid V4 or the new Dunlop SP Sport A2 for good value.

    Whatever you do, do not buy some El Cheapo no-name tire. Those are OK for older, inexpensive cars but a Lexus has a very sophisticated suspension that needs a top quality tire to maximize it's performance. A cheap tire negates all the engineering and development that makes your car what it is.

    Hope this helps.
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