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I just had to replace my 97' Quest engine, with only 82K miles, because of "a missing oil lubrication hole from the crankshaft bearings", (from phil bailey at The work was done at a rural Ford dealership because of where it broke down. My local Nissan Service Manager denied that they had had any problems with the engines, but phil B. says there is a "secret warranty". What's the best way to get Nissan to cover the costs of replacing a defective engine??? I only know about this because the Ford mechanic honestly answered my questions.


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    You have my full attention. I own a 2000 Mercury Villager, and a 1998 Nissan Pathfinder that has the same engine.
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    I may be mistaken but I don't think the 97's have the same engine as the 99's & on up. The 99 models were completely revamped---I think.
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    The 3.0 V6 in the previous generation Quest served as the platform for the 3.3 V6 in the current generation Quest. It is my understanding that Nissan thoroughly modified or replaced most internal components in the conversion. I would hope that if there was a missing lubrication hole from the crankshaft bearings that the new generation engine would have eliminated this defect. Given that Nissan offers a 60,000 mile warranty on these engines it would seem peculiar if they allowed this defect to continue - could potentially be a very expensive quality control over-sight.
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    The Nissan 3.3L is an outstanding engine, but certainly does not induce whiplash from its acceleration. I have two of them, and sincerely expect them to be virtually problem free.
    Ooooh, expectations! I know.
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    I won't be posting here anymore if someone doesn't replace the word Ford with the word Mercury in the title... (:^}
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