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Well I have a 94 Z71 with the 5.7 liter V8.. Love this engine to death!! Tows great, sounds great, accelerates great, dependable as a newfoundland dog.. An overall great motor.. Only beef is the gas milage but I guess you can't expect 25 mpg outta a gas V8 anyhow now can ya?? hehehe Well that's my opinion on this engine.. I love my truck, bumper to bumper and everything in between.. :)

Swoosh Man


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    I have two of the new pickups, a 99 1500 w/4.8L and an 00 w/6.0L.

    The 4.8L has really impressed me with the power and fuel economy. I expected a 293ci engine to be weak, kind of like a 283. I thought you would have to rev the daylights out of it to get good power - boy was I wrong. This little engine has plenty of torque from just off idle to over 4K. Never had to rev it higher than that. An I have gotten close to 25mpg on the highway. 22-24 when using real gas (not CA oxygenated crap).

    The 6.0L engine is more of a workhorse, more torque down low and even less reason to rev the motor to get the job done. And I still get 15+ with my small camper on the truck. 18+ empty on real gas.

    A 327 used to be my favorite engine, but the new ones do everything better than my old 327 did.

    Real progress has been made with the new engines. 50,000+ miles, 0 problems.

    Mike L
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    and was equally impressed. Avg'd 21-22 on a 75-80 mph run from Tx to NY and back. Got about 17 in my everyday driving. I didn't notice the diff. in power (seat-of-the-pants) from '99 to '01 in the 4.8 that I did in the 5.3. Maybe because the torque also increased in the 5.3. I also noticed that 4.8 engine (not exhaust, but engine) had a really sweet sound when revved. A lot like the old 283 and 327. Don't notice that with the 5.3.
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