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Hi everyone-
My fiance and I are planning on purchasing a truck within the next month. He really wants a full size truck (although we do not really need one). He has looked at both the Dodge ram and Tundra. He really likes both. He likes the Dodge b/c of the diesel and gas mileage plus it is really a full size truck. However, the Tundra is cheaper and nice too but the gas mileage is not great. We will tow with it but only a jetski trailer with two skis (maybe 2000 pounds). If anyone has any comments on either truck I would appreciate it. Also, we have looked at used Ram diesels....however, I am very worried about buying a used car especially from a private party. Any help would be GREATLY appreciated!! Thanks! Carrie


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    Carrie, I can tell that your pickups will be mostly for play (Like me). and looks count and gas mileage.

    How much are you willing to fork out? There will be an all new (2002) ram. Here's the website:

    Price starts at $23k, leads up to $30k. IMO, it will be the BEST looking full sized pickup out there. Rear seating is by far better than any (without being a crew cab). They should be at the dealers by now. The diesel model is not available yet.

    Toyota tundra's also a good looker, but you will not get many options. Toyota fans will boast about reliability and longevity, and that's basically all there is. It's relatively much smaller, but easier to drive. A tundra access cab v8 is $25-26K.

    Both are off-road worthy.

    Before you go to used, if I were you, i would stop at dodge dealers and check out the 2001 models, which they are discounting HEAVILY right now.
    I hope this helps.


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    I was just informed that they are chopping as much as $8000 off sticker (depending on model) off of 2001's. Maybe you'll find a diesel one in there.

    If your fiance is a manual trans fan, the tundra comes in manual with V6 only. Dodge comes in manual in V6, V8, and diesel.

    In terms of longevity, the toyota has that, along with easy manuverability, car like ride...But in just sheer brute force, machoisms and spacey interior, the dodge beats it hands down.
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    Thanks for the info. I did notice that last night when we were on the dealer lot that the 2001's are discounted quite a bit. I wonder if they will discount even more as the months go on??? It seems to me that they would want to move the 2001's since the year is just about over!

    Regarding longevity and realibility, people say that the Ram 2500 Diesel will run forever. Have you heard anything about that? I know that Toyota has that and that is why I tend to want to go with them. We will be paying quite a bit for a truck and I do not want it to be a lemon or even have many problems, especially since we plan to keep this truck for years to come.
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    Both of these are great trucks, but they're so entirely different they're hard to compare. The Tundra will pull your trailer just fine and so will the Ram, but a 3/4 ton truck is severe overkill for what you're going to use it for. If you want a larger truck than the Tundra, why not take a look at a Ram 1500 1/2 ton??
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    ...she said she wants fuel economy. That means the Cummins.
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    Take quadrunner500's comments with a grain of salt. This guy and his bretheren are why some of the boards have been discontinued (like Tundra versus big 3).

    If you only want to tow 2000lbs, even the Tundra is WAY overkill. I have a Tacoma with the V6 and it easily tows my boat and trailer which I'm sure weighs more than your jetskis and trailer. Plus, this truck will take you to places both the Ram and Tundra wouldn't dare go. It's like a mountaingoat on the trails.

    It sounds to me like your truck will be used as your daily driver with occasional light towing. With this in mind, the Tundra would be a much better vehicle for your needs. I would recommend going with the Ram/Cummins combination only if you really plan on doing some serious towing and hauling.

    While the Ram's Cummins diesel engine is awesome (probably the best diesel engine available), that's probably the only thing on that truck done right. What good is a 300K mile engine when the rest of the truck is spent at 50K miles? Do some research on Dodge trucks. They're argueably the worst trucks on the road today.

    My advice is think practicality. Will you really want to live day in and day out with a big truck and its ease of use disadvantages, especially since it won't even be used to nearly its potential? Some of these guys are on the biggest-truck-you-can-get-a-loan-for bandwagon no matter how you plan on using the thing. Just ignore them and go with the best truck that suits your needs, despite what many of these big-truck-inflated-ego personalities may say.
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    Go for the Tundra. A 3/4 ton truck is way overkill for what you will be using it for. Although a diesel will get slightly better mileage, it costs far more initially and will cost more to maintain. Diesels really come into their own when towing very large loads.

    Do you like the smell of diesel? Some people don't. Diesel is a little inconvenient because not all stations carry it. The Cummins turbodiesel is one LOUD truck. I would suggest that you stand outside the truck and listen to it idle. You will have to turn the engine off to order at drive thrus.

    I own a BMW 524td. It gets about 40mpg on the highway and around 30 in town. It does have the noise, smell and high maintenance costs of a diesel though. I got it cheap ($4000) and I always wanted to own a diesel auto(I like to be different)

    I would drive both before deciding, but you will find the Tundra has better ride, is quiter, and is much more maneuverable. It also will not be much if any more expensive to operate.
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    I have a 2001 Ram for sale with only 1600 miles on it.....
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    Carrie, like i initally said before the others (of which are repeating themselves), if the rig is mostly for play and commuting and running errands, ask yourself these questions:

    How long do i intend to keep it? How much city driving will i do? How many people at most will be riding in it?

    The tundra is arguably a better choice in these situations. I myself considered it heavily, but turned away from because of the rear seating. It is like a park bench. But that is me. If you FIANCE (fellas, he is wanting it) want a full size good looker, than yes, a dodge RAM 1500 is good choice. (14 city/17 highway, not much less than the tundra).
    I agree with plutonious and bamatundra. The test drive will answer your questions. Right now is a good time to start shopping.
    As forward as these two trucks you should have all the information that you need. Good luck on your decision, and avoid quadrunner.
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    The same advice I give to everyone who wants to know what truck to whichever one you like better. Don't worry about which will last longer because I will let you in on a little secret that makes Toyota guys scream. Any modern truck or car regardless of make will last a long,long time,provided you take care of it. Toyota has never been proven to be more durable,or reliable than any other vehicle. The important thing here is that you will probably have to pay for this vehicle for a long time so try to be honest with what you want and need,and realize that each vehicle has pro's and con's. These will be evident on test driving them. I suspect that you both will probably agree on the Toyota,but don't rule out anything until you have driven it.
    I am surprised that you haven't looked at a Dakota they can get very good gas mileage with a 4.7L and still have the macho big truck stance.
    Towing the jet ski's with the cummins is like driving a tack with a post maul,sure it will work,but there are better tools for the job.
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    Well, the Camry has been America's best selling sedan for how many straight years now? With more repeat buyers than any other car?

    Guess which vehicle takes second place as the world's most recognized and mass produced vehicle? None other than the Corolla. Hey, the VW's 22 million Beetle production record is going to be hard to beat.

    Guess which truck was rated as one of the best built and most reliable? The T-100.

    Guess which vehicles command some of the highest resale values? Toyotas.

    Guess which manufacturer has a 500,000 mile club for its customers? Toyota.

    Toyota consistently gets great ratings (above average) for quality and reliability in the many consumer report sources.

    If Toyotas are no more reliable than the other makes, why can't the other makes boast these kinds of accomplishments?
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    Blah, blah, blah...
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    Please post your links to the above OPINIONS
    for us all to share the FACTS.
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    Kicked off of Tundra versus Big 3 post so now you just had to come over here, huh?

    Sonjaab, if I said a watermelon was bigger than an orange, I suppose you would demand a link for that too, right? What I posted were facts I recall from reading various automotive publications over the years. I'm not going to research every fact I know just to satisfy YOU. Hey, your ignorance is your problem, not mine.

    Besides, why should I do that when you still haven't answered my simple question regarding your little post editing/deleting stunts?

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    I have witnessed Sonjab do this many many times...
    BTW, gotta love the 500,000 mile club... There should be more manufactures with this, as they know how to build vehicles that get many miles... Look at big rigs... They choose not to, because of the ole mighty buck... Some car manufactures choose to let them last from 200-300 thousand miles, and most (like American manufactures) like them to break down before 100k....
    This way they can keep up with selling more.. That's all they care about...Selling selling selling... It's a no brainer.... Make em chitty, and they will buy more new ones...
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    I hope you have gotten all of the information that you need. you do not have to read all of this crap. It is up to you and your fiance to decide now.
    Fellas, the "T100 what if it had a V8" topic has started another Toyota vs. the Big three war again. Go over there.

    PF Flyer, put the snow on this topic. It's done.
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    In case you didn't notice, there are more important things happening in the world than to argue about PETTY garbage like this.

    If you cannot discuss the trucks, and INSIST on attacking other users, no matter how innocent you think it is, you had better find another place to play.

    This behavior is unacceptable in Town Hall. I suggest you put a lid on it NOW.

    PF Flyer


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    Check out;
  • sonjaabsonjaab Member Posts: 1,057
    Check your email for response
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    Thanks to those people who gave their honest opinion on the trucks. I know that they are two very different trucks and I just go along with my fiance. We were at the Toyota dealer last night looking at both Tundras and Tacomas. The downside on the Tacoma is there really isn't any room in the back. We are hoping to keep this truck for a while which means kids will eventually probably need to sit in the back. Does anyone have a Tundra and could give me gas mileage? I know they say 14/17 but I like to hear from people who actually drive one. It seems that they aren't always correct. Also if anyone tows with one what kind of mileage do you get? Anyone with a Tacoma and the same info or the Dodge Diesel and same info I would appreciate it too? I know that it is ultimately our decision to make about the truck but I really do appreciate the help of everyone as I think it is good to hear from people who have the vehicle so that you get honest true statements. B/c of course you will hear exactly what you want if you talk to certain people. Thanks again to everyone for their honest help!
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    I can't speak for the Tundra, but my Tacoma is rated at 16/19 mpg. But my truck gets consistently better mileage than that, averaging around 22 or 23 mpg on the freeway. Maybe the Tundra is under-rated as well?

    Have fun car shopping!
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    I have an ext. cab v6 4x4 and constantly hit around 21mpg, my high is 26mpg on a 5000 mile trek across the US holding 65-70 and the worst has been 17 and that is riding it hard. There isn't alot of room so a family maybe a problem, but a dbl. cab may rectify that situation. I tow 2 quad runners with a 12ft. trailer (wgt. 2000-3000lbs) depending on what gear I bring with. Towing I normally get around 15-17, but I have a supercharger and some other mods. so you may see a little higher than that. It's ashame people like you have to sift through all the BS just to get some factual information. I hope this helps you out. Good luck on your truck venture.
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    Thanks again for the gas mileage info, it really does help. Love to hear from others too! Everyone keep their chins up!
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    Back seating. How much stuff do you intend on putting in the bed? Perhaps compact crew cabs may do in the long run?
    Perhaps have you considered the Tacoma Double Cab? Has back seat room and the bed is about 5' long.

    If you like the wide stance muscular look, check out the Dodge Dakota quad cab. It has more room than the tacoma, and bed is about 5-5 1/2' long. Plus side on the dakota quad is that is a tad bigger and you can get a V8. And like i said, if your fiance wants a manual, the dakota quad cab is available in V6 and V8, manual option on both.

    And from what i've read, the dakota has received high praise recently.

    the bad part about these crew cabs: when you start putting on options, they creep up in price.
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    Right now, Dodge is offering $2K back on all Dakotas, including Quad Cab.

    IF you click here

    you get an additional $500 ben franklins back.

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    DO NOT BUY A DODGE!!!! I have had two, a 1998 ram 1500 club cab and a 1999 ram 1500 quad cad. I had the 1998 for one year (15,000 miles) when it caught on fire and burned up. The 1999 has 11,000 miles on it and is on its THIRD engine. The truck was in the shop for over 100 days the first year I had it. I have been in lemon law arbitration with Chrysler for over a year. Trust me they do not treat their customers very well when there is a problem with a vehicle. Having owned Toyotas in the past I will say they are much better vehicles than Dodge Rams. I personally will probably be purchasing a Tundra once I am rid of the Dodge.
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    Lad10der has had two bad Dodges,I have had over a dozen very good ones,decide what you want about that but those are the facts.
    My wife has a Grand Cherokee which has the same 4.7L engine and transmission as the Dakota,it has returned an average of 20 m.p.g. in mixed rural driving(small towns and thru-ways). So far the engine and transmission have been literally trouble free,it has just over 46,000 miles on it.
    Hope this helps in some way.
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    I have a 2000 2WD Tundra V8. I have a lifetime average of 19.4mpg. I get about 14.75mpg towing a cargo trailer (lots of wind drag) and about 3mpg better with the dirtbikes in the bed. I get 20mpg back and forth to work and have gotten over 22mpg on trips. Hope this helps!
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    It's not really fair to people who are looking for advice to receive negative comments from people who has bad experiences. Carrie, get various opinions before you make a complete decision.
    All I can say is that ALL vehicles will break down if they are not maintained properly. Toyotas are no exception. Example: woman at my job drives a lexus GS400. Has had it in the shop 4 times since she bought it in 99. She does not take care of it, her husband says (and neither does he, apparently.)

    I have heard good and bad things about dodge. That is not deterring my decision. and I will be buying that Ram quadrunner500 displayed sometime next week. And guess what I just "got rid of?" Oh, of all things, a TOYOTA! Guy I sold it to picks it up tomorrow.
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    When stock, our 01 Ram 3/4 ton 4X4 quad cab cummins automatic averaged 18mpg empty, and about 15mpg towing minimum 10,000#. Drop another mpg with the AC running and 10K# behind you. We have since beefed the engine up to over 300hp and 600lb ft of torque and we are averaging 17mpg empty, 16mpg both towing. The increase in mpg while towing is because with the extra power it can stay in a higher gear on the hills. The decrease when empty is probably due to a heavy foot:) If you are going to do no towing (and a 2000# isn't even noticable behind a cummins) there is no benefit to a diesel (truck) from an economic standpoint. $50 oil changes will also put a dent in your fuel savings.

    BTW, we're coming up on 50K miles with no problems. As far as brake problems, they switched to a new braking system half way through the 01 model year. I've got over half of the pads left, and they bite hard and fast. Big improvement over the prior brake systems on the Rams. I had to pull a 12,000# boat with no brakes on the trailer and the truck did a fine job.
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    We have had our 2001 for a year now. Tow 6000 lbs. of horses and trailer. Great truck, no problems. Terrific milage, 17 city/21 hwy and about 13-14 loaded w/trailer. If all you want to pull is jet skis or 2k-3k lbs. check out the Dakota w/360 engine.
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