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super duty fuel mileage

engine12engine12 Posts: 17
edited March 2014 in Ford
Could somebody please give me some "Ball park"figures on fuel mileage on the V8 gas,V10 gas and the V8 diesel 2001 or 2002,no load just driving on the highway......seems to be a secret!!!


  • Hi,

    I think if you looked through some of the past posts on here you would find quite a few that talked about fuel mileage for all engine types and driving styles...look under Ford 2001 Heavy Duty F250, among others.

    On my 2001 F350 Crew Cab 4x4 V10 w/3.73 I average 15.5 MPG unloaded. All of my driving is rural driving.

  • On a 2000 V-10 auto 4x4, 3:73 axle...I get 13-15 on highway...9-10 in town all short trips....
  • jcave1jcave1 Posts: 137
    14k on this one. Combined city and highway mileage tends to be 17.2 - 17.6, this is about 50% city and 50% highway. City driving alone drops the mileage to 16.9.
  • I've just gotten my Super Duty. 2002 model with 4x4 V-10 engine 3.73 gears. Just turned over 500 miles. Thus far all city and rural highway miles. My on board computer is listing 10-11 mpg.
  • City - stop 'n go ~10 loaded or unloaded. Highway 65mph steady, unloaded 14-15.
    Towing ~7900 lbs, w/ ~2500 lbs of passengers, cargo, fuel etc. ~9 mpg on flat highway, mountains ~7.5 mpg. Mileage seems to be getting a little better since I've got over 13K on rig now. Have pesky problem of gas pump clicking off mulitple times before tank is truly full.
  • modvptnlmodvptnl Posts: 1,352
    with crew cab V10 auto 2WD 4.30 LSD I just got 12 MPG mixed driving including towing the Sea Doos 100 miles.( which is not a lot of weight.)

    The best so far is still 14 MPG @ a steady 75 from L.A. to Vegas.

    Like any vehicle, I suppose, the difference when driving conservative vs. hauling [non-permissible content removed] was significant. On the trip to LA from Vegas going 80+ and passing everything I got 10 MPG. So the ???? is: is the 40 minutes longer it took worth the $10 in gas diff????
  • 01' F250 5.4 3.73 sc swb 4x4
    put on 240 city miles on it the first week & put in 18 gallons of fuel. That turns out to be 13 mpg . Not to bad..... I have a 99' dodge ram 4x4 regular cab 5.9 lt, it gets 12/city & 15/hwy
    My new ford is so much nicer than the ram.
  • '97 F150 V8, 4.10 gears. Usually get 15 to werk. 20 hwy. 8-12 towing 8000 bote. Good truck.
  • My SC has 3.73 gears and V10. Have 2000 miles on the odometer. Have had the truck a little over a month. Around town I'm averaging 12-13 mpg. On a recent trip to North Carolina my onboard computer computed 14.7 mpg. On my trip I kept the speed under 75 mph. I do not have a heavy foot.

    Considering the BIG truck and 4x4 I am satisfied with the mpg I am getting.
  • mullins87mullins87 Posts: 959
    Mine has the Powerstroke with the 6-speed manual and 3.73 ratio. I consistantly get 18.5 mpg with a combination of city and highway driving. Now, I don't attempt to drive it like a Corvette, but I don't drive like a "little old lady" either. So I'm very happy. Loaded is another story. It doesn't matter if I'm loaded to the gills or have a small 7,000 or 8,000 pound trailer behind me, 11.25 mpg is all it will do at 70 mph on the interstate. But still, I can't complain, this is by far the best truck I've ever owned!!!!!
  • 11.25 mpg???? Are you serious??? I've never heard of a diesel getting that little mpg under a full load...Usually a full load constitutes better mpg...I think,,,right???
  • mullins87mullins87 Posts: 959
    Every vehicle I've ever had any experience with always got better mileage unloaded. While I may be relatively new to diesel ownership, I've been around them for several years now. So, if you know something that I don't, please pass it along. Any info that might get my mileage numbers up would be greatly appreciated.
  • My dads rig gets 12 MPG flatland pulling a 36' 5th Wheel camper (too small of truck for his camper!) and 23 MPG solo. He just put a chip in it for 300HP and 680 ft. lbs of torque. Was getting 19 on the highway before.
  • jcave1jcave1 Posts: 137
    '01 PSD 4X4 SB Auto tranny with 3.73 gears and bone stock. On a 400 mile trip this weekend the mileage came in at 18.4. Lightly loaded and kept the RPM below that thirsty 2 grand mark. Have been told mileage is best in the 1800 - 1950 rpm range.
  • Did you say your dad put in a chip, and went from 19 to 23 mpg????? I've been looking at one for mine, but I didn't believe the increased power and fuel mileage claims. I have a 31' camper. I'm not sure of the GVW, I would have to go look at the sticker, but I can definitely tell when it's back there. That's why I want a chip. Of course I also would like to do a Banks downpipe and exhaust system too, but one too many digits in the price tag! Back to your dad's truck. Has he done anything else to it?
  • You're right about that 2k mark! 70mph puts me right on that mark, 72-74 puts me a little over. My mileage, when empty, at that speed drops to 17.5 mpg. Next time I hook up to the camper, I should allow some extra time. I usually pull it at around 65-70 mph. It would be interesting to see what 60 mph would do.
  • My dad put Amsoil 5W-30 in it. Thats it, no exhaust upgrade or anything else. The guy that programmed the chip said he would need an exhaust upgrade if he wanted even more power. I drove my dads truck empty and it is fast! Will probably outrun my 5.4L F-150.
  • You're right about that 2k mark! 70mph puts me right on that mark, 72-74 puts me a little over. My mileage, when empty, at that speed drops to 17.5 mpg. Next time I hook up to the camper, I should allow some extra time. I usually pull it at around 65-70 mph. It would be interesting to see what 60 mph would do.
  • jcave1jcave1 Posts: 137
    You're right, it would be intersting to see the mileage at 60. It's hard though keeping it under 70. Our interstate speed is 65, (I-5) in Oregon. At 65 you'd best be in the slow lane. I do let it run up from time to time just to keep up a little. The PSD sure runs nice at 80, just purrs like a kitten.
  • What kind of chip does you dad have? I've been looking at the ones that Diesel Injection Services have-(
  • I know what you mean about keeping it in the slow lane. Around here, if the speed limit is 65, you better be going 75 just to keep from getting run over. Of course empty is another story. Although I don't like to run mine that fast, that PSD sure does sound good at 80.
  • I have a 99.5 F350 SD PSD...I'm getting @ 17.5-18.5 mpg..I definately keep it under 2k rpm..I've heard the same..My driving [email protected] miles highway and 4 miles city every day..I bought a diesel for the fuel economy..I used to have a 91 Blazer-full size with a 350..That thing got 14 mpg's at best,,always under a full load.(boat/trailer,canoe on roof,3 adults,camp gear,5-6 30 packs of BUD) I'm a very conservative driver..I don't go over 65mph..I'm always being passed by others..Diesel quality also makes a difference..I fuel at a truck stop that is 2 miles from my home..You know that their tanks are always fresh...
  • I'm having a hard time finding the correct part #'s(i.e.:air,fuel,oil filters,glow plugs,etc.) for my 1999.5 F350 PSD..Seeing that it is a 1/2 year model,,it needs to be specific..Always checking for any articles I might have missed..Can anyone give me a particular site or reference that applies to me??? Oh,,by the way,,My eighth VIN letter is "F"..Thanx.
  • Thank you guys for all your input regarding my post on fuel mileage!I have decided to get a PSD C/C Lariat,We are also buying a 31'Travel Trailer so we can spend more time together as a family.
    We have also decided to sell our new house in order to Purchase a smaller house and have a good deposit on the truck and camper,Ya i know sounds crazy but Sep.11 changed our way of thinking.... live for today!!!Thanks again...Sincerely ENGINE12
  • What filter numbers are you looking for? Mine also has the "F" letter. I can't help you with the glow plugs, no experience with them yet and hopefully never, but the filters I can. BTW, I also use truck stops exclusively, I refuse to buy fuel from convenience stores. Who knows how long that fuel has been in that tank or how much water and algae is in it? I know the manual says to drain the water separater every 5,000 miles, but I let mine go recently to about 8,000 miles and guess what, NO WATER!

    I have a question for you, or anyone with some knowledge on the subject. Should I add lubricating oil to winter blend fuel, or is that a waste of money?
  • jcave1jcave1 Posts: 137
    Check the tow ratings for the PSD. Dragging a 31 foot trailer just might put you in the 350 class. Possibly even a dually.
  • First tank got 13.87 mpg all city driving. Second tank got 13.84 mpg mostly city a little highway. Just passed 1000 miles and will be doing nearly all hwy driving. I am going to drive normal for one week then on the next tank I will keep it under 2000 rpm and drive for economy. I expect my mileage to improve significantly and will report back soon.
  • Getting 13.8 mpg. Not good. This is the fourth tank I have used and no mileage improvement from breaking in. I Filled up again today and will be driving all highway miles and dilligently keep it under 2000 rpm. I will let you know what happens next week.
  • Bob is this your first PSD? Folks talk about their rigs going 6K-10K miles before the motor is trully "broken in" and their mileage improves. Then again there's an arborist that I work with who never gets better than 13 mpg empty, and around 10 when towing his chipper, he's got around 70K on his. Every truck's an individual. (I'm getting almostt the same with my V10, empty on highway ;-) ).

    Here's hoping your mileage improves. Other than that, hope you like the new rig.
  • You will really enjoy pulling that travel trailer with your truck. I also have a 31' trailer. Right now I don't use a load distributing hitch or sway control and the truck handles it very well, sometimes I even have enough firewood for a long weekend and still no need for the distributing hitch. Recently I pulled it approximately 350 miles with a fairly strong crosswind most of the way, no sway! Those dual wheels really keep the trailer from pushing you around.

    As for the camper, what did you get??
  • Yes, this is my first PSD but not my first Ford diesel. While I agree that it is nowhere near fully broken in my mileage is still low and will not improve more than 1-2mpg with full break in time. I know some of it is the long bed 4WD and the auto but I was expecting better. My 2WD 1989 E350 Maxivan with the auto and diesel squeaked out 19 mpg if I was easy on it. No matter though. I did not buy this rig for economy or daily driving. I bought a 1996 geo metro the following weekend for those duties. I need my truck to pull a 10,400lb trailer and for enjoyment on the weekends and holidays. I am babying it this week for maximum economy and expect large gains but if not it is just an excuse for me to buy the big tires I want. On my maxivan when I went to 33x12.5x16.5 tires my economy went from 18-19 mpg to 13 overnight. Well since I am already there I know I wont go down to 8 mpg so what the hey. I think the biggest factor is my driving style. 85-90mph whenever I can get away with it and on my freeways that is average for the fast lane. I am nowhere near the fastest guy out there. I do not hot rod in town either but until this week I haven't even tried to keep my foot out of it.

    By the way Mullins87, You should get a weight distributing hitch and a sway control. You may not need it but you will love having it, particularly when passing fast moving semi trucks. Just my $.02
  • I enjoyed putting my foot in it too for around the first 6 months. My wife started calling me Captain Kirk because she's saying everytime I'm in the truck I'm doing "Warp Factor 9". I've noticed that SD's are not what you'd call aerodynamic. As soon as I go over ~65, my mileage plummets! When gas hit $1.70 here in CT, I started driving like my Grandma on purpose and noticed a big improvement. Just a little bit borin'. Now that we're down around $1.25 my conscience doesn't bother me as much.

    Can you fit the Geo in the long bed? :-)
  • Right now, with my standard weekend load, the trailers sets my truck down only two to three inches which actually pretty much levels the truck. However, I know it's just a matter of time before I put a couple of 4-wheelers in the bed, then I'll need the hitch. As for the sway control, Reese has a system that claims to actually make the trailer lean ever so slightly into the turn. Have you looked at that one?
  • '01 F250 sc 4x4 5.4 3.73 2200 miles




  • Wow! That sounds a little extravagant. I suppose the idea is a good one but if I were you I would start with the fundamentals. Even if they are not necessary now they do make towing easier on you and your rig plus if you are ever called upon to pull a more demanding load you will be ready.
  • Check it out at It's called the "Dual Cam Sway Control" and it attaches to the trailer frame and spring bars. From the picture I can understand how it works while you're on the road, and therefore making very slight turns. But, I wonder how the system "unlocks" to allow more severe turns when in a parking lot. I think they need to put a little more info on their site.
  • Wow, I see what your saying. It looks like it would put a lot of stress on the spring bars in a tight turn. That must be why they call it a dual cam though. It must have a less agressive cam pushing in tight turns. I was only aware of the friction type sway controls. Live and learn I guess.
  • Well my 2002 F350 CC LB 4X4 PSD Climbed the mountain and back plus a little dune running in 4WD and here is my mileage. 7.6-7.8 mpg. Not nearly as good as expected. My 1989 van with the non turbo 7.3 diesel got about 10 mpg under the same load. I did however go much faster as the van would get down to 25 mph on the worst 5 mile stretch of grade. Does anyone have any comments? I am wondering if I may have a problem. I was pulling a large trailer and my GCW was around 18000lbs. I have the 3.73 rear end and an auto tranny. This does not sound typical to me as I was expecting 16-17 empty and 10-12 loaded. I towed in third all the time and my tach showed 2200 rpm most of the time.
  • You have two things working against you, the automatic and 4 wheel drive. Also driving the mountains and playing off-road eats up mileage, but I have to agree that 7.6 to 7.8 does sound a little low. Mine gets 11.25 on small hills while grossing approximately 16,000lbs. Also, the PSD gets terribly thirsty over 2,000 rpm's, but my loaded mileage of 11.25 is usually around 2,200 also. From the trip you described, I think you probably should be doing 9 to 10 loaded. How bad is your mileage empty?
  • I am getting 13.8 mpg. I was going to do a test week of all freeway driving under 2000 rpm but got interrupted by this trip. I filled up after offroading and was still getting only 7.6 mpg. For a full 2/3 of this trip I was either ascending or descending grades with about 50 miles or so wide open throttle. I think I can up the mileage with a little less go pedal but this is what I got with my normal driving habits
  • anybody in here happen to own a 92-93-94 Ford F250 regular cab 4x4 with 5.8L?

    what kind of milege?
  • I have finally got some 65 mph freeway driving in and the results are pretty good. 16.47 mpg with 85-90% freeway driving at under 2000 rpm. 460.4 miles on 27.947 gallons of diesel. I fueld up at the same pump in the same position using the same technique so this should be pretty accurate. I think I could get 17+ on the highway but I have a hard time keeping my foot out of it around town.
  • I have a 01' F250 sc 4x4 5.4lt. 3.73 rear end.
    I currently have 4000 miles on it .
    My MPG are 12/city & 14/ highway.
    My question is , will my MPG's improve or is this normal ?
    I knew that it would'nt get great gas mileage, but I just want to compare with others.
  • I have in excess of 5,000 miles on my new F-250 SD 4x4 with V-10 and I am currently getting 12-13 mpg in the city and 14-15 on the highway. I have a light foot!!

    Dothan, AL
  • I have a 01 f250 4x4 5.4 4.10 and auto. Only have 4200 miles on it. Got 13.5 mpg. pulling 2000lb boat going 70mph.
  • rageeragee Posts: 9
    HI, I just got to read a few of the postings on here, but I have a F350 PSD Six Speed tranny, 4.10 gears and an alluminum work bed on it. I mainly use this truck for hauling farm equipment, and farm supplies. So the truck is very rarely without a trailer. I decided to go ahead and get a few upgrades for my truck and have noticed a lot more power and fuel economy. Before I was getting like 12 to 13.5 mpg pulling a 30 foot gooseneck. now I usually get 14.5 mpg pulling the same load on the same driving situations. I got the Stinger Plus Package from Banks, I decided on 100hp Superchip and I got a Jacobs Exhaust brake, and I am glad that I spent the money for them. I have more power, better Fuel economy, and don't have to use the brakes as much on a downgrade. My new truck is probably the best truck I have owned. I also have a nice feature that helps me determine how hard my turbo is working on a pull, and lets me know when it is safe to shutdown, Banks has a TOT probe for your turbo and has a blue arc to tell you it is safe to shutdown. This will increase the life of my turbo and I only have to wait maybe an extra two minutes before I shutdown depending on driving and the load.

    Maybe this has helped some of you if you are thinking of buying some upgrades for your PSD. It also lets me bragg alittle on my truck.

  • mullins87mullins87 Posts: 959
    When you added the Superchip, did you also get a pyrometer? I would like to get a chip, but with most of the tests I have read, the exhaust temps tend to climb over the recommended max of 1,200 degrees. How does your exhaust temp run now?
  • rageeragee Posts: 9
    Well My temps usually stay in the 500 degree range depending on how hard I am working the turbo, I also got an upgrade for the exhaust with my Banks package. I did get what I call a TOT(Turbo or Turbine Outlet Temperature) gage with my Banks kit. The upgraded exhaust gave me less backpressure and better flow, I also got an intercooler that came with my Banks kit. This has in no doubt helped lower my exhaust temps, but when I am in a hard pull then I have to maybe drop a gear and not work the turbo as much to lower my [non-permissible content removed] temps. If you are looking for some good upgrades then BANKS makes some great stuff and all I have heard was good reviews and I am a happy customer. But I chose to go with a Superchip rather than a Banks chip, because my friends that own and do a lot of upgrades on diesels at their shop recomended the Superchip over the Banks chip. But if you want to check out Banks stuff. Then go to

    Hope this helped.....
  • mullins87mullins87 Posts: 959
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