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Where is the PCV valve and what does it look like?

jeramie1jeramie1 Member Posts: 6
I think the orignal is still on there, could it effect my engine's performance?


  • andre1969andre1969 Member Posts: 24,491's mounted on top of one of the valve covers. It's a little plastic thing that snaps into place, and then has a rubber hose attached to it that feeds back into the air intake. Sometimes you have to look for 'em though. For example, on my Intrepid, it's mounted on the air intake and screws in, as opposed to snapping onto the valve cover.
  • jgmilbergjgmilberg Member Posts: 872
    It should be on the passenger side of the engine, in the valve cover. There should be a hoes running from the air cleaner or intake manifold to the PCV valve. If you have the shiny hard plastic tube be careful not to bust it, they get brittle. It should just pull out of the grommet in the valve cover, and out of the hose or connector. It looks like a midgit c-size battery with a plastic fitting on top, I recommend buying the new one first so you know what it looks like. In some cases it can effect engine performance, it is designed to keep negative pressure from building up inside the block making it harder for the engine parts to move. Changing the PCV valve isn't a big thing. Check with the parts guys when you buy the new one for the location, they have a book that has all component locations, I am almost positive that that is where it is though. Check your owners manual for proper service intervals for PCV valve replacement.
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