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  • higgy1higgy1 Posts: 2
    Hello I'm new to the room. I just bought me a new Tacoma I like it very well.
  • higgy1higgy1 Posts: 2
    I would like to here about everybodys Tacoma that they bought.
  • shawn00shawn00 Posts: 1
    My name is Shawn. I drive a 2000 Tacoma, 4X4, extended cab, 4 cyl, 5-speed, sr5 package. Currently have 26000 miles on it and love the truck. I've put on bug deflector, vent visors, tail light covers, tonneau cover, and nerf bars. My only dislike is the location of the clock. Check out my web site for pics of it:

  • moparbadmoparbad Posts: 3,868
    I have a 2003 Tacoma. It is a 4x4 extended cab, silver, with V6, auto, TRD, sunroof, cruise, SR5 Color Key Pkg., hitch, and bucket seats. I expect I will have this truck for a long time.
  • Tundra,4X2, 4dr, V6 automatic...
    MSRP 22015...option package 2979 ..Total
    $25,504...Invoice with option total $22,703...True market value on Edmunds is $23,435. Right now with 2000 rebate...should I minus $2000 of $25,504 or minus $23,435???
    PLEASE give me some advice. Very appreciate it.
    How much should I offer ?
  • Get the V8--much more power and torque for close to same gas mileage. The V8 is a great engine--I've driven Landcruisers in Africa with the same engine, 200,000+ miles and handn't seen a dealer since they were bought, still running strong.

    Get the TRD. I drove 4x4 and 4x2 with and without TRD, couldn't tell much difference. The difference will pay off big time if you are on a rough road or really 4x4ing.

    I plan to keep my truck for 20+ years. However, if you might sell it within 5-10 years, more options = better resale, especially private resale.
  • bamcobamco Posts: 1
    I found a 1998 Tacoma ext. cab that I am considering buying. It will be my third Toyota truck ('85 & '91).

    The 98 is a one-owner (now deceased) being sold by the son. It is an SR5 with a four cylinder, 2WD, automatic (like my 91). It has about 14K miles on the odometer, and from the looks of it, that is accurate.

    The worst thing about the truck is that it was owned by a smoker. (Any suggestions for getting that nasty smell out?)

    I have looked without success for any notices about this year Tacoma. Anyone know of major or minor problems with 98 Tacomas?

  • Karen_SKaren_S Posts: 5,095
    Here are a few suggestions for removing smoking odor:

    There are various products you can buy that will help. Fabreeze (found at most grocery/home stores), Nok-Out(, Odo-Ban (Sam's Club and maybe Costco?) to name a few.

    If you want to go the natural home remedy route, here are some suggestions:

    Soak a rag with vanilla extract and place it under the seat.

    Place a bowl of white vinegar in the truck (with all windows up) overnight, or for several nights, until the odor disappears.

    Place an open bag of charcoal in the truck.

    Cut up an apple, put it in a plastic cup and keep it in the truck till its shriveled.

    Sprinkle the entire cab, including the upholstery with baking soda. Leave it for a couple of days, if possible. Vacuum it out.

    Put unused dryer sheets under the seats.

    Hope this helps!

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  • lagitanelagitane Posts: 25
    Ok, I'm asking for feedback on a difficult problem. For those who have experiences with both, which would you prefer to drive provided the Dealer's final price was the same, both are extra cabs, (2 door in the Tundra), both with the same options (except that you can get an off-road pkg with the Pre-Runner, but alas not the V-6 Tundra (Why? I wonder). Anyway, having a struggle with this decision. I do alot of commuting, but like to take to the mountains on week-ends when I can. I live in SE AZ, and we do have some tall mountains here, believe it or not. (High Sonoran desert.) Need some power and decent traction. Dealer likely won't go for a trade to a Taco V-6, 4x4, or I'd do that in a heart beat. However,I'm like way upside down already with my trade.

    Now, some of you will likely groan a this, but my trade is a recently purchased Tundra V-8, loaded w/TRD pkg, BUT gas is killing me (and high payments). I really screwed up. I miscalculated my budget by about $200 or I wouldn't have bought it in the first place. That is why I need to return it and try to trade it for either of the above mentioned vehicles before I start putting mileage on it. I'm pretty sick about this. I love this V-8. It is an exceptional truck, but don't think bankruptcy sounds like something I'd like to go through. Working a second job or eating rice and beans for the next 6 years is always an option, I suppose, but not very much fun. I am at the top of my salary ladder, so until they raise it, I'm kind of stuck.

    Feedback needed ASAP and anything helpful you have to say will be much appreciated. I know, I know, didn't put much forethought into this purchase, but I'm under a lot of stress, and human, and I really messed up.

    ------------------------------------------------------------------ ---------------


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  • rlafaverrlafaver Posts: 70
    I feel for you because I've been there. But I don't think any Toyota will provide a way out. It may sound like heresy, but you almost have to go to an S-10 or a Ranger to get a decent price on 4WD. I like the S-10, and I like the V6 engine in them. I almost bought a 2WD version before I decided on Tacoma. The big rebates are the magic.
    If you gotta have a Toyota, you might want to look at the 2.7L 4 cylinder 4WD. I know they don't have the power of a V8, but a friend has one that is 10 years old and still runs great. It has a lot of torque and gets him around quick. But this is Louisiana, and there ain't no hill.
    You have to sell the Tundra to an individual in order to get a good chunk of your money back. Forget trading it. Even the Toyota dealers will rip you off.
    If you sell the Tundra for a good price, maybe you could find an older Toyota 4WD for a decent price and get clear of the money morass. I have to believe that if you try to stay with a new Toy you will just get deeper.
    Anyway, my sympathies, and I hope you escape the mess because life is too short for that kind of stress.
  • lagitanelagitane Posts: 25
    Hey, are you a Frenchy; me too?

    Anyway, I know where to go to see what my truck may be worth, but never tried to sell a brand new truck before. Thought about putting an add in the Truck Trader to see if I could just get a couple of thousand down and have someone take over my loan, or something. This is a fully-loaded Access cab, V-8 4x2 with Limited Slip Differential. Has all the bells and whistles, even a towing pkg. Its Desert Tan, a really beautiful truck. I paid $22,800 for it; really stomped on the dealer. (Was able to take advantage of hard economic times.) Then with their add ons & BS, the total financed was $23K something. Not too bad. Got any suggestions as to where and how to market it. Not my field. I'm a counselor. Thought you may know of a web site or some other way to sell I'll ask around here also, but in the little burg I live in, they just ain't to swift about such things. This is Cochise County, rectum of Arizona. Ends right at the Mexican border. Good place for a drug counselor, but not for much of anything else. It is becoming a retirement mecca for rich, stressed out Phoenicians, Tucsonians, Southern Californians and retired military brass. Guess that is where I'd get the money. Not an easy bunch to reach however. Pretty clicky.

    I was also considering refinancing this puppy for a lower interest rate so I could keep it. Was starting to research that; then I read the thing about the O2 sensors going out on a regular basis on V-8 Tundras after about 20K or more miles (not covered by warrantee after 36K miles). Scared me. Gotta get rid of it before then. At the rate this thing guzzles gas, I'll not be able to save for such expenses and it will back to credit card debt again. NO!!! When does this nightmare ever end. I should have kept my little old '94 I4,4x4, 22RE. Lots of regrets about letting that go. It's been all down hill since I traded it off. Still have dreams about it. Other than its size, and no power, really reliable truck.

    Anyway, I'm rambling. Any advise you, or anyone else, may have is appreciated, and thanks for your support. Feels better just to know someone understands.

    JL Montague
  • rlafaverrlafaver Posts: 70
    I am about 1/16 French, but I don't feel like one. I sorta feel the 1/4 indian (that's "Native American" out there, I think) but all that other garbage in me is probably dominant. I have some English, and I'm proud of that and the indian. Talk about a mongrel.
    Anyway, you got an awesome deal on that truck, and I think you could sell it in a city pretty quick. You will still take a loss, but probably not too much.
    People here who live in the outlands advertise vehicles to be viewed on Saturday in town, but I don't know how well that works. You can advertise it in the nearest large town newspaper and make appointments to show it on the weekend.
    There is a big internet site that I tried once with no luck when I was in Wyoming. You've probably seen the ad on TV, but I don't remember the URL. However, you have a very desirable truck, and I did not when I tried it. People, rightly or wrongly, seem to be absolute suckers for used Toyotas.
  • lagitanelagitane Posts: 25
    Cool. I am about 1/4 French (Dad's people were from Quebec), and about 1/16 French Canadian Indian; Montanais, we think, but not sure. Can't locate those old records, but my soul is Native, even do traditional Sioux sweat lodges; learned to do the songs & prayers in Sioux. Ran away to Canada once and lived in a tee-pee, trying to find my roots. I don't visually look Native, but my heart and soul are 100%. I think that is what counts.

    Anyhow, so many people say how wonderful this Tundra V-8 is, and how great a deal I got on it. Gets confusing. I drive it and love it. Love the deep purr of that big V-8 engine. Love the power. Then I go to the pump and groan.

    Just still riding the fence. Found out I can work crisis on week-ends. Oh Joy! Buy hey, it's $115 a pop for every call you take. Course, if I have to drive to other rural site, gonna rack up more miles, and there goes my week-ends. Still it's a way to survive. Still pretty spooked about what I'm hearing about trouble spots for Tundras. The Gas is bad enough, then you take into consideration the O2 sensor problem which is expensive and seems prevelent, even chronic over time, plus the problems people have with the brakes. I know all vehicles have their little quirks. Guess I just got spoied by my old '94 bullet-proof 4x4 Toyo truck with the 22RE, I4. I didn't have one single problem with that truck until things started wearing out at about 135K miles. But the ride was gruesome. Rattled all the fillings loose from my teeth. Gotta remember that too.

    Hard call. Gotta think on this for awhile. Even if I do sell or trade this thing, I don't like any of the alternatives out there. Don't like Rangers or S-10's. Silverados have lotsa problems too. Liked the Ford F150's, but couldn't afford a 4x4 new, and would have a hard time trusting a used 4x4 'cause I know how people drive them. Would give my eye teeth for a V-6 4x4 4-Runner. Right, dream on.

    Anyway, thanks for your help. If you hear of anything else that may help, let me know. I'll keep you posted. (Oh, know of any way to figure what to ask for this machine. I can't find anything to calculate what I could get out of it on the used truck sites. Everything starts at 2002. Know I'm gonna lose some cash, but would be nice to see what I can get.)

    Mitakuyasin (we are all one)
  • mnkyboymnkyboy Posts: 108
    nice, but it could use a wheel alignment. Body looks very well maintained, and it has some nice chrome wheels.

    Im having a hard time deciding if I shoud make an offer on such an old truck. Ive owned Toyotas before, and they can last for 150K+ miles with no major problems.

    I did a Carfax on it, and the first time the odometer was recorded was at 32k miles in 1998. The report states it had one owner, originally in New York. The dealer is in New Orleans, and he said he bought the truck in an auction in Memphis, TN. According to Carfax report, that was in Nov. 2002.

    He is asking $6,990. The NADA price is $6,427, KBB is $6,875, and the Edumunds TMV is $5,694.

    If you have ANY comments/suggestions, please post them. Thanks
  • oregonboyoregonboy Posts: 1,653
    Last November, I bought a 1996 Tacoma V6 2wd. It just turned over 100,000 miles last weekend and I have no regrets. It looks and runs like new and gets 25 mpg on the highway.

    I did spend $1,200 on it shortly after I bought it for it's 90,000 mile service. That included replacing the timing belt, all fluids and filters, and a brake job. I fully expect to get at least another 100,000 miles of reliable service out of it... maybe more.

  • paul_ppaul_p Posts: 271
    You should, James. My 1993 just turned 181,000 yesterday. Less than $1,000 in repairs since I bought it at 101,000 miles and that includes a clutch which wasn't really needed (mis-diagnosed).

     - Paul
  • I haven't posted on this site before. I just purchased a Tundra 2003 ext cab 4X4 Off Road. I love my new truck. I traded a Sienna 2001 for it.
    I am getting close to my retirement and wanted something to put a Collapsable Camper on it. I go off road alot and missed my truck. My wife also has a 2002 Camry.
      I had never owned a Toyota before I purchased the Sienna and I was very happy with the vehicle. I found that the build quality and the performance were greater than any Domectic Auto.
    I am leaving for a hunting trip to Montana tommorow and I will let you know how it handled off road as much of this hunt is on "COW TRAILS".
      I got a very good deal on my Tundra and my experience with "CARLSON TOYOTA" in Anoka Minnesota is "THE BEST" I've had in 40 years of buying cars.
  • I just got back from my trip to Montana. I am quite happy with the handling of my truck off road. I put it through some paces that would have given some people "WHITE KNUCKLES". It performed all very well. I ended up pulling a Chevy out of a backroad when he tore the axle out of his vehicle. He was pretty happy I came along. I averaged about 16 miles per gallon on the trip and am very happy with that. When you buy a truck "GAS MILEAGE" is not something you expect to be very good.
      I also had to pull my buddies Ford to get it started. It would not turn over and he has a stick so the pull got him going.
      Didn't run into any Dodge's.
  • I'm thinking about buying a new 2004 Tacoma ExtraCab 6 Cyliner 4WD Pickup. I've been driving a F250 Diesel since 1990 and am looking forward to something smaller. My questions are, what kind of mileage should I get and how are these vehicles for towing a small (17 ft) trailer.
  • touctouc Posts: 28
    Jerry, I think they are coming out with a Taco this summer with stronger engine (same hp's as Tundra?) Not sure what that will do to mpg's, but this is supposed to be a leadup to making Tacos "mid-sized", and then Tundra a true 3/4 ton.
  • touc, thanks for the information. I'll need the truck earlier than that though. I'm moving back to our house in Wyoming from Oregon and need a dependable vehicle.
  • samarisamari Posts: 1
    Hello. New experience for me. First ever computer and I am a young 63 year old. May never find this message again!!!I have owned a dozen vehicles in my time, including three Pontiac GTO' S. Purchased a new '02 tacoma (V-6) prerunner. It is BEST vehicle I have ever owned. BEFORE I added the TRD supercharger I got an amazing 22.2 MPG on trip from Fl. to NY. That was at average speed of 65MPH. Last trip So. to No. got 17.3mpg at 75mph with supercharger, headers, performance exhaust and TRD air filter. [non-permissible content removed] end is jacked @ 2" with gas shocks and anti-sway-roll helper spring. The supercharger is , how should I put it!? LIGHTNING AND THUNDER. From 0 to 75 it will take a Dodge Ram with 345HP. The big Dodge is @ 1200lbs heavier and that is the reason. I could tell you a story but dont want it documented. My particular Tacoma is the "Cat's Meow" ( to use an expression from the 50's) I am putting out 265HP with an amazing 277ft.lbs. of torque. Low end is EXTREMELY responsive. After 75 is mediocre but who needs it after 75mph!! My Tacoma will be mentioned in TOYOTA CONNECTIONS MAGAZINE this summer. I believe it is only published in SE US. DOES ANYONE KNOW OF A TACOMA TRUCK CLUB?? or is all information about Toyota Tacomas found here?? ANY OTHER QUESTIONS ASK ME. REITERATE, HOPE I CAN FIND THIS SITE AGAIN...... The Red Marlin.
  • kayakkayak Posts: 3
    Go with the TRD package. The handling is better and the "stiffness" is really minimal. From what I understand, Consumer Reports recommends getting the TRD also!
  • Hi,
    I bought a 92 V6 4x4 four years ago with 120,000 miles and now have 201,000. I have replaced timing belt, clutch, but otherwise been happy with my typical Toyota ownership experience.

    It's taken me faithfully on too many trips deep into Mexico to remember (too much tequila). Literally tens of thousands of miles on rough roads not to mention the speed bumps of Mexico.

    Now my truck can't take a small bump in the road without banging me around so I need to beef up the front end and rear.

    Does anyone know where I should start?


  • How's going everyone.

    My name is Paul. New here. I'm on market for 05 Tacoma Extended Cab with couple questions.

     I've looked in to 05 Ext Cab 4x2 V6 6 Speed Manual tranny with TRD Package. I've heard and then read here that Most people recommend to go with TRD Package. Now I don't know what package I should go with, because I probable won't be going off-roading, but mountains, snow will be on my schedule. So I am kinda confused what package I should go with.

     Also Auto Tranny Gas Mileage was shown 18/22 and Manual 16/21. Does anyone have any idea why auto might get better mileage than manual, and what actual mileage I would get (my regular routing would be 2/3 of the rout Hwy and then 1/3 city).

    I've got so many other questions on my mind, since it is my first car to buy from dealer and first new car to own.

     Also which one is better 4.0L V6 with 6 speed trainy or 2.7L 4cyl with 5 speed trainy. I've heard that most of the times 6th speed doesn't get used as much, but also I've heard that 6th speed might save you some gas. I have no idea what is true, especialy since today was the first time I've ever put in 6th gear while test driving truck.

    I really liked torque on 05 Tacoma Ext Cab 4x2 V6 6speed manual. I was shocked, especialy comparing to older ones. Now I wounder if 2.7 4 banner would have same great torque.


    Thanks a lot.

    Any help would be realy apriciated. I want to do my homework before getting something, cause knowing realibility of Toyota truck, this decision would reflect what I will have/own for quite long time.


    Thanks again

  • Not much help on the cost factor mnkyboy, but I can tell you that my son owns my old '94 4cyl stick. When I ordered it new, I ordered it fully loaded AC/stereo/cassette/cruise, etc. The only problem I ever had with it was with the engine dieseling and spark knock at around 50K. The dealer checked it and we ended up running a cleaner through it and into the gas tank to clean out the carbon. He also retarded the timing. It worked. Over time we advanced the timing back one degree at a time until we returned it to the original setting. Toyota stated to the service manager that that condition was common with that engine. In the end the only repercussion is that we have to run it on premium gas. The octane causes a longer burn in the cylinder and that has rectified the problem. The truck now has 160,000+ miles on it. My son drives it back and forth from St. Louis to Cape Girardeau Mo. That is about a 3 hour drive down Interstate 55. The truck runs like a top and still purrs as it idles. That thing is bullet-proof and the only reason I got rid of it is because he needed something dependable. Believe me, if he wasn't in that fix, I'd still be driving it.


    Hope that horn blowing helps some.

    I will now descend my soapbox.


  • Hello Karen,


    Own 2001 Tacoma, TRD Double Cab, 4x2, 65,000 miles. Great Truck! Only area of concern is the front brakes are pulsating while braking. New rotors and pads installed at 53,000 miles, in the shop again for same problem after only 12,000 miles. Another owner (same model) told me Toyota was putting the same brake assembly on all Tacoma models regardless of weight. The extra weight of the double cab and larger tires are heating the rotors causing to warp. Anyone heard anything on this?


  • Karen_SKaren_S Posts: 5,095
    Sorry to hear about the problems! I see you found your way to the Tacoma problem board. Hopefully some other owners have information to share.

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  • leob1leob1 Posts: 153
    I read not too long ago about how the WHEEL LUG NUTS need to all be properly torqued and if they were not, that rotor warping can happen. Maybe that helps a little. Also, sudden stopping can warp them, so try to stop smoothly rather than suddenly as much as you can.
  • Hey, everyone!


    I got my silver 05 Taco (Access TRD-Off Road) almost 3 weeks ago and it's just awesome!


    The V-6 engine has a LOT of power. (I can't give it a lot of gas when stopped, even on dry pavement, or it'll spin the tires!)


    I'm getting about 22 mpg in 2 Wheel High and haven't driven an entire tank on 4 Wheel High to get the mpg's.


    It has 800 miles and I have, yet to find a single problem. (And the oil looks brand new, which is a good sign.)



    Monument, Colorado

    (I'm a systems engineer for Northrop Grumman)
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