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Air Dam on my 94 Chevy, anyone know where you can get

jeramie1jeramie1 Member Posts: 6
edited March 2014 in Chevrolet
The dealers in my area insist it cost $79, yeah right. I think I can find it off the net for around $35 bucks or so. Anyone know of good sites that might carry it? Thanks


  • ricschricsch Member Posts: 540
    going on the GM truck forum at www.pacific-audio.com. Might luck out and find one,I assume it's tha black plastic air dam below the bumper?

    I've seen them at swap meets for $20-30.
  • richcolorichcolo Member Posts: 81
    You didn't tell us where you're from, but just a couple weeks ago I picked up the airdam and a piece of weatherstripping (destroyed and discarded by a windshield replacement tech, who claimed it wasn't on the truck when he started...like I hadn't noticed the howl created by having no weatherstipping on the door), for my '91 Sierra, at a local "U-pull-it" yard for a grand total of a $1.00 donation to their favorite charity (a local private school). A fair number of these trucks have made it to the yards by now, and some of them still have a good airdam. Admittedly, most of these trucks that are in the yards have quite a bit of front-end damage, but you should still be able to find one.
  • everharteverhart Member Posts: 59
    I've got a almost new air dam off my old 94 silverado with 30 miles on it.Took it off for snowplow,if your still in need my E-mail is-- vthokiesohio@aol.com Brent
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